Xbox Series S Unboxing (Console Size Comparison)

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Unboxing the new, tiny Microsoft Xbox Series S.
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  • tj OhSo.smooth
    tj OhSo.smoothDzień temu

    why is it super early, dose it have to wait for 2020 update??lol just curious🙁

  • bobby marnel
    bobby marnel2 dni temu

    That looks cool I

  • Jefferson Costa
    Jefferson Costa2 dni temu

    Buy a PC is better

  • David debideen
    David debideen3 dni temu

    Bro i like how he say not in 4k

  • Max B.
    Max B.4 dni temu

    I love my series s. quick resumed saved me like one hour of loading last night 😂

  • Mr. Sotack
    Mr. Sotack5 dni temu

    It looks like a big blu tooth speaker

  • vadont
    vadont5 dni temu

    the series s is 379.99 and the series x is 599.99 in canada

  • BadQualityFrog
    BadQualityFrog5 dni temu

    I’m buying the S because I have a pc and an og Xbox one. I’m not only a console player I play pc aswell, so I wouldn’t waste my money on the series x. So I’m going for S

  • Jazib Chohan
    Jazib Chohan6 dni temu

    Why does this look like a next gen wii.

  • Jazib Chohan
    Jazib Chohan6 dni temu

    I take any next gen I still have the og Xbox one

  • rafia ahmed eva
    rafia ahmed eva6 dni temu

    Hagu kar

  • rafia ahmed eva

    rafia ahmed eva

    6 dni temu

    C Awesome

  • Kentzo Ar
    Kentzo Ar7 dni temu

    If you put it horizontally, the height is same as xbox one s

  • Preston Hollis
    Preston Hollis7 dni temu

    I like how he just unboxes it and never uses it after that

  • Sonnyn19
    Sonnyn198 dni temu

    I just came in clutch and got the Xbox series s

  • [IFYB] NotDavidt
    [IFYB] NotDavidt8 dni temu

    The color might have to do with that when markets make money they get marked in black, and they make more money per series x sale so it's black like the marks they get for it's sales

  • [IFYB] NotDavidt
    [IFYB] NotDavidt8 dni temu

    They do double a batteries to make more money because people have to buy the rechargable batteries separately

  • starfox14now
    starfox14now8 dni temu

    Just a comment for the Ps5: That's a HUGE Bitch! (from Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo)

  • springtrap 1093
    springtrap 10939 dni temu

    the Xbox returned to the 360 color

  • Ryan GTDark
    Ryan GTDark10 dni temu

    The amount of times I’ve heard “My batteries fell out” from an Xbox player

  • Maximec j
    Maximec j11 dni temu

    I like xbox cause it's backwards compatible so I don't actually need to jailbreak it and you can still enjoy older games in a grand style . What do you think ?

  • bryzon10000
    bryzon1000011 dni temu

    This and the ps5 is the move

  • Lucas Bowen
    Lucas Bowen11 dni temu

    Anyone know a good value oled TV?

  • Matthew Thoreson
    Matthew Thoreson11 dni temu

    My cat threw up a hairball on my floor while I was sleeping last night dammit.

  • zacheus ross c:
    zacheus ross c:12 dni temu

    THe series s is like the xbox 360 original :) also the xbox series x is like the original xbox from 2003 i love this all !!! Xbox is always best with Nintendo! I wish they all worked together to take the world over with this technology someday apple will be there with all off them to 😂💔🖤🤍

  • Jake Bentley
    Jake Bentley13 dni temu

    I like the aas I don't need 2 controllers like I do on the ps4 I just buy a aa charge pack and I can use the same controller all day

  • Báo
    Báo13 dni temu

    Wait do u really play the things u unbox

  • julius dogta
    julius dogta13 dni temu

    Looks like a mcdonalds drive thru speaker

  • M HS
    M HS14 dni temu

    50% of my games on disc... xboix series s: sorry no discs aloud here me: crying because I just god a $70 game on disc.

  • Roronoa D. Zoro
    Roronoa D. Zoro14 dni temu

    Ps5 is as tall as me

  • ttvBLITZ Marine
    ttvBLITZ Marine14 dni temu

    Where do you live cuz I bought the Xbox series s and it was 599:99

  • XXEL Bubbles YT
    XXEL Bubbles YT15 dni temu

    Will there be any keyboard and mouse updates for Xbox

  • Nicolas Velleca
    Nicolas Velleca15 dni temu

    Now I don’t have to lug a huge cinder block in my backpack when I go to my dads for the weekend

  • Jan Belarmino
    Jan Belarmino15 dni temu

    The battery thing is probably largely attributed to durability. I've had to replace 3 PS4 controllers during my ownership but zero Xbox controllers.

  • Basketball Mixtapes
    Basketball Mixtapes15 dni temu

    GOD bless🙏🏾💕

  • Kirsty
    Kirsty15 dni temu

    Really stretching the video content out for these controllers to make your money back. Instead of maybe 2 videos there's multiple. Not necessarily a criticism just an observation.

