The $200 Flagship Smartphone Alternative

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Once again POCO is back competing in the "value-for-money" smartphone competition. This is my unboxing of the new POCO X3 NFC smartphone.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy2 miesięcy temu

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  • Marc Richard

    Marc Richard

    27 dni temu

    Someone tell him about Realme narzo 20 pro!!

  • Hamza Boughraira

    Hamza Boughraira

    28 dni temu

    Man please fix your lighting, it's very brightit washes out colors and details from the phone display

  • Seraphim Marvel Strike Force

    Seraphim Marvel Strike Force

    Miesiąc temu

    @Prstania_12 u

  • Romy Lachica

    Romy Lachica

    Miesiąc temu

    Hoping to get a phone like that 🙂❤️

  • kartheek nandini

    kartheek nandini

    2 miesięcy temu

    does it show adds??

  • The Mighty Binar
    The Mighty Binar5 godzin temu

    Should I buy X3 NFC for $236, or wait for a new phone, i love this one. The main reason is the 3 years guarantee. Plz your opinions.

  • Malek K
    Malek K19 godzin temu


  • 25649sanchez
    25649sanchez23 godzin temu

    i think this phone is better then my galaxy s8 🙃

  • Rhea Yasso
    Rhea YassoDzień temu

    If you ever feel depressed, just remember the $250 poco x3 has a 5000 mAh battery while the $1100 iPhone 12 pro max has 3100 mAh.

  • Shinji D
    Shinji DDzień temu

    Onscreen fingerprint sucks ass. I know because i have the i dont want anything 60hz anymore if 120hz is possible. Anything looks more fluent even if u dont reach the 120fps

    HOME LONDONDzień temu

    can you review umidigi s5 pro

  • Baki Pido
    Baki Pido2 dni temu

    Yeah i got this phone for a week now. Great deal!

  • Khairul Amry
    Khairul Amry2 dni temu

    can we install gcam in it??

  • Gaming Z
    Gaming Z2 dni temu

    Oh good I’ve just been banished back to in-person school now I can mess with the teachers big ol tv screens

  • Luigi
    Luigi2 dni temu

    Lou can we buy this in USA?

  • robert cuomo
    robert cuomo2 dni temu

    I had the first Poco, horrible connection in my area given the bands available. Had to return it but a good phone for the price so I wanted to give a try.

  • Lorenzo Johnson
    Lorenzo Johnson2 dni temu

    This phone is great for the price

  • Lorenzo Johnson
    Lorenzo Johnson2 dni temu

    Man this is great, I can now afford a phone

  • Yellow Cracker
    Yellow Cracker3 dni temu

    Making sound effects when capturing a photo in 2020. Poco are you ok dude? 😂

  • Hammad Masood
    Hammad Masood4 dni temu

    When you realize the phone is cheaper than Airpods Pro😂

  • Oscar Gatenby-Thomas
    Oscar Gatenby-Thomas4 dni temu

    this video is a bit misleading, the software is riddled with adds and the $200 price is only for a short time then it becomes 300. I think you shouldve stated these key things as people may buy the phone based on this video and not know these downsides of the phone.

  • Bruno rodrigues

    Bruno rodrigues

    3 dni temu

    The adds can be disabled and now you can find the poco x3 for 229$ not 300$

  • Weezy Wayne
    Weezy Wayne4 dni temu

    does it have network connection issues ? or is it fine with data

  • Damaco78 A
    Damaco78 A4 dni temu

    It's not a tattoo, it's a sticker for the window

  • BonzaiBob
    BonzaiBob4 dni temu

    would my iphone 7 sim card be compatible with this phone? i also have verizon but i know that its compatible with 4g lte

  • 128bit Power
    128bit Power5 dni temu

    This phone is way better then iPhone SE!!!

  • Joey Spurrett
    Joey Spurrett5 dni temu

    Watching this on my brand new Poco X3. The truth is its even better than I expected it to be. Can't complain at all. From a 13 year loyal iPhone user.

  • Trainer Zard.
    Trainer Zard.6 dni temu

    Yeah it's already no less than $325 where i live now

  • Muhammad Shoaib Qazi
    Muhammad Shoaib Qazi6 dni temu

    Honestly this is the best phone... In this Price category..

