Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable

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    Ivan Pavlovski

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  • Darwin


    Dzień temu

    Me:👁👄👁 Him:👁👄👁

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    Bryan’s vlogs

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  • vipin joshi

    vipin joshi

    Miesiąc temu

    Diamond 💎 price..... in future Apple 🤣🤣😂🤫🤫

  • LisboKate


    2 miesięcy temu

    Quiet jew

  • aeldawyy
    aeldawyy45 minut temu

    I’m not gonna lie, this is by far your worst video

  • aeldawyy
    aeldawyy48 minut temu

    Please don’t ever do this again.

  • HisNameIsTarik
    HisNameIsTarik7 godzin temu

    Does anyone know what watch he has on?

  • Suöh M
    Suöh M19 godzin temu

    I love how he mocks Apple in a honest and truthful way that puts Apple down.

  • Sarmed Ozil
    Sarmed Ozil23 godzin temu

    A wise man once said nothing.

  • big cuckoon
    big cuckoonDzień temu

    That’s exactly what I was hoping would happen at the end there

  • Onyx
    OnyxDzień temu

    Apple ~ don't say anything negative Unbox Therapy ~ oh that won't be a problem

  • Dosh
    DoshDzień temu

    At that price it better have a $100 bill in the box lol

  • echo5delta16
    echo5delta16Dzień temu

    lol why did i watch the entire thing? I thought a spoken roast was coming..

  • Confusing Gameplays
    Confusing Gameplays2 dni temu

    Such suppressed RAGE.

  • Confusing Gameplays
    Confusing Gameplays2 dni temu

    Apple fans be like: "oh my God such a bang for the buck product from apple, I don't see any problem with this, you are wrong you Android sheep"

  • Ima_Zombie
    Ima_Zombie2 dni temu

    The 13k dislikes are the people who bought it

  • Sancorso
    Sancorso2 dni temu

    So... Apple is the EA of Phones now... Ripping their customers with the same overpriced shit every year

  • RypSlayer
    RypSlayer3 dni temu

    he looked so disappointed

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl4 dni temu

    Love these deadly but silent unboxings. You would think for that price they'd throw in the adapter...😁

  • ZachLuker
    ZachLuker4 dni temu

    Apple Asmr

  • Cliqthy
    Cliqthy4 dni temu

    Lmfaooo😂😂 I laughed so hard watching this 😆 , why the fuck would Apple make a cord for non apple products..... is that how desperate they are to get money? Lmfaooo😂

  • Tom Woodhead
    Tom Woodhead4 dni temu

    Why would apple make a cable that doesn't work on apple products

  • ッΛCE
    ッΛCE5 dni temu

    Apple USB-C Pro Cable: $129 Apple’s profits: $128.95 Me: ಠ_ಠ Apple: (ง’̀-‘́)ง Me: ಠ___ಠ Apple: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️ Apple: 🤦🏻‍♂️™ Me: ಠ______ಠ Apple: 👁💋👁 Me: 🤬 Apple = 🤡 Also Apple = 🤡ᴘʀᴏ Me: ~leaves ecosystem~ Apple: New iPhone 20 Pro Max 6 cameras, M1 chip, Siri talks dirty... Me: well hello thereee...

  • ッΛCE
    ッΛCE5 dni temu

    Some real ASMR

  • Bryan’s vlogs
    Bryan’s vlogs5 dni temu


  • Z32 TwinTurbo
    Z32 TwinTurbo6 dni temu

    How is it 129$ and it doesn’t even do the iPhone itself. Yes! I did go from iPhone 6 Plus to the 12 pro max. But honestly my next phone will probably be the razor cause it’s different of that gaming phone.

  • aziel sandoval
    aziel sandoval6 dni temu

    Damn @unbox therapy is doing ASMR now???!!

  • Vsx 1
    Vsx 16 dni temu

    How was someone else not laughing hysterically in the background?

  • Rupert Brookehicks
    Rupert Brookehicks6 dni temu

    So that’s where all the good materials for cables go !😂

  • Big Ben Games
    Big Ben Games7 dni temu

    Some say he's still finding things to plug that cable into

  • Big Ben Games
    Big Ben Games7 dni temu

    He's putting on those black gloves Apple's gonna die

  • Lazarus Bowen
    Lazarus Bowen8 dni temu

    He pulled all that stuff out like like video game

  • shravi 9842
    shravi 98429 dni temu

    The video starts at 1:40. Thank you. Man what a waste of time.

