New 48-inch Massive OLED Desk Setup

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LG 48CX -
LG Virtual Studio x IFA 2020:
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  • Jared Lachine
    Jared Lachine2 godzin temu

    This is the screen size I wish I had for my console setup. I'm using an LG 43in UK series TV. Actually just upgraded from an ONN brand TV. That jump to 4k is way better then I could've imagined. However for how far I sit back a 48in screen would be perfect.

  • Alif Ahmed
    Alif Ahmed9 godzin temu

    OLEDs are fundamentally not suitable as computer monitor because of the permanent burn-in issue. As TV, its perfect since there are no static images on screen. For monitor, there are static images everywhere (e.g., taskbar). Good luck enjoying a movie with a burned-in taskbar image hanging there :P

  • carlosravel
    carlosravel11 godzin temu

    Might be nice to mention possible image burn-in when using it as a monitor, did he avoid that because it’s a promoted video?

  • Alif Ahmed

    Alif Ahmed

    9 godzin temu

    Exactly what I was thinking. OLED are not good as computer monitor because of the static images. Really hate such biased reviewers.

  • Szymon Gołąbek
    Szymon Gołąbek13 godzin temu

    So if X is 10 CX is 110 ? 48110 ?

  • Ubik II
    Ubik IIDzień temu

    All that I was interested in that video was surprisingly the wooden desk/table, such a nice design ! :-)

  • Johnny Guitar
    Johnny Guitar2 dni temu

    i have a 48 inch tv as monitor and i have back and neck problems becuase its huge and i need a desk set up that accomodates to the size,,, i actually want to buy a 32 inch monitor so i could use more "normal" sitting in a desk,,, i also get headaches,,, its not OLED btw

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams2 dni temu

    What I needed to KNOW about pc gaming

  • Jeff Daniel
    Jeff Daniel2 dni temu

    What chair do you have?

  • Ye-ROC Hawkins
    Ye-ROC Hawkins2 dni temu

    Man you influences sometimes have zero idea what you’re doing when it comes to TVs and setting them up. It makes me laugh sometimes. Also get a little frustrated....First off, you’d wanna put the TV into PC mode for PC use, and to enable 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. This is done by going to the Home Dashboard, and hitting to ⚙️ wheel in the upper right hand corner, and edit the HDMI port the PC is connected to, to PC. Crucial step for having nice and clean/clear text. If the TV isn’t automatically going into instant game response mode, you’d also want to enable that for the lowest input lag possible. You’re definitely going to need to enable instant game response for PS4/Pro. Game mode does not automatically launch for PlayStation. Xbox on the other hand, supports ALLM.

  • J H
    J H3 dni temu

    You need a new camera man!

    JHEEZ3 dni temu

    @unbox therapy what DESK is that?! I need this desk please reply yeh boiii

  • blad90
    blad903 dni temu

    That keyboard looks thicker than the apple magic keyboard. If you include the height of the keyboards keys in lews video, you would see its not as thin as it looks.

  • Hasanga Imesh
    Hasanga Imesh3 dni temu

    Well I'm disappointed! You guys are getting lazy man. where's the gaming pc for the 4K monitor? I hoped for a PC with RTX 3090 at least to power this beast and watch how well its compared to a gaming monitor. It has gsync for col. ShiK!

  • Basilio Bastardo
    Basilio Bastardo4 dni temu

    Do LG OLED already solved the problem for “bright pixel” and "screen burn" which cause ghosting?

  • Oskar Augustsson
    Oskar Augustsson6 dni temu

    Does samsung q80t support the full 48Gbps of HDMI 2.1 bandwidth? Heard that the LG CX only support 40 Gbps of HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth and that this might be a problem for high-end pc gamers. I want to play 4 k 120 hz games on this q80t tv with my 3080 n-vidia card… Tnx in advance!

  • Faruq. O
    Faruq. O6 dni temu

    This video was honestly a waste of time

  • Josh H
    Josh H8 dni temu

    That looks like a 36 inch

  • RetardBerd
    RetardBerd9 dni temu

    Give this Guy the Sony A9.

  • Mo Sadik
    Mo Sadik9 dni temu

    What about OLED "BURN-IN" especially with static images when used as a monitor?

  • MySpankster
    MySpankster9 dni temu

    wow....thats friggin awesome.....cheers

  • Zain Fadhil
    Zain Fadhil10 dni temu

    That wasn't a fair review! The amount of reflections on that TV will drive you nuts! He never mentioned it!!

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas10 dni temu

    I wish this had a matte finish...

  • Brad D
    Brad D10 dni temu

    What’s the pulse width modulation like. Will the flickering be an issue?

  • Man from manila
    Man from manila10 dni temu

    BEND TEST lue!!