  • Zulfiqar Awan
    Zulfiqar Awan6 dni temu

    You are the first I've ever seen to do a fast charging test in your video 💜❤️

  • EpicIntro
    EpicIntro7 dni temu

    Kind of forgot to mention the main reason why this is so "cheap" - it has built in ads in the menus which you can't get rid of.

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    6 dni temu

    @EpicIntro You can just straight up disable them. There are multiple videos on PLclip about it

  • EpicIntro


    6 dni temu

    @Haywood J'blome As far as I know you can only disable the personalization, but there will still be the same amount of ads. Or is there another setting?

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    7 dni temu

    You can literally get rid of them in the settings. Also depending on your region you may not even get any ads whatsoever

  • eondon bueno
    eondon bueno8 dni temu

    China all

    CR ABBAS8 dni temu

    Please make an Gaming review of Poco x3

  • Jamza Car
    Jamza Car9 dni temu

    Can you do the Poco F2 Pro????


    Watching on my poco x3 nfc 🔥

  • Corey H/vlogs
    Corey H/vlogs9 dni temu

    Is it straight talk compatible

  • Prince _Dbz_
    Prince _Dbz_9 dni temu

    That phones battery is literally more than double mine... And everything else about it is better😢

  • 301-12-เด็กชายธนบดี มุกุระ
    301-12-เด็กชายธนบดี มุกุระ10 dni temu

    I mean the poco f2 is already here with the sd 865.

  • Fernando
    Fernando10 dni temu

    Did this phone you reviewed have built in ads?? I hear that is the deal with this phone. If it had ads that makes me pause to buy unless you can disable the ads easily enough.

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    6 dni temu

    @Fernando no problem

  • Fernando


    7 dni temu

    @Haywood J'blome thanks!

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    7 dni temu

    You can turn them off in settings

  • jerwin lledo
    jerwin lledo10 dni temu

    can i have your poco x3 as your advance christmas and birthday gift for me?

  • Troy Dube'
    Troy Dube'10 dni temu

    Two years ago I got a Xiaomi for $250, it's what I'm still using today. It's time to get a new phone and all I know is I'm NOT spending a grand for a "flagship".

  • Charbel Chaaya
    Charbel Chaaya10 dni temu

    is it worth switching from the f1 to this?? feel like a bit excited!

  • RITO
    RITO11 dni temu

    5:09 Not for me or anyone that is lefties.

  • Sagar
    Sagar11 dni temu

    Poco F2 Pro/Redmi k30 pro is the best value for money mobile phone in the market right now

  • NotsoFool Happy _to _deal _with_ you
    NotsoFool Happy _to _deal _with_ you11 dni temu

    Ohh common where is the freaking 855 they now have 865 and that chip ain't no flagship .

  • deepestfried
    deepestfried11 dni temu

    I see, poco x3 uwu x3 nuzzles you you know I had to do it

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm12 dni temu

    Don't forget to turn off ads in the settings

  • A Ab
    A Ab12 dni temu

    it's a fair review

  • fade
    fade12 dni temu

    I want to buy it but I don't like the ads

  • ElectricDoodie


    11 dni temu

    You can disable them pretty easily in the settings.

  • abder Benzater
    abder Benzater12 dni temu

    Poco in italian it's mean a Little

  • Robin Marr
    Robin Marr13 dni temu

    Xiaomi is beast my man

  • stormtrooper vader
    stormtrooper vader13 dni temu

    Which is better? A51 or Poco?

  • RanPan
    RanPan14 dni temu

    Lew is going to forget Poco X3 exists when Realme 7 5G launches.

  • Jefferson Senjougahara

    Jefferson Senjougahara

    10 dni temu

    iwww realme 7 sucks

  • Hello Fresh
    Hello Fresh14 dni temu

    This have double-tap to wake/sleep?

  • Anshu Jalan
    Anshu Jalan14 dni temu

    It's not always about powerful hardware being stuffed up in a phone. Bloatware laden & unoptimized MIUI will make you go crazy :). Saying this after 2 years of using MIUI.

  • Pierre Albi
    Pierre Albi14 dni temu

    I almost got this phone when mine broke, but then I heard about the ads. Think Lew forgot to mention or I might have missed it.

  • Yosaf Mehmet

    Yosaf Mehmet

    14 dni temu

    It can be turned off in an easy click.

