DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

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Watch Part 1: You Should Buy The New iPhone SE -
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy7 miesięcy temu

    Watch Part 1: You Should Buy The New iPhone SE -

  • Nicholas Widing

    Nicholas Widing

    20 dni temu

    Maybe next year apple will have something better at that low price point but apple is apple.

  • Jaicya


    26 dni temu


  • Nochilln1gga


    29 dni temu

    If they made the screen bigger it would have cost more at launch. Basically iPhone 11 but cheaper. Aint nun wrong with it. I’ve had the first se for 3 years and still running but needa upgrade for the iOS updates

  • Day 1

    Day 1

    Miesiąc temu

    I came here to clear my confusion but grows 😂

  • Raj Kumar Arora

    Raj Kumar Arora

    Miesiąc temu

    Hats off to you for your dedication and energy for this eye opening video. I really liked your Frank opinion 🙏

  • Jerome Estrada
    Jerome Estrada3 godzin temu

    7 months later.... watching this again😂

  • Sebastien A.
    Sebastien A.7 godzin temu

    One of my favorite videos you’ve created 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You completely right, 🍏 has been very complacent with the SE knowing that it will sell regardless of what it is... they’ve been behind a lot .. swipe text, widgets, large screens.. But regardless they are #1 so ppl overlook these things..

  • No BASS no Music
    No BASS no Music10 godzin temu

    Dude you’re making me want to cry you’re making me feel like I’m a kid from 1992 with a cheap phone I’m on iPhone SE 2020 I am broke 😭😭. Edit:I’m a failure

  • Courtney Esperanza
    Courtney Esperanza11 godzin temu

    don't throw hate because it is good for kids 9-15 and it is a preety good so don't throw hate

  • Mia_ Game_Plays
    Mia_ Game_Plays12 godzin temu

    I got depressed watching this...i just wanted to know if SE is better or sad now:(

  • Little Paper
    Little Paper13 godzin temu

    My broke ass watching this while having an SE ..... wishing I had the 11 pro max 😔🥺 REAL PAIN MANNNN!!!

  • i love myself
    i love myself14 godzin temu

    me with the iphone 7 👁👄👁 whats wrong with my phone

  • N1GG3R L0V3R
    N1GG3R L0V3R15 godzin temu

    I think he made himself look stupid. Of course the iPhone SE 2 is going to look like this. 1. It's an SE phone and 2. Its a budget phone. I know Apple is stupid but this is what to expect from a budget phone.

  • Av
    Av16 godzin temu


  • Suprith C Kumar
    Suprith C Kumar21 godzinę temu

    this was funny lol

  • Suprith C Kumar
    Suprith C Kumar21 godzinę temu

    he really struggled i bet

  • KiNGxSuReShOt
    KiNGxSuReShOt23 godzin temu

    i like the home button and don't want face id

  • Kris Chambers
    Kris ChambersDzień temu

    Wth...I just watched how I must buy it, from him

  • Troy Mitchell
    Troy MitchellDzień temu

    Question...would you feel the same if this phone was like $50-$100?

  • Baby Sprinkle's
    Baby Sprinkle'sDzień temu

    You are just mad lol

  • Insta Piggies
    Insta PiggiesDzień temu

    Me watching this video waiting for my IPhone SE in the mail.

  • Proven Sawlid
    Proven SawlidDzień temu

    For one THIS NOT A BUDGET COST it’s still a frickin $400 phone a budget phone is $100 For two why you so upset over them releasing this phone bro? I just bought it yesterday and bet it’s gonna be way better then my iPhone 6

  • Osmiium
    Osmiium2 dni temu

    Low key, its an amazing phone. It has the same bionic chip as the 12 and it has all the camera and it’s extremely powerful. Shut your mouth

  • J L
    J L2 dni temu

    somehow this white dude is beginning to think like a chinese businessman

  • Ravi Srikanth
    Ravi Srikanth2 dni temu

    One of the rare occasions when the order of viewing should be part 2 followed by part 1 😂

  • Sutton Crittenden
    Sutton Crittenden2 dni temu

    The original iPhone SE did the same thing and y’all didn’t care and now you all are freaking out about it

  • PaxtonVlogz
    PaxtonVlogz2 dni temu

    Like if Samsung is better Reply if Apple is better.

