The $20,000 Cyberphone Billionaire Smartphone

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Unboxing Caviar's newest smartphone the Tesla Cybertruck inspired Cyberphone Billionaire.
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  • Nafis Scott
    Nafis ScottDzień temu

    Talk about paid advertising

  • Gnarly_ Cro's
    Gnarly_ Cro's2 dni temu

    that is the biggest piece of trash that i have ever seen in my life....

  • Arunachalam K
    Arunachalam K2 dni temu

    Looks like a power bank

  • Adam Reitzel
    Adam Reitzel2 dni temu

    More like the worlds cheapest phone in the most expensive "case"

  • Carlos Enriquez
    Carlos Enriquez3 dni temu

    I'll stick to my cheap note 10

  • MrChopper505
    MrChopper5054 dni temu

    So basically a 19k Case??? 🤦

  • Jacob Welburn
    Jacob Welburn4 dni temu

    20 bags for a case, sounds good to me😂

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham4 dni temu

    That tiny white speck on the screen when he opened up the case really bothered me for some reason lol

  • Daria
    Daria4 dni temu

    Where do you get this phone?

  • Aisec
    Aisec5 dni temu

    Isn’t it basically just a cover?

  • Allison Garcia
    Allison Garcia5 dni temu

    The thumbnail looks as if he is telling "I got money bro, while you ain't got nothin'."

  • Dan
    Dan5 dni temu

    They sent you #1 because they haven’t sold any others.

  • John Krammer
    John Krammer6 dni temu

    the ugliest phone

  • Golf GTI
    Golf GTI6 dni temu

    $20,000 case

  • Yadierelle
    Yadierelle6 dni temu

    which one? the cyberlift case or the iphone 12 pro max

  • Salmanul Favas
    Salmanul Favas7 dni temu

    It looks soo bad.

  • Kuba Falkowski
    Kuba Falkowski8 dni temu

    20k for a metal case for iPhone 🤣🤣🤣

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks8 dni temu

    A $20000 case...

  • Hannibal Ali
    Hannibal Ali8 dni temu

    I like the "everything else" maxim by unbox therapy

  • Hannibal Ali
    Hannibal Ali8 dni temu

    Should use brushed laser cut aluminium instead of silver and gold .. more convenient and practical

  • Stanley Jean
    Stanley Jean8 dni temu

    I will enjoy the same luxurious experience at a later date at a sensible price

  • Lee Shelton
    Lee Shelton8 dni temu

    Wow that shit is stupid as

  • T I
    T I8 dni temu

    This is junk

  • Daniel Zamora
    Daniel Zamora8 dni temu

    So it’s a phone case? Lol

  • Lois Hammett
    Lois Hammett8 dni temu

    I’m so confused bc this is basically an iPhone 11 Pro in a cool case

  • Mohamed Matar
    Mohamed Matar9 dni temu

    inspiration is the thing you need when you have absolutely everything else

  • Anton Markov
    Anton Markov9 dni temu

    We all know billionaires aren’t buying this. Billionaire’s kids might buy this. Also just regular millionaire’s kids. If you’re someone who would buy this, don’t wear it with sweatpants. Or do. Whatever.

  • Johnnyf19
    Johnnyf199 dni temu

    I think you should be calling it a 20k phone case

  • oaeiaiua
    oaeiaiua9 dni temu

    eh, it’s just a case

  • Corey Dy
    Corey Dy9 dni temu

    What a hunk of shit for 20,000 dollars

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster10 dni temu


  • EnverGjokajGirl
    EnverGjokajGirl10 dni temu

    Can someone help me, ok a bit funny question but for real, if im putting my phones in to water do hackers lost all my infos ? Will be completly shut down ??? Thank you

  • harry Harrison
    harry Harrison10 dni temu

    Nooooo who wants to buy a 20000 dollar phone and keep it on a desk nooo

  • sok mono
    sok mono11 dni temu

    Even a 3D printer would make a better look case than this .

