Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung's latest shot at a flagship folding smartphone.
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  • KFCHero1
    KFCHero110 godzin temu

    Damn i kinda want this but im poor and in a family of apple users

  • Positive D
    Positive D10 godzin temu

    I'm waiting on the s21 but after see the new rollable phone I'm blownaway. Can you please when you get a chance do a rollable phone unboxing. I always had a samsung galaxy since the first samsung galaxy S but the rollable phones looks amazing want to know your thought and which one to get

  • TheKwod
    TheKwod12 godzin temu

    Is this the escobar 2?

  • Erik Back
    Erik Back23 godzin temu

    I wonder what the cases for this sort of thing will look like.

  • Muhammad Haris
    Muhammad HarisDzień temu

    Useless. There is no need for all these stuff

  • Aaron Pederson
    Aaron PedersonDzień temu

    When I was in high-school I always wanted the latest and greatest phone and then I stopped caring. I just bought the absolute best on the market at the time every 3 years. Whether it was the note 2, 3, 5, 8, or now the 10 i don't really care as long as the phone performs. This makes me want to upgrade though from a perfectly great Note 10+...

  • Bashir Shah
    Bashir ShahDzień temu

    Probably I've sold off President Trump and now I cld buy it wthout any Contract too

  • Yeti
    Yeti2 dni temu

    this is why i believe samsung is better then apple. They made the waterproof phone first, but apple got the main credit for it. And yeah, the foldable phone isn't perfect just yet, but the skills to make it fold and work is remarkable. Not to mention they make apple's parts. So yeah, apple is a respectable company but I think samsung needs more credit

  • Tevoya Gozar
    Tevoya Gozar2 dni temu

    Every phone is foldable if you try hard enough.

  • Blake Stam
    Blake Stam2 dni temu

    I watched your great video this morning and just ordered,but it won’t ship until Jan 8🤦🏿‍♂️

  • ZekeMagnum
    ZekeMagnum2 dni temu

    Just ordered the phone. can't wait!

  • MUI Yamcha
    MUI Yamcha2 dni temu

    I’d be embarrassed to own this just imagine dinning at a restaurant and expanding it at the table your date walks off 😂 I’ll stick with my 12 max pro

  • MUI Yamcha

    MUI Yamcha

    2 dni temu

    @Casey Corigliano obviously you don’t go out much or at all.. it’s my opinion it is a stupid concept it’s a tablet it is childish I was curious to see it and seeing an adult man using it and trying so hard to promote such rubbish I added what I would think would happen in the real world you know the one we normal people live in.

  • Casey Corigliano

    Casey Corigliano

    2 dni temu

    Why would they walk off? Why is that embarrassing? Stay home and let the rest of us have fun "dinning" out.

  • rav s
    rav s2 dni temu


  • kevin J. Avilez
    kevin J. Avilez2 dni temu

    7:23 he just described my knees

  • Amaarah Achmat
    Amaarah Achmat3 dni temu

    Honestly........I wouldn't get this Unless it's given to me tho

  • X Zone
    X Zone3 dni temu

    Please do review on Oppo X 2021 Rollable, concept design.. rollable designs are getting into the trend with much improvised concept..

  • BaddieUniverse


    22 godzin temu

    A concept is just a concept

  • question mark???
    question mark???3 dni temu

    This is junk note 20 ultra os better

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson4 dni temu

    I’m an iPhone guy but I’ll admit this has got me close to pulling the trigger . Man I wished apple would make one of these , they’ll b ten years late, that said though he it will be the best. Lol I don’t know they can’t even get a true edge to edge display, the only thing that keeps apple where it is is the operating system, without that they’d be done

    MARC SALAS4 dni temu

    Agree or disagree? Learn more about the NYC titan Ivan Boesky on Empires of New York tomorrow at 8P ET on CNBC!