  • Serg R
    Serg R11 dni temu

    If you play on PC, a monitor is better. First, 4k @120hz isn't happening on most new games even with a high-end pc. You will have to tone down so many settings. You should play @ 1440p instead IMO because it has good resolution and will allow a higher frame-rate. There is a reason it is the most popular on pc. Second, this TV will have more input lag, etc no matter what you change in its settings. So if you are competitive, a good monitor will be better. So yeah, it is good if you don't have room for both as he said, and have the money to spare. I wouldn't buy this if you mainly play PC because it is over $1,000(like 1,200 low to 1400+). You can get a VERY good 1440p monitor with 144+ refresh rate for a much better price. Mine was $430 a year ago(Asus Tuf vg27aq). So yeah, buy a monitor if you're on pc and use the potential 1,000+ dollars you'll save on something else. Maybe a new video card, etc.

  • My Nontraditional Life
    My Nontraditional Life11 dni temu

    I was planning to use a TV as a second monitor, since a lot of high image quality external monitors right now cost about the same as buying a Smart TV. Then, I remembered the TV just shows what is on your computer screen instead of extending the screen. Unless, is there a way to have it extend the screen instead? I think after watching this video, I will still use the TV, but will have to change the setup a little bit.

  • EV Bike Dude
    EV Bike Dude12 dni temu

    The reflections are a deal-breaker - and maybe the potential for burn-in when coding/web browsing.

  • Graeme Astin
    Graeme Astin12 dni temu

    What are the links for the laptop, keyboard and mouse ????

  • Cailyn
    Cailyn14 dni temu


  • Christopher jodhan
    Christopher jodhan14 dni temu

    That’s fire, either I play on my Oled or Swap to my monitor, both LG. this is a game changer.

  • Mark Ran
    Mark Ran16 dni temu

    I have the CX. Use as PC monitor. Love it!!

  • Caleb Jared
    Caleb Jared16 dni temu

    Any thoughts on an adjustable stand

  • bilecikovski
    bilecikovski18 dni temu

    my ears are bleeding :(

  • Kansei Dori x Theron Logan
    Kansei Dori x Theron Logan18 dni temu

    I just got this last week and love it, but now I’m scared to hear what you gunna say.

  • Zameer Hussain
    Zameer Hussain18 dni temu

    Won't this strain your eyes badly?

  • Nahweed Asif
    Nahweed Asif19 dni temu

    Some sack his IT guy . PlayStation isn't 4k

  • Edward Morales
    Edward Morales19 dni temu

    Hello, I'm going to buy the LG CX this weekend, but I'm stuck on the size, why buy the 48" for $1499 if you can buy the 55" for $1399? what do you think? keep rocking my friend!

  • cyberpunk jutsu
    cyberpunk jutsu19 dni temu

    no, more like the ultimate developer setup.

  • SuperMonster62
    SuperMonster6219 dni temu

    I don’t have an oled but do have a 4K Tv and I use it with a MacBook Pro. Use it as a big screen to do school work and use it to game. So if I could get an Oled I would! Lol

  • Vincent Szalai
    Vincent Szalai19 dni temu

    00:37 dio casually stops time

  • Akash Aki
    Akash Aki20 dni temu


  • Josiah Duff
    Josiah Duff20 dni temu

    What is that desk you have?

  • Chris Doherty
    Chris Doherty20 dni temu

    im saving up for this and a ps5.. im hoping by the time i can buy it itll drop in price like regular 4k tvs have dropped drastically in price, finally a oled tv i can put in my room. cause 55in and up are just to big for my bedroom.

  • Alain Lafond
    Alain Lafond20 dni temu

    Blahblahblah... Why some many words... I got bored and left...

  • Brian Ng
    Brian Ng21 dzień temu

    Kirk's shoes are kinda fire, low key.

  • Cesar Antonio
    Cesar Antonio21 dzień temu

    OMG I got distracted by the white socks.

  • Disruptii
    Disruptii22 dni temu

    Damn. I seriously want one of these. My goodness.

  • Voltz
    Voltz22 dni temu

    Just a casual $2700... you know pocket change..... ha.. yeahhhhhhhhh

  • Kris Crawford
    Kris Crawford22 dni temu

    Stop. My wallet hurts.

  • Boddhi Bo
    Boddhi Bo22 dni temu

    This is THE BEST one I want one but can't afford by now, I use the 40" LG 4K IPS which was the BEST since 2014 until now. The 48" will be the Maximum recommended for gaming and working also media content for a PC, better than 2 or 3 monitor setup.