  • Black Hat
    Black Hat15 dni temu

    I want that , but i can't afford 😢

  • Ian Pearson
    Ian Pearson15 dni temu

    i see this getting amazing reviews but no amoled screen!

  • Mohammed Lazim
    Mohammed Lazim15 dni temu

    Why didn't he mention about the ads baked into the software kinda sus...🤔

  • NG GW

    NG GW

    11 dni temu

    @ElectricDoodie they would not understand and they don't want understand and they continue to complain but not stop buying Xiaomi phone with ads, if they want no more ads on miui just don't buy it, simple.

  • ElectricDoodie


    11 dni temu

    Because there's enough videos out there with that Info maybe? Besides that you can disable them pretty easily in the settings.

  • NG GW

    NG GW

    15 dni temu

    Everybody know, and everybody understand ads just in stock app no more no less , and yes everybody can choose buy it or not

  • Danurdoro Punto
    Danurdoro Punto15 dni temu

    Watching this on my POCO X3 NFC

  • EastCoastGaminq
    EastCoastGaminq15 dni temu

    Why not do 120 and 90 hz

  • EastCoastGaminq
    EastCoastGaminq15 dni temu

    Galaxy a51 5g / 5g uw Galaxy A71 /5g uw

  • Haseeb Ahmad
    Haseeb Ahmad16 dni temu

    poco x3 vs mi note 8pro i need some opnions

  • Azraf Shahriar Sami
    Azraf Shahriar Sami16 dni temu

    I hate these devices Because they make iPhones look stupidly priced toys!

  • LightSpeed
    LightSpeed17 dni temu

    I want it for the tattoo

  • Legend 69 420
    Legend 69 42017 dni temu

    It would be perfect if it had an amoled display but the 120hz display compensates for that i guess

  • Andrej Kočík
    Andrej Kočík17 dni temu

    every Poco fun know, when u want crisp images u need to install google pixel camera APP :D

  • Roast In Peace

    Roast In Peace

    3 dni temu

    Žádný stabilní Gcam jsem na X3 nenešel.

  • Alboz Media
    Alboz Media18 dni temu

    I bought it on 11.11 Event the best for 250$ 6/128 gb

  • unlimited bits gaming
    unlimited bits gaming18 dni temu

    My LG Stylo 4 is a $200 phone from two years ago, and I thought this was impressive two years ago (and I still love it). This Poco phone blows mine out of the water and it's in the same price range. Goddamn.

  • Mus
    Mus18 dni temu

    Probably the price is the real price of the actual products inside. In practice, other overrated brands will force you to pay unknowingly for their R&D and more of their prices are invested in their marketing, whereas other brands do less marketing but has better performance.

  • wazzup105
    wazzup10519 dni temu

    No 5G though.

  • James Nicolai
    James Nicolai19 dni temu

    I'm on my OnePlus 7Pro and damn...that is nice for how cheap it is. I like it. But....8Pro...I'm waiting hahaaaa

  • ꧁༺ᎧJ คƚเռყᎯⱤᙢᎽтσოꪮꪮท༻꧂
    ꧁༺ᎧJ คƚเռყᎯⱤᙢᎽтσოꪮꪮท༻꧂19 dni temu

    I would be willing to pay couple of extra bucks for an amoled screen on this device

  • Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    Dzień temu

    Yeah right. I would prefer an Amoled display to a 120hz refresh rate

  • Mohamed Amajoud
    Mohamed Amajoud19 dni temu

    Xiaomi is the future replacement of Huawei Apple and Samsung combined.

  • Marius Luca
    Marius Luca19 dni temu

    To Bad in my country is like 350...

  • dn06se
    dn06se19 dni temu

    I love this phone.

  • Shervin Rey 7
    Shervin Rey 720 dni temu

    Does anybody have the link to the wallpapers ( thumbnail ) Its 🔥

  • NabilaKawaii881
    NabilaKawaii88120 dni temu

    Lol I don't get the tattoo

  • Rami
    Rami20 dni temu

    In my country ,this phone costs $300 fuck it 😡

    FURRY FURY20 dni temu

    Better than any iPhone

  • JoColate
    JoColate21 dzień temu

    Hello, From India. Try the Realme X3 SuperZoom (price is around $300)

  • Elvis Elvis
    Elvis Elvis21 dzień temu

    My one plus pro is working crazy good...I had a screen protector that was affecting my screen sensitivity but the phone adapted by itself now it's like the screen protector isn't even there

  • You will succeed someday Success
    You will succeed someday Success21 dzień temu

    Bad camera

  • Marc Nation
    Marc Nation21 dzień temu

    No speaker test? Whaaaaaaaat?!