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman11 dni temu

    useless phone ever.

  • Alex Emocling
    Alex Emocling11 dni temu

    I still think there’s more on the hidden features of that phone that makes it expensive. Maybe wiring money or tracking and other security purposes. Don’t be fooled by the looks of it. There’s probably more to it than you might think.

  • Alex_Mac_
    Alex_Mac_11 dni temu

    This is the dumbest thing I've seen in my life. Find me the smoe who bought this lmao.

  • Alex_Mac_
    Alex_Mac_11 dni temu

    Get me out of here

  • Kamboey Johnpaul
    Kamboey Johnpaul12 dni temu

    This phone is too much I love it

  • The Irish
    The Irish12 dni temu

    Everyone, Be frank about this... it S U C K S !

  • Jean Saliba
    Jean Saliba13 dni temu

    So are they selling an iphone cover for an 18k!?

  • Richard Gwaltney
    Richard Gwaltney13 dni temu

    So it's a $19000 case with a $1000 phone inside?

  • Mico Automatic
    Mico Automatic13 dni temu

    I thought it has different OS . Cybershit XD

  • Akmoe Ytzoo
    Akmoe Ytzoo14 dni temu

    itz that iphone with case 🤣🤣🤣

  • Watches Sneakers
    Watches Sneakers14 dni temu

    What a joke 😂

  • Jonathan Cholak
    Jonathan Cholak14 dni temu

    For $20 you could get a iPhone stand

    DAVON WILLIAMS14 dni temu

    Crazyyy it basically look like a xtra intense security iphone12

  • Mohammad Hooshiar
    Mohammad Hooshiar14 dni temu

    With this money i can live dreamy (seriously). It's fair? work work work. hooffffffffff

  • Travis Eley
    Travis Eley14 dni temu

    20,000 for THAT🤭what are they smoking🤨

  • Lil Purpy Squirt
    Lil Purpy Squirt14 dni temu

    Bro it’s literally a Phone Case smh... 🤦‍♂️

  • soft
    soft14 dni temu

    Looks like a piece of shіt lol Even worse when you open it and look at the front of it. Just like you have put the iPhone inside the box that you’ve found somewhere and don’t even know what’s that box for.

  • Legendary Phoenix
    Legendary Phoenix15 dni temu

    Wait, you spend about $19 000 extra for an iPhone 11 Pro in a very ugly case with terrible aesthetics? For that price, the iPhone must be gold-plated and I just don't get the idea of paying like crazy just for aesthetics on a phone.

  • deviildogg1
    deviildogg115 dni temu

    Sooooo an iPhone with a $19k case?

  • jesc4prez
    jesc4prez15 dni temu

    IPhone 12: $1,000 Big ugly case: $19,000

  • Green Crewmate
    Green Crewmate15 dni temu

    Nobody Me: thinks about how rich he is

  • eL Mo
    eL Mo15 dni temu

    Only wealthy idiots will buy that

  • J T
    J T16 dni temu

    They make all these phones look and flip cool and whatnot but until they have holographic OS and so on -- then they really don't matter. Just gimmicky.

  • Dave qxExp
    Dave qxExp16 dni temu

    and it accidentally fall into your face while your in the bed

  • William Chhangte
    William Chhangte16 dni temu

    You're switching the cams too much.... It's hard to watch

  • Berkay Ak
    Berkay Ak16 dni temu

    it's name should've been "move over poor person"

    VINDICTIVE16 dni temu

    So a $20,000 phone case... ok

  • Ronnie Rain
    Ronnie Rain17 dni temu

    It’s just an iPhone in a ridicules case

  • xmen eka rebel
    xmen eka rebel17 dni temu


  • Donny Blacks
    Donny Blacks17 dni temu

    So it’s not encrypted?