  • Jazzalynn Harvey
    Jazzalynn Harvey2 dni temu

    STOP ur rude I have it and that's ur opinion so stop it's anoyying they made a better se so please stop

  • Milos Zdravkovic
    Milos Zdravkovic2 dni temu

    Honestly, im buying this phone next week, bcz i never used IOS or some Iphone. 2nd, i need 5 year software update without bags, and lags and other problems like with Android. Soon or later im gonna sell it and ill buy another Iphone i think, maybe I12mini or something like that. We'll see ....ill tell you my expirience in few days about this phone...

  • Adnan Zaidi
    Adnan Zaidi2 dni temu

    This guy can start world war 3

  • Adnan Zaidi
    Adnan Zaidi2 dni temu

    What is going on?

  • fala7i tech
    fala7i tech3 dni temu

    This guy is seriously gonna stop getting sent apple devices, because he's been bashing them a lot lately.

  • John Lyle Florentino

    John Lyle Florentino

    Dzień temu

    He isn't getting any apple device for quite a few years now. All of the apple products featured on his videos are bought.

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues4 dni temu

    This dude is pissed

  • Cristhian Morales
    Cristhian Morales4 dni temu

    If you watch this on an iPhone SE. you are prob a masochist.

  • Cristhian Morales
    Cristhian Morales4 dni temu

    I would’ve bought this phone if it weren’t for the battery.

  • Sunni UK786
    Sunni UK7864 dni temu

    You said buy se2020 six months ago. Make ur mind up

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez4 dni temu

    You are the poop

  • alvin gahenda
    alvin gahenda4 dni temu

    This video is trash😂🚮

  • TurboGibby 2016
    TurboGibby 20165 dni temu

    I have one and I love it. It’s good for the money and size

  • Hannah Shaw
    Hannah Shaw5 dni temu

    omg im such an indecisive person caus i just watched the “you should by the iphone se” video and i was like finally “ik what phone i want” but now im watching this video and im unsure again pleaseee😭🖐🏼🖐🏼

  • Akib Hussain
    Akib Hussain5 dni temu

    Those dislikes are people who bought the "New" iPhone se

  • Nodoby Me
    Nodoby Me6 dni temu

    Why he acting agressive ?

  • rs. sams
    rs. sams6 dni temu

    Old iPhone SE was iPhone 5 desing And as fast as iPhone 6s. So Apple didnt do anything wrong.

  • Theadore Phaedon
    Theadore Phaedon6 dni temu

    I’m watching this dude on my iPhone SE 2020, and I must say, he looks a little pasty... oh wait a minute, let me turn off the high contrast white controls... oh much better! 👌

  • Ray Murtadho
    Ray Murtadho6 dni temu

    This has the same energy as my dad helping me with my math homework in the kitchen at 11 pm and gets frustrated at me because he just had a long day at work and I couldn’t answer a question so i cry silently and we’re both tired but im not allowed to go to sleep yet until i get the answer right and show him the formula. But then, he finally gives up and says “i want you to get up at 5 am and continue your work. Now go to your room”

  • _1 _
    _1 _7 dni temu

    It has iPhone 8 and 11 parts witch it really GOOD it was modeled of the iPhone 8 it's pretty much a cheaper and better option for an iPhone 8 would 100% buy it just let the android user talk it's a rly GOOD phone display is fine

  • 배롬멜
    배롬멜7 dni temu

    For real. You gotta do better apple.