  • Trey Perry
    Trey Perry16 dni temu

    Personally I love the removable batteries because it allows me to buy rechargeable battery packs that can be replaced instantly. I have two battery packs and while I'm using one, the other is charging. That means that even if my controller dies, I'm never plugged into the console because I can just swap battery packs. Much better than having to plug in with USB like the Playstation IMO. I never want Xbox controllers to go to built in batteries

  • Harmeet Sran
    Harmeet Sran16 dni temu

    To be honest I like the series s

  • mintydog06
    mintydog0616 dni temu

    Why didn't you compare the size to PS5?

  • mintydog06
    mintydog0616 dni temu

    "Hello from Seattle" is on the Xbox One S as well

  • Dats Wassaname
    Dats Wassaname16 dni temu

    The black controller looks a bit bigger but for me I’m all about space so I’d buy the S series cuz I like how big things come in small packages 📦

  • jason the best
    jason the best17 dni temu

    guys trust me, this is REALLY good enough for 90% of people, this can perform better then my pc 😂

  • Sheba Attack
    Sheba Attack17 dni temu

    I'm probably going to go with one of the xbox's because this is the console gen that I'm heading to collage so being easier to pack up and smaller is a big factor

  • Spaguette
    Spaguette17 dni temu

    Damn nice speakers you got there!

  • Le5 life
    Le5 life17 dni temu

    I got the s and it is simply breath taking

  • Wiz0 Music To Next Level
    Wiz0 Music To Next Level18 dni temu

    I think someone should do a Xbox series s vs Xbox one S all digital

  • Shit Ass
    Shit Ass18 dni temu

    When he said the series s comes in at $299 and he edited the apple purchase noise in it, i think i sharted.

  • Aeipathy
    Aeipathy18 dni temu

    Its smaller than a 3090

  • Chane Davis
    Chane Davis18 dni temu

    I use the first gen xbox one to game, i also use a 1080p tv from 4 years ago, and my gaming laptop is 7 years old

  • sam hronek
    sam hronek19 dni temu

    Look at how well you can see his fingerprint oil on the plastic at 10:03. Get used to seeing this if buy the Xbox(; the plastic gets cheaper every generation. They have the financial complex of Apple, and the durability of a Trojan ultra thin condom.

  • TwoTheCore
    TwoTheCore19 dni temu

    ‘Have I got anything to compare the size to’ Maybe the huge PS5 that’s literally a foot away from you.

  • RamboLambo
    RamboLambo19 dni temu

    my video wont load wtaf

  • dan daniel
    dan daniel20 dni temu

    That's wat she said

  • Lil Opsis
    Lil Opsis20 dni temu

    To be honest I like the xbox design

  • Mikhail Kapralov
    Mikhail Kapralov20 dni temu

    I'm not a console gamer, but i like to play games on my pc and phone, mostly indie games. So I believe that Xbox Series S is perfect entry console for me.

  • Chute mi
    Chute mi20 dni temu

    well shit, now we cant call the xbox bigger than our futures

  • Eduard A. Costache
    Eduard A. Costache20 dni temu

    anyone knows how much are the games gonna cost and if you can buy old ones to play with it?

  • Jeovanny Lomeli
    Jeovanny Lomeli20 dni temu

    Both consoles are great. I’m sticking with Microsoft due to being able to play previous games.

  • Brent.2017
    Brent.201720 dni temu

    You must be one of those Sony fans? Complaining that the Xbox still uses batteries? What do you think is in the Playstation controller, it's an overpriced proprietary battery. What Xbox does is a HUGE benefit allowing you to use whatever you want for batteries.

  • Lil_jay 1ßix3rd
    Lil_jay 1ßix3rd20 dni temu

    So when can I get one of those 100 iphone 12s?

  • Joe W
    Joe W21 dzień temu

    Would a 4TB USB Seagate storage expansion work with this console? Or just something designed for the designated expansion slot on the back?

  • nightCity
    nightCity21 dzień temu

    meanwhile in india we have to pay almost $500 for the series s...

  • Antonio Pillon
    Antonio Pillon21 dzień temu

    Microsoft over here still using AA batteries keeping Duracell in business, now that’s a true bro 😤

  • Exlipse
    Exlipse21 dzień temu

    WhO eLsE wAnTs ThE fRiDgE

  • Raheem Mcdermott
    Raheem Mcdermott21 dzień temu

    So we not just gonna stand the series s up next to the ps5 thats right over there???

  • Sir. Beast34
    Sir. Beast3421 dzień temu

    I say the white

  • Anirox
    Anirox21 dzień temu

    I'm one of those people that enjoys double A batteries

  • NorthDaProducer
    NorthDaProducer22 dni temu

    How has nobody mentioned the amount of fingerprints on that Series X? It's a smidge smudged

  • Jochen Bullerjahn

    Jochen Bullerjahn

    15 dni temu

    @NorthDaProducer I'd never take that beast anywhere. But if you do, wiping it down with a moist cloth should take care of those fingerprints. ;-)

  • NorthDaProducer


    15 dni temu

    @Jochen Bullerjahn that's a great point I didn't actually think about that, but there are times that you might bring your console to a friend's house or want to move it to clean or dust behind it. I guess you could always wear gloves while you do those things, but I myself have never been a fan of gloss finish on anything really. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jochen Bullerjahn

    Jochen Bullerjahn

    15 dni temu

    Yeah, not great. Then again, how often do you touch it after setting it up? I don't think the PS5's glossy black bits are gonna fare any better.

