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Let's take a closer look at the OnePlus Watch. Leave a comment for your chance to win one of 30 OnePlus Watches. Sponsored by OnePlus.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy2 miesięcy temu

    Leave a comment for your chance to win one of 30 OnePlus Watches.

  • Wavhudi Mulaudzi

    Wavhudi Mulaudzi

    2 miesięcy temu

    From your South African #1 fan @MulaudziWavhudi

  • Prince Mnguni

    Prince Mnguni

    2 miesięcy temu

    OnePlus all the way up in the game"SMW"@Princy_Vinc

  • pan little

    pan little

    2 miesięcy temu

    yssss pls

  • harshvardhan sambyal

    harshvardhan sambyal

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  • Inzer Nadeem

    Inzer Nadeem

    2 miesięcy temu

    hey, lew love your videos. Big fan of yours love

  • harshvardhan kumar
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  • Ali Nazemi
    Ali Nazemi13 godzin temu

    ok i leave a comment

  • Matthew Hodgson
    Matthew HodgsonDzień temu

    An amazing watch. I would love to show one off in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Sheldon Gomes
    Sheldon GomesDzień temu


  • No thing
    No thing2 dni temu

    @AS95723050 Please please!!!

  • Shivam Dwivedi
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  • pappu jangid
    pappu jangid7 dni temu

    beautiful and slim design with incredible display quality. twitter handle:- @pappu_dayal

  • jayson Barateta
    jayson Barateta7 dni temu

    Good luck!!! @baratetz

  • Sameer Sk
    Sameer Sk7 dni temu

    Ok did you brought Batman set

  • Sk. Ahnaf Al Mehd
    Sk. Ahnaf Al Mehd7 dni temu

    Twitter handle: @ahnaf_mehd (I'm subscribed)

  • Sk. Ahnaf Al Mehd
    Sk. Ahnaf Al Mehd7 dni temu

    Twitter handle: @ahnaf_mehd (I'm subscribed)

  • Chiru Guy
    Chiru Guy7 dni temu

    It would be great if I can have one. Twitter handle: @Chiru_d_guy

  • Jan Luis Roque
    Jan Luis Roque7 dni temu

    One plus lezgoooow @janluisdroque

  • Akshay Giridhar
    Akshay Giridhar7 dni temu

    Twitter : @agaxtya

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  • Logan Mortimer
    Logan Mortimer8 dni temu

    Is the raffle over yet or no...? @Tagaroggu

  • Sahnoor Ahmed
    Sahnoor Ahmed8 dni temu

    303030303030303030 @AhmedSahnoor

  • Shivshankar Singh
    Shivshankar Singh9 dni temu

    Let's see, if I can win @Shivshankar2001

  • Ace Winters
    Ace Winters9 dni temu

    😭 I'm banned from Twitter for cyber bullying neonazis

  • Zues Viper 007
    Zues Viper 0079 dni temu

    @aayushgill007 great watch

  • 1103 Lingeswar Rior
    1103 Lingeswar Rior9 dni temu


  • Kenny Mankowski
    Kenny Mankowski9 dni temu

    This looks like a great watch @covenantKpM

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  • Utsav Johari
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  • thug life memes
    thug life memes10 dni temu

    Twitter handle- @urstrulyfazil

  • andrew beattie
    andrew beattie10 dni temu

    Late to the party but @b34775 Hope the competition is still going 😁

  • Nikhil M
    Nikhil M10 dni temu

    @nikhil_m9885 twitter handle

  • Fuen Gao
    Fuen Gao10 dni temu

    Can someone help me out and let me know what hoodie Lew is wearing??

  • Yohan J
    Yohan J10 dni temu

    @johnisclever Cool! Looks awesome.

  • govardhan shadani
    govardhan shadani11 dni temu

    Leaving a comment for winning watch

  • Yohan J

    Yohan J

    10 dni temu

    You need to leave your Twitter username in the comment to win.

  • Justinas Leveika
    Justinas Leveika11 dni temu

    @lietuvis152 hoping to win

  • Varun
    Varun12 dni temu

    Perfect watch created by ;one plus

  • Gowtham Raj
    Gowtham Raj12 dni temu

    @Gowtham95058296... Please I want it

  • Akshat Salvi
    Akshat Salvi12 dni temu

    I want favourite OnePlus

  • Enrico Taroni
    Enrico Taroni12 dni temu

    Why didn't you mention that this smartwatch is absolutely inaccurate at counting your steps or tracking sports and that the GPS is malfunctioning? This is the biggest problem with this Oneplus watch!

  • Tanishq Kurdikar
    Tanishq Kurdikar12 dni temu

    @kurdikartanishq- Twitter

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    Tibi GeorgE13 dni temu

    Thank You ♥️

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  • Eric Rouse
    Eric Rouse13 dni temu

    Looks nice @EricRou29947488

  • Sminto Antony [sÂm] 🇮🇳
    Sminto Antony [sÂm] 🇮🇳14 dni temu

    @SMINTOANTONY - twitter

  • Sri Suhas Polavarapu
    Sri Suhas Polavarapu14 dni temu

    I need a oneplus ⌚

  • Prashant Patel
    Prashant Patel14 dni temu

    Honestly looks like a premnuim version of the Miband

  • Zach Waits
    Zach Waits14 dni temu

    Apple Watch vs oneplus watch......idk what to do.....

