Unboxing The Most Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6

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This is one of the fanciest Apple Watches in the World.
Aurum Edition Apple Watch Series 6 - aurum-edition.com/en/monarch-counsel-copy
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  • Mudassir Sayed
    Mudassir Sayed2 godzin temu

    5:30 i likes the left one

  • Al Baghdady
    Al BaghdadyDzień temu

    I’m going to buy the series 5😛😛

  • kutojika pachuau
    kutojika pachuauDzień temu

    Why No one talks about that dollar on the table???

  • Landon Arnold
    Landon Arnold2 dni temu

    It's a dope watch but honestly way too tacky to wear casually. Awesome video though!

  • Paige
    Paige3 dni temu

    Don't you wear most things on the outside of your body?

  • Hayden Brayton
    Hayden Brayton3 dni temu

    That pos for the price of a new seamaster.... Ha!

  • Erik Gansevles
    Erik Gansevles4 dni temu

    2:59 It's absolutely horrific how they just glued that saphire on there!

  • Victor Jabison
    Victor Jabison5 dni temu

    Thanks to *HOOKTECHIE* on instagram for helping me get my account back, it's super fast... 💯

  • Victor Jabison
    Victor Jabison5 dni temu

    Thanks to *HOOKTECHIE* on instagram for helping me get my account back, it's super fast... 💯

  • Dinu Tiberiu
    Dinu Tiberiu6 dni temu

    That superglued “Sapphire” is > 100$. By the looks of it is less than 1ct.

  • Dr_pt
    Dr_pt7 dni temu

    Lew has Unboxed a few things ...

  • Tanvir H Uday
    Tanvir H Uday8 dni temu

    Mate, you are mostly talking about the way it looks like with lots of "maybe" like the way a typical teenager does. I personally did not find it a review but too much of useless blabbers.

  • Jordan Patrick Hart
    Jordan Patrick Hart9 dni temu

    The real version of that watch would be over a couple million dollars. This is just a cheap imitation.

  • Jordan Patrick Hart
    Jordan Patrick Hart9 dni temu

    The watch is nice. The packaging needs work.

  • Christian Aquilina
    Christian Aquilina9 dni temu

    buy a tudor watch not this scrap

  • prince
    prince9 dni temu

    The crystal on the Digital Crown blocks the ekg reader 😭😭😭

  • Ashton Ingham
    Ashton Ingham9 dni temu

    He said apple is a charge every night 💀 it's not. I go three days with my series 6 before needing to charge it. It's amazing

  • Chris Alaura
    Chris Alaura10 dni temu


  • atzo ep
    atzo ep11 dni temu

    Why do you have a dollar bill laying on your desk?

  • Technical Expert
    Technical Expert12 dni temu

    *0.1% people who are helping me reach 1k may your parents live more then 100 years with good health God Bless Them* 💝

  • Santiago García
    Santiago García12 dni temu

    In 4 years there will be no watchOS updates for this device.

  • Thomas Belle
    Thomas Belle13 dni temu

    Garmin Venu sq, 6 days battery life with constant heart rate monitoring, full smartphone notifications, and pulse ox tracking running while sleeping. $250 CAD for the non music edition, $320 for the music edition. By far the best performer and value out of all these three..

  • miles miller
    miles miller13 dni temu

    So basically rich people who want a sapphire on their Apple Watch aren’t allowed to run ecg’s on their watch lol

  • Jayacurtzy
    Jayacurtzy14 dni temu

    I honestly would love to have the phones and watches that they dont want no more.. i dont mind the dents and scratches .. as long as i can try to have those .. *sighs*

  • Vansh Singhal
    Vansh Singhal15 dni temu

    Technical guruji got this earlier

  • Zivka Stankovic
    Zivka Stankovic15 dni temu

    I use Huawei GT2, has an abnormally precise sleep tracker and my battery lasts for about 13-15 days. I charge him once every two weeks, while I'm taking a shower. With the fast charger, it takes about an hour for it to be at 100%.

  • Zivka Stankovic

    Zivka Stankovic

    15 dni temu

    And yes, it had the o2 sensor for about 6 months now, maybe even more.

  • Rapilol
    Rapilol17 dni temu

    actually it looks cheap

  • marcel151
    marcel15117 dni temu

    That expensive watch and not including a stainless steel charger?