  • Acerblade25
    Acerblade257 dni temu

    Too late love my se

  • french toast
    french toast7 dni temu

    thank you for telling me to buy the iphone se, then making me buy it, then immediately make a video telling me not buying it

  • Pure Facts Central
    Pure Facts Central7 dni temu

    Lmfao, ive never heard a phone reviewer this mad lmfao

  • Rachixy 123
    Rachixy 1237 dni temu

    you are a mad

  • TheSpeedBoy
    TheSpeedBoy8 dni temu

    Unbox therapy: Don’t buy the iPhone se *Me watching this on the og iPhone se*

  • Lia Hamilton
    Lia Hamilton8 dni temu

    Whilst I watch on iPhone SE...

  • iCook Kids Club
    iCook Kids Club8 dni temu

    Preach brudda man

  • Ali OGUL
    Ali OGUL8 dni temu

    This is the best video on the Internet

  • Happy Doggo
    Happy Doggo9 dni temu

    This phone actually cover a good niche on the market it’s for people who just want to have a phone specifically for work that isn’t outdated in software side, my father bought this phone pacifically for Emailing and texting and listening to podcasts

  • Its Emberzz
    Its Emberzz9 dni temu

    i just bought a iphone SE and i’m considering a refund

  • Impulse
    Impulse9 dni temu

    25k dislike lmfao

  • Simon Beck
    Simon Beck9 dni temu

    now iphone 12 mini

  • Abdizi Anas
    Abdizi Anas9 dni temu

    fuck me this video hit harrrddd

  • nutrition planet
    nutrition planet9 dni temu

    mad😂he is mad 😂😂 you know why? because they wanted to put that display on iphone 12mini

  • Kai Slater
    Kai Slater9 dni temu

    You should have waited 6 months for the iPhone 12 mini to be released.

  • Ethan D
    Ethan D9 dni temu


  • Frooty
    Frooty9 dni temu

    I could get this brand new for $200. Its definitely the best deal

  • Devin Renshaw
    Devin Renshaw9 dni temu

    People who say they see pixels must be pulling out a 40x zoom microscope😂😂

  • ilovecats46
    ilovecats469 dni temu

    Why doesn’t anyone address slave labor when shaming apple?

  • J2a2zx Noneya
    J2a2zx Noneya10 dni temu

    I like how this dude makes 2 parallel perspective videos

  • Francisco Oseguera
    Francisco Oseguera10 dni temu

    this is like a motivational video plus dis track but sadly it's true

  • Santiago Chavolla
    Santiago Chavolla10 dni temu

    Fuck.. you had me so convinced in p.1 but now idk what new phone to buy

  • JJ vids
    JJ vids10 dni temu

    They should have put a notch on the top and wrap the screen around the home button

  • Kinshuk Hazra
    Kinshuk Hazra11 dni temu

    iPhone 12 mini's Design could be great for se

  • Ben Chicago
    Ben Chicago11 dni temu

    Some people like old school phones

  • Croissant :{
    Croissant :{11 dni temu

    I dont like big screens, or big phones, like older looks, dont like multiple cameras, ugly stuff, thanks but Im good the only issue are the power brick and lack of a headphone jack I buy cheap androids with anough storage and long enough support, and Im considering this iphone exactly because its small. The only one it is

  • Kioko Rose
    Kioko Rose11 dni temu

    It literally looks like the 8

  • Mohammed Adil
    Mohammed Adil12 dni temu

    I am confused. The dude bought two iPhone SE and made two videos for each just to say to buy in one and not to buy in another one?

  • RavenClaw
    RavenClaw12 dni temu

    So no one gonna talk about the thumbnail on part 1 and part 2

  • RavenClaw
    RavenClaw12 dni temu

    You just said why you should buy the iPhone SE

  • Patrick, The Creator
    Patrick, The Creator12 dni temu

    I like how his mental stability is slowly declining through this video

  • Edward Torres
    Edward Torres12 dni temu

    Fruit: Apple Cheap: Android Lew: Mad Pear: Phone Hotel: Trivago

  • Edward Torres
    Edward Torres12 dni temu

    Has Apple Boi turned too Android kid :0

  • Kevin O'Rourke
    Kevin O'Rourke12 dni temu

    This guy makes me glad I'm old.