  • Bryant Perez
    Bryant Perez14 dni temu

    Honestly looks like a premnuim version of the Miband

  • Nikos Germanos
    Nikos Germanos14 dni temu


  • Islah Abdur-Rahman
    Islah Abdur-Rahman14 dni temu

    Here to try my luck...@mistahislah

  • InfoEye
    InfoEye14 dni temu

    похуй, пляшем

  • k fee
    k fee15 dni temu

    does the clock number turn red when it's 1? @whingl

  • Dinesh sable
    Dinesh sable16 dni temu

    Awesome 🔥 @stargazer1902

  • Dinesh sable
    Dinesh sable16 dni temu

    Awesome 🔥 @stargazer1902

  • Dinesh sable
    Dinesh sable16 dni temu

    Awesome 🔥 @stargazer1902

  • Dinesh sable
    Dinesh sable16 dni temu

    Awesome 🔥 @stargazer1902

  • Dinesh sable
    Dinesh sable16 dni temu

    Awesome 🔥 @stargazer1902

  • Wayne Lim
    Wayne Lim16 dni temu


  • Pushya Varma
    Pushya Varma16 dni temu


  • Sadman Rayan
    Sadman Rayan16 dni temu

    I like your channel so much and hardly miss any video. But this one, I found it is more of a OnePlus’s own marketing video rather than a product review by any user .

  • Akash
    Akash16 dni temu

    This looks super cool. Twitter handle - KSan1eev

  • Sergelenchimeg Enkhsaihan
    Sergelenchimeg Enkhsaihan17 dni temu

    This is .. damn cool @seegii22

  • Sahil Jasnaik
    Sahil Jasnaik17 dni temu


  • Matthew Millner
    Matthew Millner17 dni temu


  • Mana Walker
    Mana Walker17 dni temu

    Question can you send texts from the watch? Also just to double check you can use it to control your phones music and stuff then if you don't want to download music to it

  • Pocky (/'-')/
    Pocky (/'-')/18 dni temu

    Epic intro. I’m loving it

  • Pocky (/'-')/

    Pocky (/'-')/

    18 dni temu

    Twitter: Camela Manheimer

  • sai ful
    sai ful18 dni temu

    Great brands. My first android phone using this brand (1 + 1)Can't wait to have one of their new watch. Hope i got the chance to win one. Thanks @unboxtherapy. Twitter : msaifuladli_

  • Afif Aufa
    Afif Aufa18 dni temu

    Never Settle Please I want this oneplus watch Twitter: @Si_Kosong10

  • Juan Rangel
    Juan Rangel18 dni temu

    Damn bots bought them all up and put them on resell for twice the price lol

  • Amal G
    Amal G18 dni temu

    Perfect watch ever💯

  • Atzin Velasco
    Atzin Velasco19 dni temu


  • Yashas Padma
    Yashas Padma19 dni temu


  • Yashas Padma
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  • Yashas Padma
    Yashas Padma19 dni temu

    please can i have opn ei dont have a twitter account ima a student from India ands i really need one

  • Yashas Padma
    Yashas Padma19 dni temu

    i dont have a twuiiter account please can i have one

  • Kanav Upadhyay
    Kanav Upadhyay19 dni temu

    "I have not slept with the device yet" 😂😂

  • Kanav Upadhyay
    Kanav Upadhyay19 dni temu

    With this and my one plus 8 and buds I'll go full one plus mode

  • loco loco
    loco loco19 dni temu

    does it have nfc?

  • Mehdi Mosavi
    Mehdi Mosavi19 dni temu

    love your channel. god , some days i wish i could quite my job and get a job with you ! killing it brother !

  • Juan Cardenas
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  • Shiva Prasad Thagadur Prakash
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  • Martin Filsoch
    Martin Filsoch20 dni temu

    Still waiting for them to be in stock :( Btw my Twitter: @MartinFilsoch1

  • Shalom Geche
    Shalom Geche20 dni temu

    i like this one twitter: @shalomgeche

  • Fellowtuber
    Fellowtuber20 dni temu

    Oh wow I need a smartwatch like this coz I have a high blood pressure and hopefully this one is accurate? It would be great thank you!

  • rey162005
    rey16200520 dni temu

    Def have to buy it

  • F Razvan A
    F Razvan A20 dni temu

    @RazvanIra GL

  • Ravi.b. tech
    Ravi.b. tech20 dni temu

    OnePlus is still a beast 🔥🔥 Twitter:@ravibhusal08

    VENKATESH BADIGER21 dzień temu

    Instagram venkatesh_badiger_

  • venkaiah m
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  • M S
    M S22 dni temu

    One+ is 😍. @MS78945986

  • Om Patkar
    Om Patkar22 dni temu

    @Ompatkar9 Loved this watch as having a extremely long battery

  • sreeragsr6
    sreeragsr622 dni temu


  • Rahul Bharti
    Rahul Bharti22 dni temu


  • Detroit12boi
    Detroit12boi22 dni temu

    Just got the 110 work out update