  • Madhvendra Chouhan
    Madhvendra Chouhan19 dni temu

    No wonder why he used to carry a pocket knife during his youth.......(To unbox something )

    RISHABH BHARDWAJ19 dni temu

    Our technical Guruji has better than this👍👍😁😉😉

  • Shawn James
    Shawn James19 dni temu

    It's an awesome watch to say the least!!! 💙💙💙💙 I'm feeling the Gold on that watch!!!!

  • vashishtha neeraj
    vashishtha neeraj19 dni temu

    Why you had a pocket knife when you were young Lewi 🤣🧐

    DUBSOFWEST VR620 dni temu

    Where can I get the oppo watch

  • Ambers Blessed
    Ambers Blessed20 dni temu

    _/ liked

  • Ryan Challender
    Ryan Challender20 dni temu

    I know this is dumb, but was anyone else weirdly bothered by the fingerprints on the side of the black box around the 0:24 second mark 😂!? My OCD just made my eyes immediately zero in on those tiny unimportant smudges 😂!

  • AndrewRaidz
    AndrewRaidz21 dzień temu

    not sure how i got this video to play

  • Jack and Canon
    Jack and Canon22 dni temu

    All that and no stainless steel charging puck?!

  • TTVAmir .B
    TTVAmir .B22 dni temu

    5:35 says 69 on fitbit

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams22 dni temu

    This watch is hideous.

  • Nate Kwezi
    Nate Kwezi22 dni temu

    It's kinda ugly tbh

  • azehtor 06
    azehtor 0623 dni temu

    This video is funny 😂 , you have beautiful hands so any watch will suit you 😊

  • Alvaro Aguilar Chacon
    Alvaro Aguilar Chacon23 dni temu

    Make a give a way of this 😂

  • Lil_jay 1ßix3rd
    Lil_jay 1ßix3rd23 dni temu

    So when can I get one of those 100 iphone 12s?

  • Ahmad Ebadi
    Ahmad Ebadi23 dni temu

    Same shit , they just throw dust on stupid rich people eyes and grab their money by the name of innovation lmao 😂

  • Jayden renold
    Jayden renold24 dni temu


  • Mohsin Imtiaz
    Mohsin Imtiaz24 dni temu

    ❤️ ❤️

  • STEVEN YANG 2003
    STEVEN YANG 200324 dni temu


  • itdlv
    itdlv24 dni temu


  • itsmemuffins
    itsmemuffins24 dni temu

    Doesn’t even come the the sapphire screen… 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • FLBT
    FLBT24 dni temu

    this is the first luxury apple product redesign that I've actually thought was beautiful

  • Nico
    Nico25 dni temu

    this watch looks like donald trump's version of premium

  • Jermzzz
    Jermzzz25 dni temu

    iPhone is getting worse...🙄

  • slonekettering25
    slonekettering2525 dni temu

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks terrible?

  • Amazing Home Experiments
    Amazing Home Experiments25 dni temu


  • crystalytte __
    crystalytte __25 dni temu

    That's probably worth more than my life

  • MKBHD Bangla Version
    MKBHD Bangla Version25 dni temu

    love it

  • Theodore.P Scarborough
    Theodore.P Scarborough25 dni temu

    Since you have all types of watches can I have the Apple 6 Watch.

  • Diego Cella
    Diego Cella25 dni temu

    Try the Garmin series

  • Claude Cadman
    Claude Cadman26 dni temu

    It's expensive but the design is ugly.

  • nirandrado
    nirandrado26 dni temu


  • Ranjeet Singh
    Ranjeet Singh26 dni temu

    Feeling jealous now😭😭

  • Gurdeep singh
    Gurdeep singh26 dni temu

    Wonderful watch 😎😍

  • Kabir Dhaliwal
    Kabir Dhaliwal26 dni temu

    Series 6 is taking it to the next level

  • Kshitij Vijay
    Kshitij Vijay26 dni temu

    I actually prefer a normal Apple Watch than this

    JISHNU K26 dni temu

    What the kind of luxury is that?

  • Charles S. Go
    Charles S. Go26 dni temu

    Imagine buying something that would get old in a year

  • Michael Soussan
    Michael Soussan26 dni temu

    Okay so all that money for fancy watch - where’s the fancy gold charger? 🧐

  • Raed Gazal
    Raed Gazal26 dni temu

    So this channel is getting boring who agrees ? I love this guy but really he was more fun to watch, compare the videos from 2019 - 2020 and you will definitely see the difference , if he keeps going like that he will lose more subscribers , really sad..