  • Nikolas Artinos
    Nikolas Artinos22 dni temu

    “Poco logo” NICE

  • Dash Barleta
    Dash Barleta22 dni temu

    The only phone you reviewed that i have hahaha

  • J
    J22 dni temu

    Covid phone.............Passsssssss!

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez22 dni temu

    Did you missed on purpose to mention that it has a 64mgp camera lens from Sony ? Or you just didn't notice? Nice vid., that's a plus on a budget phone don't you think ?

  • Joshua Castle
    Joshua Castle22 dni temu

    Where do I buy this

  • krayzeepenis
    krayzeepenis23 dni temu

    where you getting it for 200 dollars (169 euro) ??!!

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    7 dni temu

    Depends on your region, but you should be able to find the 64gb version for that price, especially if you order it from china

  • Ch Hamm
    Ch Hamm23 dni temu

    This is my next phone I'm using the doogee mix at the mo

  • Hans Garcia
    Hans Garcia23 dni temu

    I was here 1 month ago and now i have this phone

  • Raymond Greenwood
    Raymond Greenwood24 dni temu

    I find people who want the device immediately on as soon as they touch the on button annoying. What in the Jone brown is going on that a 2 Mu seconds to turn on.. I have been working in the electronic, electronic software field all my life and the boot up times now people want it faster Han you can blink your eye. As a result I know how to take over the world, hold it hostage with device that will make all boot up times 2 seconds. They will beg for mercy.. smh

  • Enrique Shane
    Enrique Shane24 dni temu

    im amaze how i can see the difference between 60HZ and 120HZ by using a 60HZ screen phone :')

    MR. NOBODY & CHILLING VIBES24 dni temu

    isn't that a Midrange phone?

  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel Medina24 dni temu

    Will this phone work on t-mobile or this is another great phone that won't work in the American market?

  • Christian Rivas
    Christian Rivas24 dni temu

    How well does this work in the united states?

  • Spiral Warrior
    Spiral Warrior24 dni temu

    You could have mentioned that it had pop up ads...

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    7 dni temu

    It doesn't have any pop up ads. Only a few non pop up ads which you can easily disable

  • Alexandru Topor
    Alexandru Topor24 dni temu

    Poco X3: 5160 mAh battery 33W fast charger, comes in the box. 200 bucks. iPhone 12: 2812 mAh battery 20W fast charging, charger sold separately. 900 bucks.

  • Angel cavalera

    Angel cavalera

    6 dni temu

    More like 1100 dollars

  • Vishok Kaveer Bhola
    Vishok Kaveer Bhola25 dni temu

    I'd keep trying to turn that camera module and probably break it

  • Ahmed Sarker
    Ahmed Sarker25 dni temu

    The camera module looks super ugly. What were they thinking!!!!!

  • jay_615
    jay_61526 dni temu

    I still have my iphone 3gs

  • Carlos Miguel
    Carlos Miguel26 dni temu

    Dude this phone is like below 200 now in Europe lmao... You seem not excited about it but tell me what phone offers all this for 200-300 - Aluminum frame with gorilla glass 5 on the front - IPS LCD 1080p with 120Hz and HDR10 - Snap732 more than enough for everyday tasks and even some gaming - 6GB ram with UFS 2.1 storage - Quad Camera with decent quality, records 4K - Stereo speakers - Wifi ac - BT 5.1 - NFC - Infrared - Fm radio - 5160mAh batt - 33W fast charging Tell me 1 single smartphone 200-300 that gives similar specs please. Can't you see how glorious this is Lew? you should be jumping on the table and throwing fireworks!!! This should be awarded phone of the year because of what offers for so little money.

  • Haywood J'blome

    Haywood J'blome

    7 dni temu

    Too bad the 128gb version is considerably more expensive

  • Lemon Life
    Lemon Life27 dni temu

    In my country like india its not cheap, its expansive for most of peoples....

  • Wahib
    Wahib27 dni temu

    You forgot to say 200$ with charger included