  • VainGloriousBastard
    VainGloriousBastard9 dni temu

    i thought relaxing end was lou all along

  • Corey
    Corey9 dni temu

    I mean he can roast if he wants but then again he didn’t read the compatibility portion at all. Lol just another android fanboy. If he would of read it it states that it primary use is for Mac book laptops and computer products i be able to exchange 40GB of date and 100 watts output.

  • Ayaan Islam
    Ayaan Islam9 dni temu

    This is more expensive than my phone

  • Khaled tabook
    Khaled tabook10 dni temu


  • KermitBOI420
    KermitBOI42010 dni temu

    Words dont have to be said on how stupid Apple is.

  • Bruno De Amorin
    Bruno De Amorin10 dni temu

    Did you actually plugged it everywhere except where it was mean to be plugged? 😅

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon11 dni temu

    Apple is becoming a parody of itself.

  • kanya febana
    kanya febana12 dni temu


  • Feras Fadlallah
    Feras Fadlallah12 dni temu

    Lu has gone insane. You’re unboxing a fucking wire not the new Tesla model బ

  • PiXeLive
    PiXeLive13 dni temu

    Next, Apple Tooth brush for 1500 $ 😂😂😂😂

  • Jovy Rivera
    Jovy Rivera13 dni temu

    The best thing about it is that people actually buy these expensive stuff

  • Hudson Davis
    Hudson Davis13 dni temu

    Spends 129 dollars on a cable... it gets a short in it because it's so low quality

  • Miguel Andy
    Miguel Andy14 dni temu

    Apple is hinting at usb c port coming next GEN they didnt really think anyone actually would buy a luxury cable that expensive

  • Vivan Chulani ツ
    Vivan Chulani ツ14 dni temu

    hes basically saying everything has type c except for iphone

  • Damayla Phoenix
    Damayla Phoenix15 dni temu

    PS Awesome video!

  • Damayla Phoenix
    Damayla Phoenix15 dni temu

    funny that it look exactly like a Anker cable!

  • Damayla Phoenix
    Damayla Phoenix15 dni temu

    i think samsung hired all of the best apple engineers !

  • Damayla Phoenix
    Damayla Phoenix15 dni temu

    apple is clearly taking advantage of there customer's . i am glad im not one. i miss steve jobs, this is not the apple i know. Did A.I. take over?

  • S Miya
    S Miya15 dni temu

    Cable pro mAX

    GANIE SHAHID15 dni temu

    Bri u r so amaxing

  • SN!P3R Shot12
    SN!P3R Shot1216 dni temu

    So no one else is bothered by the extreme squeaking of his gloves on the package?

  • Rogue Galathea
    Rogue Galathea16 dni temu

    Tbh i love it! The versatility and flexibility of it and the style! It looks tough as well and sleek too! And the color?! Omg stealthy!!! It can handle anything so well withouth a nip! I will purchase a pair if them in a heartbeat maybe a medium and a large size! BUTTTT i will not IN ANY WAY OR REASON buy that cable! Lol!!!

  • Paulo Brás
    Paulo Brás16 dni temu

    Haha..so good

  • Mike Lincoln
    Mike Lincoln16 dni temu

    2 million plus views on this. Quite an accomplishment

  • shotsbyehsan
    shotsbyehsan17 dni temu

    Video of silence

  • Adarsh S
    Adarsh S18 dni temu

    Hilarious 🤣

  • spinelesswhinybitch
    spinelesswhinybitch18 dni temu

    theyre evolving, just backwards

  • Alex Benson
    Alex Benson18 dni temu

    wish that watch your using? and that one work on iPhone ? thanks

  • Kapil Jain
    Kapil Jain18 dni temu

    Would have been even funnier if the Mac pro was on its $699 wheels.

  • Les Jean
    Les Jean18 dni temu

    Thank God for counterfeiters

    BLOODY__FATALITY18 dni temu

    I guess I'm the only one who doesn't understand this. Lol

  • fitness mouth
    fitness mouth18 dni temu


  • ash
    ash18 dni temu

    Lol love it.. Apple did it again 129 for a cable.. 700 for wheels.. crazy.. Nice one Lew

    JAM ROLL19 dni temu

    I love this

  • kml
    kml19 dni temu

    That wtf face hahaha

  • Rxse Vj
    Rxse Vj19 dni temu

    Maybe speak a little less next time

  • Carlos Girard
    Carlos Girard19 dni temu

    I dont even buy the regular cable cause its so expensive.

