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    Another nice unboxing video. Thanks godbless. Twiter. @rheedstar

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    I want this phone but i can only afford a budget phone😓

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    Always good review nice phone i wish i win @taroy_michael

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    insane display .............................. @AmanSha51449018

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    Is it global phone or Tencent ?

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    ewwwwww you have to use a cable to plug the fan into the phone?? not only is that sloppy but it also ties up all charging ports so you can't run power to your phone while you're using the aero cooler. I was excited about this at first, but i'll be sticking with the Asus ROG phone 5

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    I want this to play super mario

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    11:25 name of the game pls

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  • Sk. Ahnaf Al Mehd
    Sk. Ahnaf Al Mehd7 dni temu

    Twitter handle: @ahnaf_mehd (I'm subscribed)

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    A good andoid phone for sure @janluisdroque

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    Seems like a cool phone

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    yo man can i have one please? i’ve been wanting it for some time now man, i’m glad you did a review so i could see what the pros and cons and how it really looks like when it’s being used, i would really appreciate it man! thanks if you have read this already, God bless you and your family! my twitter is, Gianlui41976788

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    I'm about to buy this cause this is my wish on my birthday LOL😂 I want a gaming phone like this to play better for my Mobile Legends contents here on PLclip😁 PS. not that anyone cares but today's my birthday😅 Really excited to get my hands on this🙏☺️

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    The 🎮 Beast

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    Does that fan only work with that phone

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    Is this over ?

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    Too tooo tooo.....hello....too.too tooo... hello..too tooo toooo..hello moto

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    Its better than Rog 5, can connect to tv with same 165hz hdmi output. 😍

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    wow love that cooler 😍😍😍

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    Naa for portablity as a a gaming phone. With the fan it's not that great as apperntly it has only one type-c slot, so either you pug in the fan but would not able to charge and play on the go or charge the phone and the phone would over heat (according to the game). It seams cool tho.

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    That can get tmobile???

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    Anyone know how many os updates it’s gonna get?

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    gaming phone cutie @JustinTandoc

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    Where can I get one of those katana letter openers? Lol

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    for the internal cooling, i'd still prefer induction cooling. for long term use of course. internal fans are susceptible to dust in the long run and you can't open the phone in case you want to clean em

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    Blazing beast🔥 @stargazer1902

  • Dinesh sable
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    That's a beast @stargazer1902

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    It's 100% WACK!

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    This is the fastest phone ever in the world, with 18GB RAM, 120w ultra fast charging, 165Hz display can be as smooth as a phone gets, 20000 rpm is the fastest cooling fan ever in a phone to not worry about staying in hot areas for having high temperature warning, so this phone is better for navigation only, and it is better for experts!

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    This is neat I really want one. I been using buget smart phones for a long time. I like the look. I got the s21 ultra but im not 100% about it. Camera is good but aside from that it feels the same as my a51 5g lol

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    how dump do you have to be to buy a phone for gaming

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    11:45 he is playing bullet force

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    Anyone know if this outputs display via the USB C port? Kind of like how the ROG Phone does.

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    Plot twist: he made the phone and the rest that’s why he knows everything about it

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    1 rog phone 5 ultimate 2 redmagic 6 pro

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    When the company spent all money on promo animation and don't left any money to get a good designer who has some basic knowledge of gaming that no mobile gamer will play mobile game without headphone and once you plugged in headphones in this devise you can't access those so called L/R keys at the edge, (the feature on which this company try to beat all other gaming mobile...) I literally feel pity for designer.. :) I was about to buy this mobile but not now anymore.

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