  • LEN JA
    LEN JA4 dni temu

    it looks awful: D such a box

  • Arsen Pisahov
    Arsen Pisahov4 dni temu

    50000000000000 👎

  • Ángelito
    Ángelito4 dni temu

    No headphone jack? It's a no-go. As a long-time Galaxy Note user, I have pledged my undying allegiance to LG!

  • Robert Rose
    Robert Rose4 dni temu

    Dude, I feel you. I got my Note Ultra last night and thinking of upgrading my other S10+ to a Note-phone bill is $8 less overall. But now....after watching this.... Have you done reviews or know of any type of protection for these?

  • Evan Schneider
    Evan Schneider4 dni temu

    High-key can’t wait for apple to come out with their foldable phone and claim that it’s the first ever folding phone.

  • Julian J
    Julian J5 dni temu

    This will be amazing for DS Emulators

  • Jeffreywix
    Jeffreywix5 dni temu

    I thought my switch turned on

  • Vic T
    Vic T5 dni temu

    Why can't they make the navigation buttons transparent? Those white bars ruin the experience

  • Vic T
    Vic T5 dni temu

    80% of apps aren't compatible with the screen ratio. Black bars will show up on every app

  • BaddieUniverse


    22 godzin temu

    This is a Google problem that needs to be fixed.

  • Mother Goddess
    Mother Goddess5 dni temu

    Do you ever donate the phones you don't use? I want this one so bad but can't afford it

  • Felix Felix
    Felix Felix5 dni temu

    How do protect it???

  • Lucky_ramen
    Lucky_ramen5 dni temu

    All I can imagine is the potential DS emulators lol

  • Rob Alfie
    Rob Alfie5 dni temu

    Can somebody tell me what is on that first protector that he threw out? I have it and it looks like a protector for the phone

  • Tushar Mehta
    Tushar Mehta6 dni temu

    The white from above is being reflected by the phone's screen so much!

  • أم عمر الشطي
    أم عمر الشطي6 dni temu

    watching this video on z fold 2 :)

  • Rafael Barkhordarian
    Rafael Barkhordarian6 dni temu

    God I wish I could review phones and stuff do you get to keep them ???

  • PAIMON'S ADVENTURE { A Universal Time Gang }
    PAIMON'S ADVENTURE { A Universal Time Gang }7 dni temu

    Jealous of my dad, he got this phone and used it only for works.

  • Misfits Karma
    Misfits Karma7 dni temu

    I'd just buy a high end pc tbh.

    NATURAL SPIRIT7 dni temu

    Has it been a decade Unbox I see your getting old man GREY grey grey LOL

    NATURAL SPIRIT7 dni temu

    I can sea line in the middle from above- and side ways

  • Josiah Martinez
    Josiah Martinez7 dni temu

    I would love to get this but it came out right after I got the s20+ and now I gotta wait :(

  • Keir Mardy
    Keir Mardy8 dni temu

    I need this to stay relevant until the next year's model. I am Jack's industry cultivated consumer desire for momentary self gratification.

  • Khaw Thian Ming
    Khaw Thian Ming8 dni temu

    I'll wait for the fold 3 wif s pen

  • bao le
    bao le8 dni temu

    shut up and take my kidney ............................

  • ronny bols
    ronny bols8 dni temu

    Talk to much.

  • Fish Legend
    Fish Legend8 dni temu

    Who else saw the fly to the right at 20:54

  • Random name !!!
    Random name !!!8 dni temu

    But there’s no case

  • No Comment
    No Comment8 dni temu


  • Rahul M. Prathap
    Rahul M. Prathap8 dni temu

    How many of you watched the whole video ?