  • slientkill li
    slientkill li26 dni temu

    This is just hideous.

  • Mark Messerian
    Mark Messerian26 dni temu

    pixel 5 :)

  • ArSonGames
    ArSonGames26 dni temu

    MAN, check out the Skull versions, yikes.

  • gaber Tonno
    gaber Tonno26 dni temu

    Naaah i train quite often and i can not charge my apple watch for more than a day and a half

  • porto roc
    porto roc27 dni temu

    And that’s how you lose $2800 imagine having it on your wrist and it breaks off 13:05

  • isaac bozeman
    isaac bozeman27 dni temu

    Can I get one I want to Surprise my mom

  • 张梦洁
    张梦洁27 dni temu

    Lord 🙏🙏🙏 I need this 😭😭 but don't actually have funds

  • J-kwon 598
    J-kwon 59827 dni temu

    Unbox a Amazfit bip s

  • yoyo honey
    yoyo honey27 dni temu

    Please unbox micromax in 1 note

  • Kaustubh Narkar
    Kaustubh Narkar27 dni temu

    I would rather buy Omega seamaster diver 300 007 edition✨

  • C S
    C S27 dni temu


  • Ezarul Sempoi
    Ezarul Sempoi27 dni temu

    Nahhh. I'm prefer Amazfit more

  • Nico Mcdowall
    Nico Mcdowall27 dni temu

    Plz review the HomePod mini plz

  • Arthur Drury
    Arthur Drury27 dni temu

    when are you doing the Surface Laptop Go?

  • Adam Gasper
    Adam Gasper27 dni temu

    It’s clear who that company is gearing their merch towards....people like cam newton...people who have more money than intelligence.

  • Ds Dreamer4200
    Ds Dreamer420027 dni temu

    I love watching unboxed therapy it gives me more insight on the latest technology. Love it

  • Ali AlJoaan
    Ali AlJoaan27 dni temu

    That one ugly watch

  • Arcade 1511
    Arcade 151127 dni temu

    Who all are from India 😀😀😀

  • Arcade 1511
    Arcade 151127 dni temu

    Hey unbox therapy glad you spoke about the iPhone 12 price in India actually it's not only iPhones it's about other devices too like maybe consoles may be the ps5 too it's price in India is ₹ 50000 ( blue ray edition ) which is 676 $(USD) I hope your eyes flash on this comment and respond too 😀😀😉🙂❤️

  • Miz
    Miz27 dni temu

    Do a comparison of the Samsung W21 vs Galaxy Fold 2

  • Mason Truss
    Mason Truss27 dni temu

    Its cool to wear the hoodie to cover up the Garmin watch or Polaris watch he has on already

  • Not Sus
    Not Sus27 dni temu

    Wait..... the sapphire covers the ECG, rendering it useless. WHY?

  • Gustavo22R
    Gustavo22R27 dni temu

    Where is iPhone 12 pro max ?

  • Jayraj Patil
    Jayraj Patil28 dni temu

    For viewers unbox MICROMAX Mobile 1b and Note 1

  • Antawn Kingdom
    Antawn Kingdom28 dni temu

    now that's nice to have to showoff to your classmates

  • Matt R
    Matt R28 dni temu

    Hes gonna have to stop saying tremendous our else his skin is gonna start turning orange

  • mahfuz alam
    mahfuz alam28 dni temu

    Hi sir.. i am from Bangladesh.. i thik u know Bangladesh is a vary poor country... We are so poor. .. 🥺🥺 i watch most of your phn review i enjoy a lot .. but its a matter of sad that i haven't a good phn .. i have a low pice phn ..😭 sir plz give me a phn ..of thair is some problem in that phn i can manage it .😔 Bt plz plz plz give e phn sir

  • mahfuz alam
    mahfuz alam28 dni temu

    Hi sir.. i am from Bangladesh.. i thik u know Bangladesh is a vary poor country... We are so poor. .. 🥺🥺 i watch most of your phn review i enjoy a lot .. but its a matter of sad that i haven't a good phn .. i have a low pice phn ..😭 sir plz give me a phn ..of thair is some problem in that phn i can manage it .😔 Bt plz plz plz give e phn sir

  • mister kk
    mister kk28 dni temu

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper..........??

  • Dustin Estevez
    Dustin Estevez28 dni temu

    yo do you keep that as well?

    CVNIS28 dni temu

    This is really, really terrible.