  • Constantin Fischer
    Constantin Fischer12 dni temu

    Me: watches this video Also me: buys IPhone 11 Me: watches part 1 👁👄👁

  • Smoky 19
    Smoky 1913 dni temu

    damn he roasted the shit out of this phone lmao

  • Ailene Cuevas
    Ailene Cuevas13 dni temu

    Me who saw his vid about why u should buy the iphone se

  • cat guy
    cat guy13 dni temu

    I was getting excited about buying it an yes litteralky killing my joy not to be dramatic just saying legit now I dont even know if I should buy it. Cause I dont got a lot of money and I have a galaxy a30 pretty decent phone but I want an iPhone should.i get it or is that a step back?

  • Breadloaf
    Breadloaf13 dni temu

    I’m getting it for Christmas upgrading from iphone 6 so in every way it should be better so idc.

  • lntrakeR
    lntrakeR13 dni temu

    Lew made me feel like i was the reason why the Iphone SE is designed like that

  • Qxjnx
    Qxjnx13 dni temu

    Iphone should really sue him...

  • Cheryl Keaton
    Cheryl Keaton14 dni temu

    This guy needs a Snickers

  • Cheryl Keaton
    Cheryl Keaton14 dni temu

    I'm sold, where can I buy this?

  • ArmsOfExile
    ArmsOfExile14 dni temu

    Man with the way his voice is I can't tell if he's serious or being sarcastic

  • Charlie Karam
    Charlie Karam14 dni temu

    Lew asks what year have you seen one camera. I say 2020 google pixel 4a

  • Charlie Karam
    Charlie Karam14 dni temu

    Me watching after the iPhone 12 with no power brick

  • Sean Clark
    Sean Clark14 dni temu

    I understand his anger here but it's clear now that they didn't go all out with the SE because of the iPhone 12 mini.

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl14 dni temu

    ngl this iphone is depressing

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl14 dni temu

    the price of this just show how worthless it is

  • real cartoon girl

    real cartoon girl

    14 dni temu


  • Bala G
    Bala G15 dni temu

    all the dislikes are from people watching on iPhone SEs

  • M 520
    M 52015 dni temu

    Didn’t his bitchass make a video about how it’s a good phone 💀🙌🏽

  • Caeden W
    Caeden W15 dni temu

    Not me watching on iPhone 6 💔

  • Caeden W

    Caeden W

    11 dni temu

    @Breadloaf yea it is it really for a standard user that just makes calls and scrolls through social media and don’t care about specs it still works fine for but yea I’m due an upgrade because mines starting to die

  • Breadloaf


    11 dni temu

    @Caeden W have no clue what he means by that. I think its a good upgrade still. I like the 6 its just outdated.

  • Caeden W

    Caeden W

    11 dni temu

    @Breadloaf he talks about the Bezels like they bad they are very useful

  • Breadloaf


    13 dni temu

    Same bro so idc what people say this is a upgrade for us so imma get it

  • Marie Catulong
    Marie Catulong15 dni temu

    if only the SE 2020 has the same screen design as the Iphone Xr

  • Faustine Aaron Co
    Faustine Aaron Co16 dni temu

    balimbing to a hahahahaha. Sabi sa unang vid niya bumili ka, tapos ngayon wag ka bumili hahahahah

  • Nick Paech
    Nick Paech16 dni temu

    Its like an ipod

  • JakeTheSnake
    JakeTheSnake16 dni temu

    Its like he's saying " Buy it, but don't but like you should actually get it, or not.............

  • else studio
    else studio16 dni temu

    SE should bring back the 3.5mm jack port