  • OldBones NewFlow
    OldBones NewFlow22 dni temu

    Xbox series x + 65inCX FTW

  • Christian morales
    Christian morales22 dni temu

    I got a lg 55 inch, it looks great 👍

  • fg
    fg22 dni temu

    For a monitor on a usual desk the base sticking out of the back is a big nono.

  • Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga
    Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga22 dni temu

    But the 48 inch is more expensive thsn the 55. Is it then worth it to take the bigger 55 as a monitor? Won't it be too big for monitor use? What would be the best sit distsnce for a better visual experience?

  • Nivin
    Nivin23 dni temu

    His setups are never really a ‘setup’ you know... It’s just some products placed on an empty table in his studio which probably he’ll never use after the video. idk if it’s only me but because of that all his enthusiasm feels kinda fake to me. It ruins the experience of the so called “setup”. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • lee gee
    lee gee23 dni temu


  • lee gee

    lee gee

    23 dni temu

    Also, on the units very bad and i feel unacceptable FALD uniformity. Samsung have escalated this to the top. Samsung have made me lose my family soon my home they have not got back to me since escalating this to the top last Wednesday. they promised to be in touch by phone. As I have kept hold of the unit with the worst issues and I need them to help me I have only had this around 6 to 7 weeks and it is covered up with a sheet as it makes me feel sick. I have a protection spell surrounding it, all ballony but makes me feel safer. The one of them that I still have in my procession that exhibits the worst of these issues around 7 weeks old or so . One finger print was all it took to destroy the viewing quality and screen. ONE wipe with a microfibre cloth with one spray of recommended TV screen cleaner sprayed on the cloth and not the screen directly. The one fingerprint in the corner spread and spread with a grey kind of mist and then the TV screen texture appeared to feel like sandpaper. As a fresh microfibre cloth was used to try and remove this would and it failed my support worker gently tried to remove this the microfibre would not move across the screen without pressure, so my support did not want to crack the screen. Then the cloth as if by magic It actually stuck to the screen like glue. MY 5 children and my wife have had to move out due to social services deeming me very high risk of accidentally hurting someone by accident due to my episodes becoming violent. I have had armed police attend since. Then pictures of the devil appeared as could see a smudge due to one of my support workers picking up a remote and lightly brushed the screen by accident. I followed exact guidelines. And within a minute I watched the whole screen turn into a petrol like mist, with images that looked like the devil. Psychotic episode starts A very bad one I have no recollection except that this unit I still I was saying to the police it has a Demon a Jinn inside and only infinity can trap it and that the number 8 is weak I have suffered quite a few requiring armed police attending. MY 5 children and my wife have had to move out due to social services deeming me very high risk of accidentally hurting someone by accident due to my episodes becoming violent. My support worker had popped to the shop while he was gone I caused nearly 3 thousand pounds damage to my property mostly ripping doors off their hinges smashing windows as well as my Samsung phone 2 laptops and a UH8500 LG was the TV I was replacing with this Demon Q90T but was still working like new. I had promised my oldest son this. also destroyed an Xbox one, Ps3 Dreamcast, multiple controllers, and a few external usb3 drives. But scared to destroy of the remaining Q90t due to the Demon or Jinn needing infinity WTF I was at a point of despair. I could not take it anymore my family gone Having to move to some kind of project for people like me as now classed as a threat, I have never hurt any of my kids or my wife. my support worker returned just in time stopped me slitting my throat with a carving knife. while waiting for the ambulance and police to turn up. Also, I was talking in tongues and Kept repeating that Samsung is the devil. I am now under the home treatment team and having to be rehoused in 24 hour supported accommodation. So that my wife and kids can return to the family home. Luckily, they are staying at the in-laws while my social worker finishes sorting this accommodation out. Also, on the units very bad and i feel unacceptable FALD uniformity. Samsung have escalated this to the top. Samsung have made me lose my family soon my home they have not got back to me since escalating this to the top last wednesday. they promised to be in touch by phone. As I have kept hold of the unit with the worst issues and I need them to help me I have only had this around 6 to 7 weeks and it is covered up with a sheet as it makes me feel sick. I have a protection spell surrounding it, all ballony but makes me feel safer.

  • BLVCK.
    BLVCK.23 dni temu

    What desk is that???

  • Luke Christie
    Luke Christie23 dni temu

    0:52 Don’t take credit for the idea, Lew. The idea was circulating months before this video.

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres23 dni temu

    Where do you get the desk you have it on?

  • Evan Sargent
    Evan Sargent24 dni temu

    Ha ha im thinking of getting this for Futures trading. My 27 inch 2k LG 850b and my 17 inch laptop displays are still to small.