  • Antreas Euagorou
    Antreas Euagorou9 dni temu

    This can be usefull as a face tower so i clean my face and blow my nose every morning and then close it

  • Do mybest
    Do mybest9 dni temu

    For the camera should I go with fold 2 or iphone 11pro

  • Brendan Zeng
    Brendan Zeng9 dni temu

    peep fly at 20:38

  • Peter de Jong
    Peter de Jong9 dni temu

    A foldable iPad Pro, sorry Note, with pressure sensitive pencil would be perfect for artists and designers on the go. 😎

  • Royal Splendor
    Royal Splendor9 dni temu

    I have the note 10 plus 5g and I am soooooo envious

  • NN
    NN10 dni temu

    Is there a line on the screen when its in open mode? It looks like there is one or is it perhaps just your lighting.?!?!

  • NN
    NN10 dni temu

    So which one do you like better, the S20 ultra or the Z Fold 2? Also, is it just me, or does it seem like Samsung has not marketed this product much??? I'd hope to find at least a comparison between the S20 Ultra and this product but didn't find anything!

  • Jonathan Martin
    Jonathan Martin10 dni temu

    I've got the genius idea you might need samsung: For your fold series... make them fold horizontally instead of vertically. That will yield a wide/Ultrawide display (PERFECT for media consumption) the folding mechanism might be tricky to achieve for this, but yeah, just imagine it, visualize it, it makes a lot of sense :)

  • Michel Denault
    Michel Denault11 dni temu

    Dont mention the price Lew ,, being a little sneaky again,,if it was Apple product you would of mentioned the price in seconds ,,,

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma11 dni temu

    Honest reviews 👍🙏

  • Bill 1.4all
    Bill 1.4all11 dni temu

    Dude i just learned something new about my galaxy 9. Thanks!!

  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos12 dni temu

    I watched this video about 3 weeks ago after I decided I didn't need it, and I wanted to find a video to help back up that decision and I now own this phone, literally the only negative thing aside from the price that I've seen people have, is the main reason I got the phone, so technically speaking, I have yet to find a flaw in this phone, (back to that supposed negative aspect, is the small width of the front screen, as a previous web designer and business owner who was constantly using a phone and typing with my right thumb, I began getting painful cramping on my thumb joint and sometimes it would lock up, with this phone, I can use the phone one handed and not deal with that, and I use 2 hands more freely now with the open screen) all this said, darn you Unbox Therapy, you are the reason I now own one of my favorite technological hand devices of my life.

  • gargi LM
    gargi LM12 dni temu

    its not waterproof,???i feel even rain is dangerous for it when i read the waring advice on the removable protection filter

  • URA 617
    URA 61712 dni temu

    9:21 omg im blown away

  • Chris Lebron
    Chris Lebron13 dni temu

    Tell me I wasn't the only one who saw the bug on the right, right? 20:51

  • Nadir Rabah
    Nadir Rabah13 dni temu

    Is a phone or mini tablet? 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Mason Huynh
    Mason Huynh13 dni temu

    Can I have one plz I really want that

  • Fish Legend
    Fish Legend13 dni temu

    That phone is so fricken sexy

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller14 dni temu

    surface duo looks better but it is indeed strange to do 855 first and the fuckin bezels do seem dumb too with all the new pinholes

  • Joseph Vucinic HD
    Joseph Vucinic HD14 dni temu

    Idk how to feel about your sim card

  • Shahril Hashim
    Shahril Hashim15 dni temu

    Its a phablet

  • Ankush Choudhury
    Ankush Choudhury15 dni temu

    12:48 (Some people know what)

  • Fantastic Coder
    Fantastic Coder15 dni temu

    Plzzzz Santa 🎅🏼.. I been good 😌.

  • Fantastic Coder
    Fantastic Coder15 dni temu

    Is it a phone ? No it’s super Sam.. sung ..

  • ms park
    ms park16 dni temu

    I saw this on the Kdrama Tale of the nine tailed fox

  • ms park

    ms park

    8 dni temu

    @Johnathan SAME LOL 😆

  • Johnathan


    15 dni temu

    Lmao, I came here because I was wondering what phone Yeon was using.

  • Michael Aleksov
    Michael Aleksov16 dni temu

    I would never in a million years be caught dead with such a hideous monstrosity

  • question mark???

    question mark???