    DDG SQUAD18 dni temu

    This is a joke wtf

  • Bloop Blah
    Bloop Blah18 dni temu

    So it's an iphone 12 with an expensive case ???

  • yoon
    yoon18 dni temu

    You need to zoom to the accessories. The shot is so far away!

  • God of War 102
    God of War 10219 dni temu

    $20 grand ugly phone ever I have seen.

  • Puri Bogdan
    Puri Bogdan19 dni temu

    So it's just an Iphone with a case. Facepalm

  • Silmy Iman
    Silmy Iman19 dni temu

    You call that case with dock 'cyber' ??? Good joke bruh. . .

  • Oliver Juracz
    Oliver Juracz19 dni temu

    Elon 2 years later, TESLA PHONE CYBER EDITION

  • JF gaming
    JF gaming19 dni temu

    It looks like a iphone with a 20k case

    SPARTAN 3D19 dni temu

    Obama phone

  • S1ick10292
    S1ick1029219 dni temu

    Bro its a iphone with a $18,000 case on it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Wolf Train
    Wolf Train19 dni temu

    20k case basically

  • Gj bro
    Gj bro19 dni temu

    That's a freakin phone case

  • Tonx Jee姬椿
    Tonx Jee姬椿20 dni temu

    lmao looks super dumb

  • Gabriel Garnett
    Gabriel Garnett20 dni temu

    this is utterly pathetic

  • Meister Rodgers
    Meister Rodgers20 dni temu

    What a stupid video about literally nothing.

  • AkShAt JiNdAl
    AkShAt JiNdAl20 dni temu

    Just a case

  • UrbanSipfly
    UrbanSipfly20 dni temu

    I put $500 down payment just for that smart phone's paperwork!

  • Francisco
    Francisco20 dni temu

    So stupid, just give money to the poor if you going to buy this crap

  • Astro Figgy
    Astro Figgy20 dni temu

    20,000$ case

  • moe aziz
    moe aziz21 dzień temu

    Buying something expensive from Russian company feels wrong for some reason, I kinda feel that I'm going to associate myself with criminals if I buy it lol

  • Edgar Sarabia Hernandez
    Edgar Sarabia Hernandez21 dzień temu

    id rather buy a car :)

  • Anthoony Meneses
    Anthoony Meneses21 dzień temu

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

  • HustleGetMoney559
    HustleGetMoney55921 dzień temu

    Should come with 10-11 ounces of gold for that price

  • Ranger Hayan
    Ranger Hayan21 dzień temu

    You guys are very foolish and poor brain in your head actually you don't know to waste your money

  • Ranger Hayan
    Ranger Hayan21 dzień temu

    Every phone work same so why you showed off here gor publicity Nother f**k

  • RiSkii Yhan
    RiSkii Yhan21 dzień temu

    No you got the second one they kept the first *hints* they only sent out 99

  • Anro Burger
    Anro Burger22 dni temu

    Absolutely idiotic phone

  • Sarthak Agarwala
    Sarthak Agarwala22 dni temu

    the designers "This iphone is just priced at 19,999 not 20k"

  • Perol Brylynne Angelic
    Perol Brylynne Angelic22 dni temu

    It's apparently a phone case lmao HAHAHAH

  • B R A M T O R S
    B R A M T O R S23 dni temu


  • FullMetal Prism
    FullMetal Prism23 dni temu

    This is stupid 😏

  • The Myth
    The Myth23 dni temu

    Me watching the video knowing damn well that if i buy one it will get stolen

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith23 dni temu

    Soooo...its a case? Gotcha 😑

  • Malek Bakkar BB
    Malek Bakkar BB23 dni temu

    So it’s an iPhone 11 in a 19 thousand dollar case with AirPods in a gold and silver case (*Dumb*)

  • AzOdNeMeNdOzA
    AzOdNeMeNdOzA23 dni temu

    Most expensive iphone case...

  • John Rekt
    John Rekt24 dni temu

    The frick it only costs a lot because of the case