  • Gayle Grant
    Gayle Grant24 dni temu

    How's the print quality..I have a 43" LG monitor but would like to get larger to get more document pages on the does this TV stack up against a 43" monitor? Thoughts? Thanks much, Gayle

    ZILDJ1AN24 dni temu

    “I’m reading comments in a language that I don’t EVEN UNDERSTANNDD!” lmao 😂

  • Mike Lozano
    Mike Lozano24 dni temu

    what keyboard brand and model is he using?

  • WebDev
    WebDev24 dni temu

    How far back do you need to sit?

  • khaleader ThePro
    khaleader ThePro24 dni temu

    a lot out of focus in this video

  • Mark Black
    Mark Black24 dni temu

    It will be mine... Oh yes it will be mine.

  • DovahDoVolom
    DovahDoVolom24 dni temu

    Mmm taskbar burn-in

  • Abdulaziz _m
    Abdulaziz _m25 dni temu

    LG when the price gets to 950$ I’ll be there

  • Matched Player
    Matched Player25 dni temu

    Honestly, I'm more interested in that desk.

  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D.25 dni temu

    Definitely to big

  • EJ Plays
    EJ Plays27 dni temu

    What table is that?

  • Samir72
    Samir7228 dni temu

    LG needs to make a 40' OLED, same specs.

  • Tyranix97
    Tyranix9729 dni temu

    Beautiful screen, but looks kind of shiny.

  • QuineMD
    QuineMD29 dni temu

    I was doing no fap and then that peel happened .

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A29 dni temu

    Does this tv have the ability to turn off the wifi adapter and bluetooth? Also what desk is that?

  • Petr Kisselev
    Petr Kisselev29 dni temu

    Having used a multi-display setup for years now, I kind of grew jaded with the user experience. Now I'm looking to replace my 3 screens with a single big monitor.

  • Zain Ali
    Zain AliMiesiąc temu

    Me watching this and figuring out once you pull the TV out the box that I brought the same TV 2 months ago ....

  • gonzalo delgado
    gonzalo delgadoMiesiąc temu

    a 4k 120hz oled tv paired with a fat ps4 and a notebook. Tv: am I a joke to you?

  • Josh Calhov
    Josh CalhovMiesiąc temu

    Whyyyy can’t they just make high refresh OLED monitor (small one) at a reasonable price.....

  • TaNKerMiKE 19k
    TaNKerMiKE 19kMiesiąc temu

    i am currently making this setup

  • Soham Mishra
    Soham MishraMiesiąc temu

    What are the dimensions of the desk please tell

  • Gabriel Deyá
    Gabriel DeyáMiesiąc temu

    i want this baby now😍 Edit* i already buy it, can't wait to get it 💯💚

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel HernandezMiesiąc temu

    You see, now I need it...

  • Omar Sahouri
    Omar SahouriMiesiąc temu

    is it just me or is the audio dog shit

    DAVID JAMESMiesiąc temu

    I'm buying one for the peel

  • vseanw
    vseanwMiesiąc temu

    Considering this guy's job. It's kind of amazing how little he knows about electronics.

  • Kexin
    KexinMiesiąc temu

    A RTX 3080 first. Then this.

  • BoomBoomBoi ohYeah
    BoomBoomBoi ohYeahMiesiąc temu

    Where is that desk from?

  • Matt joyce
    Matt joyceMiesiąc temu

    perfect for my setup, just need the money to buy it now, hopefully the price will come down once the series x is established

  • Nico Schulz
    Nico SchulzMiesiąc temu

    I would be so afraid of burn in especially as an monitor😅 so many static banners and so on...😬

  • diskob0
    diskob0Miesiąc temu

    I´m using a C9 55" for over a year now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Commotion
    CommotionMiesiąc temu

    That desk chair looks fantastic! Been looking for a good one for a while... what is the name of this one?

  • Endingmischief
    EndingmischiefMiesiąc temu

    can we get a name or link for that desk?

  • Tyrell Lamons
    Tyrell LamonsMiesiąc temu

    that plastic pull was perfection and so satisfying lol

  • turbomunch
    turbomunchMiesiąc temu

    RIP eyeballs

  • Spawn
    SpawnMiesiąc temu

    You look so depressing man. You've lost your older excitement.

  • Yann Ouvey
    Yann OuveyMiesiąc temu

    Kirk is hot.

  • Edivaldo silva correia
    Edivaldo silva correiaMiesiąc temu

    TV OLER TOP BOM Eu Surdo

  • Chris Georgeson
    Chris GeorgesonMiesiąc temu

    He acts as if he thought of this himself. LG has been reaching out to everyone asking people to make videos about this exact concept.

  • Aubrey GDJ
    Aubrey GDJMiesiąc temu

    "Holy OLED, holy OLED." -- Lewis Hilsenteger (2020)