    3 dni temu

    In a year this phone will just be broken cuz of screen damage

  • Jake R. Blaso
    Jake R. Blaso16 dni temu

    I don't think that folding phone or tablet would last long. I mean, the LED screen folds up in half? Wouldn't that break easily?

  • snoopyfix2
    snoopyfix216 dni temu

    The 3DS is back baby!

  • • CuteCranberry •
    • CuteCranberry •16 dni temu

    DIY Foldable phone! Step 1: take your phone Step 2: bend it Step 3: take a phone case Step 4: cut it in half Step 5: put it on Step 6: YOU HAVE A (broken) FOLDABLE PHONE NOW!

  • Nirmal
    Nirmal17 dni temu

    The main question people have about the fold which you didn't mention is the crease!

  • D TM
    D TM17 dni temu

    wake me up when Lew reviews the iPhone Fold

  • Mike Mo
    Mike Mo17 dni temu

    So excited for when Apple makes one.

  • Mr. Truth777
    Mr. Truth77717 dni temu

    Samsung best phone innovator ever.

  • Adil Belagchour
    Adil Belagchour17 dni temu


  • Adi Badugu
    Adi Badugu18 dni temu

    Looking at maps on that my god

  • Shohag Bashar
    Shohag Bashar18 dni temu

    I really want it

  • Yousef
    Yousef18 dni temu

    paid for this... untruthful unboxing

  • Yousef
    Yousef18 dni temu


  • Aszaw
    Aszaw19 dni temu

    I hate that phone

  • Adil Belagchour

    Adil Belagchour

    17 dni temu


  • Xan Nity
    Xan Nity19 dni temu

    SAMSUNG 2025: "today we announce you the all new samsung s eraser"

  • MoShaRAR
    MoShaRAR19 dni temu

    OMG i'm super crazy over this phablet!

  • David McBride
    David McBride19 dni temu

    With it been so expensive and the front screen cracks, (has they all made to do these days) I am happy I can use the internal screen. I just for the price you are paying think it's dumb to have a glass backing no matter what it does. I have a question before I buy it. Does it have exsisting apps you can't remove like chrome and Google? For that kind of money I want to choose my operation systems. Let's just say I don't want systems locked into this phone that Can't be removed. Has anyone got one already that they can give me app and system information on this new phone.

  • AKaye
    AKaye20 dni temu

    I'll wait for all the bugs. I'll give it 3 years before I consider... I also don't like changing my phone but I do try to keep up with upgrading my phone here and there

  • Zeeshan Mj
    Zeeshan Mj20 dni temu

    I want this My wallet : " huh"

  • Chronicle2wolf
    Chronicle2wolf20 dni temu

    I wish I had one of these it’s my dream phone. but rn I’m stuck with an iPhone 5S

  • Seniru Weerasinghe
    Seniru Weerasinghe21 dzień temu

    this guy talks too much

  • Shaikh R90
    Shaikh R9021 dzień temu

    Nice Phone 👌

  • Neela Channel
    Neela Channel21 dzień temu

    I'll wait until apple makes one

  • Paige Witt
    Paige Witt21 dzień temu

    Samsung: *makes tablet smartphone* Apple: “Write that down wriTE THAT DOWN!”

  • Victoria Katherine

    Victoria Katherine

    12 dni temu

    Samsung don't charge for space. Proprietary a-holez!

  • Mr. Truth777

    Mr. Truth777

    17 dni temu


  • Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson21 dzień temu

    Upgrading my 6s Plus with a battery that will not hold charge so is it this or the 12 pro max??????

  • King Noddy
    King Noddy21 dzień temu

    It's a Nintendo phone

  • Sooriyan Ramachandran
    Sooriyan Ramachandran21 dzień temu

    Sir do you have smartphone that you don't use which is powerful enough to play pubg ?? If so can you give me one ?? Call me on 7558809848 if you made your decision to give me one.😊