  • Hussein Khafaja
    Hussein Khafaja19 dni temu

    Who would spend $130 USD on this shit?!

  • Lily Motil
    Lily Motil19 dni temu

    I like your funny words magic man

  • UNK Chief
    UNK Chief19 dni temu

    What’s the actual reason apple has this?

  • Mark Tang
    Mark Tang20 dni temu

    I lose it when he threw it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cookieee
    Cookieee20 dni temu

    Incognito lew

  • dannie bwoy
    dannie bwoy20 dni temu

    When unbox therapy and the relaxing end had a crossover😂😂you guys just didn't notice this

  • Ray Green
    Ray Green20 dni temu

    I'm sorry man I love you but for the fact that you paid $150 for this court even though I know this is how you make your living by doing this PLclip channel I fucking love you for it by the way. But you gave Apple $150 for a charging cable that everybody knows severely overpriced and does the exact same job as a $30 charger. Which in my opinion is still too expensive. Everybody buy now knows that the only reason people buy iPhones is because they're either too stupid to operate an Android phone or they think because they paid so much money for something that we already know is pre-programmed to not last more than a few years all because it's shiny and all the celebrities have it in the movies. Apple is one of the biggest scams I've ever seen in my life. Anyone who buys Apple products should really rethink how much wasted money along with time and effort they have just thrown in the trash. The amount of people who complain about where their paycheck went whenever they're spending money on Apple products is absolutely hilarious.

  • Muhd Syakir
    Muhd Syakir20 dni temu

    This is the most anti-climatic video ever

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor20 dni temu

    This guys bank account is infinite

  • Billy Mansfield
    Billy Mansfield20 dni temu

    Not going to lie that was stressful

  • Xky Angel
    Xky Angel20 dni temu

    I'll never buy an apple product but I will give this man 7 minutes of my life

  • Sem Massing
    Sem Massing20 dni temu

    “Bro you’re like Andy warhol”

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy20 dni temu

    Apple:“new Apple cord pro, it can charge your Mac book, power you mac, charge your friends Samsung” Apple customer:”yea but can it charge my iphone?” Apple:”no, but we know our consumers”

  • Becherrr
    Becherrr20 dni temu

    Lu supports deaf people

  • Slothy Animates
    Slothy Animates21 dzień temu

    just like... why?

  • Constant Thought
    Constant Thought21 dzień temu

    I can't tell you why I found this funny

  • Strawberry Lawlaa
    Strawberry Lawlaa21 dzień temu

    What's ur smartwatch

  • The PurplePanda Gaming
    The PurplePanda Gaming21 dzień temu

    Remember, this cable was made by Apple.

  • Cristian
    Cristian21 dzień temu

    Freaking ridiculous xD

  • Alex
    Alex21 dzień temu

    I can’t Believe how much that video spoke to me.... even tho you know ....

  • Daily Life of Lexie
    Daily Life of Lexie21 dzień temu

    Who wears gloves to unbox a charger...

  • leadzombies
    leadzombies21 dzień temu

    Say less, I’m sold

  • SdB SdB
    SdB SdB21 dzień temu

    5:23 that was so deep, I felt that look

  • kk1 kk1
    kk1 kk121 dzień temu

    the commentary was the best part

  • Lyle S
    Lyle S21 dzień temu

    who pays that much for a USB C cable.

  • TruewoC
    TruewoC21 dzień temu

    Apple: "only say positive things. No negative" Lew:

  • Davi the Human
    Davi the Human21 dzień temu

    Lyrics: Those are the lyrics. Thanks for reading.

  • Kirito Alvarez
    Kirito Alvarez21 dzień temu


  • hunter carey
    hunter carey21 dzień temu

    What’s so special about this, the old Samsung charger is used for almost EVERYTHING that isn’t and wasn’t apple, like literally, and you could and can buy it for like 5-10 bucks

  • nate
    nate21 dzień temu

    My thoughts exactly

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton21 dzień temu

    And apple users will still defend this shit to the death

  • SomberP
    SomberP21 dzień temu

    Here’s the thing with this. No one could buy this, not a single soul. But then Apple will be able to put it on sale and suddenly instead of buying a $7 cable for $129 overpriced cable you’re buying a $129 cable for $65. And people are dumb enough to still think that they got a good deal because it was on sale.

  • Sylwek Milewski
    Sylwek Milewski21 dzień temu

    Worst thing is, people will still end up buying it😂