  • David Mejia Cabrera
    David Mejia Cabrera22 dni temu

    i dont have money but my brother will buy me this if i get all A by black friday i have a f in some class edited: a really good video

  • Always Decent
    Always Decent22 dni temu

    I wana buy this for no reason. I have a pc

  • Menelisi Dlamini
    Menelisi Dlamini22 dni temu

    Two words “Haptic Feedback”. I’m gone

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell22 dni temu

    I ma buy it

  • Curd Turd
    Curd Turd22 dni temu

    I would get one of the xbox s series just to use as a travel console ngl

  • cyberfennek
    cyberfennek23 dni temu

    the xbox series S looks like a door bell its kinda cute the Ps5 just looks mean

  • Alexander White
    Alexander White23 dni temu

    Stop comparing this piece of garbage to ps5 or xbsx This is just a cheap piece of crap for ppl that can't afford the real consoles.

  • Nic
    Nic23 dni temu

    Compare the s amd x

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family23 dni temu

    it's worth noting that MS makes their packaging accessible to those with physical limitations, and something they don't get enough credit for.

  • munching cherry

    munching cherry

    4 dni temu


  • Bees


    11 dni temu

    What’s MS?

  • Rudra Ramkhelawan
    Rudra Ramkhelawan23 dni temu

    How is this going to load D2, compared to the series X?

  • Cohen Bennett
    Cohen Bennett23 dni temu

    why do i want this console out of all of them

  • Aaron R2 Spamz
    Aaron R2 Spamz23 dni temu

    I love the white control

  • Claude Cadman
    Claude Cadman23 dni temu

    You coul fit it anywhere...😂

  • Green M&M
    Green M&M24 dni temu

    Bruh that’s a wii

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev24 dni temu

    Thats smaller than my video card how is it compared with pc ?

  • Balamurugan Jeyachandran
    Balamurugan Jeyachandran24 dni temu

    Mmm... I really love the 2 Xbox series compact design very much, but like to play many PS4 collections...Oops!

  • Balamurugan Jeyachandran
    Balamurugan Jeyachandran24 dni temu

    In my opinion a AA battery option is better (If it doesn't leak). Also they do provide an option for a rechargeable battery pack. At least I don't have to worry about replacing lithium batteries after few years.

  • Daneal Brown
    Daneal Brown24 dni temu

    As a PlayStation fan I am quite jealous of the Series X and S unboxing experience

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet24 dni temu

    You sound like Pizo

  • Dovaclin
    Dovaclin24 dni temu

    512 ssd but only 300 is usable, how pathetic

  • Huy Minecraft
    Huy Minecraft24 dni temu

    oh rich boi

  • Edward Torres
    Edward Torres24 dni temu

    Am digging the non-rip non-stick HighTech Engineering on the gluey paper there. So many times I've tried to carefully remove em without ripping my nice new box to no avail :( . I look forward to not spending 10 minutes to get to my new xbox :)

  • Anirudh
    Anirudh25 dni temu

    Legends don't waste time in unboxing, they just play

  • G00NiES
    G00NiES25 dni temu

    why the fuck does the xbox controls still need batteries 😂😂

  • James Broome
    James Broome25 dni temu

    They should have named it Xbox 720

  • Rasheed
    Rasheed25 dni temu

    I think I'm going to wait for the 'Slim' versions this time. I get too attached to 'Day One's to move on. // Xbox needs to get better exclusives & Playstation needs a better interface. esthetically PS5 wins this round. Looks like something that would be in Michael Jackson's SCREAM video.

  • Arcade 1511
    Arcade 151125 dni temu

    Woooh it's expensive in India it's 300 dollars for you but for us it's 473 dollars 😭😭 Sad life

  • Aftermath
    Aftermath25 dni temu

    It's Sony who took their design of the Xbox one S... Not vice versa

  • mahfuz alam
    mahfuz alam25 dni temu

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  • mahfuz alam
    mahfuz alam25 dni temu

    Hi sir.. i am from Bangladesh.. i thik u know Bangladesh is a vary poor country... We are so poor. .. 🥺🥺 i watch most of your phn review i enjoy a lot .. but its a matter of sad that i haven't a good phn .. i have a low pice phn ..😭 sir plz give me a phn ..of thair is some problem in that phn i can manage it .😔 Bt plz plz plz give e phn sir

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx25 dni temu

    If you're going to get the next gen Xbox, don't bother with the Series S. Odds are you're going to upgrade to the Series X eventually anyway. On top of that, it has half the amount of storage as the Series X which is exacerbated by the fact that the Series S is digital only. The cut backs to the specs makes it not worthy since apparently, some games can only run at sub-HD.

  • KO Manic
    KO Manic25 dni temu

    For UK folk it costs on average £250

  • ilum88
    ilum8826 dni temu

    Pc fanboy here