Unboxing the Apple Mask

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Here it is.. The official Apple mask.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy2 miesięcy temu

    Latercase - latercase.com

  • kasamse Delhi

    kasamse Delhi

    11 dni temu

    I hate made in China 🇨🇳 product

  • Navin Rathod

    Navin Rathod

    14 dni temu

    Sir can you please tell me what's the price of apple mask in California?? Because I live in india

  • Vijay Muvva

    Vijay Muvva

    15 dni temu

    Its fake

  • Suaird


    25 dni temu


  • Suaird


    25 dni temu


  • Ria Ed
    Ria Ed12 minut temu

    I have this same design of mask, Korean made, it is a very good design and fits snugly.

  • shots fired
    shots fired3 godzin temu

    At first, I have unconciously expected that you won't even speak on this video again. A little disappointed here but, okay! 🤷‍♂️

  • BallOfBalls
    BallOfBalls6 godzin temu

    Yo wtf, Apple went too far

  • futureway
    futureway6 godzin temu

    I can’t believe I just watched a mask unboxing...

  • lord arpvc
    lord arpvc9 godzin temu

    its a very common design

  • Solfurosツ
    Solfurosツ9 godzin temu

    Did you know the bigger hairs on your mask can impede on the functionality of the mask

  • Bowcaster 79
    Bowcaster 7910 godzin temu

    This is 🧢 right?

  • moyashisoba
    moyashisoba16 godzin temu

    LOL, they just used a normal mask design for ffp2 and ffp3 masks and people think it's a new Apple design. :D

    HAJJI19 godzin temu

    Where to buy

  • Brandan Mack
    Brandan Mack20 godzin temu

    Can I use it to unlock my iMac? 🤣

  • Pieciss
    Pieciss21 godzinę temu

    Looks like a women’s pad that they use for those days😂

  • janne komulainen
    janne komulainen22 godzin temu

    11:04 Dude!! Where is your Apple Mask??

  • galgogergo
    galgogergo22 godzin temu

    Literally - can I buy this somewhere? Pls give me a link if it's available!

  • Has Nizzie
    Has NizzieDzień temu

    It called iMask

  • saketh p
    saketh pDzień temu

    Price of one molecule included in the price. Other molecules to be sold seperately. Other molecules: 6178372894727849727947627977929747929937472894778292948757289293757728298475771938757 *7188477479298477839287478282$ Wallet = 💥Boom

  • Exotic Gaming
    Exotic GamingDzień temu

    Its the best mask ever,starting at just 999.

  • Mr. Kay
    Mr. KayDzień temu

    Everytime you think "Apple couldn't fool people even more" they put one on top :D It's a simple, reusable mask. You can buy them for a few dollars. Even the hooks. But comparing those to a simple medical one-way mask makes this video even more ridiculous.

  • Clark Gaming
    Clark GamingDzień temu

    China: Lets Make Covid 19 Apple: Lets Make A Apple Mask China:

  • fr33ze
    fr33zeDzień temu

    It looks like something my mom knitted

  • fr33ze
    fr33zeDzień temu

    Wait... it’s an actual thing?

  • TheBadEraLover89
    TheBadEraLover89Dzień temu

    for some reason..........I dont trust the Apple Mask...I mean, why would you buy a ridiculous expensive mask if you can get one at the dollar store that has the exact same purpose? Apple products should be Electronics ONLY not a Stupid Mask....

  • Lynzie Vlogs
    Lynzie VlogsDzień temu

    Nice one brod, thanks for sharing this video w/ us, your new friend here...im done visiting your house & i will invite you to visit of mine too also. Thank you.

  • Ghali Stard
    Ghali StardDzień temu

    2020 :mask 2035: oxygen for only 200 dollar per littre

  • Peter Gordon
    Peter GordonDzień temu

    Why post this as its not on sale. Waste of bandwidth. But if Apple starts selling them the isheep will pay $100 each.

  • Pangerwati Ozukum
    Pangerwati OzukumDzień temu

    This is very similar to kn95 masks

  • Chance B
    Chance BDzień temu

    Fuck masks

  • s_lipps
    s_lippsDzień temu

    Here’s a cookie 🍪

  • CrAcKeD Armaan
    CrAcKeD ArmaanDzień temu

    Charles the french predicted the future?😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱

  • Pangerwati Ozukum

    Pangerwati Ozukum

    Dzień temu


  • Marcello AC
    Marcello AC2 dni temu

    iMask Pro - The Mask For Most, Unlike Any Mask. Filter and strap sold seperately

  • ST_Technical
    ST_Technical2 dni temu

    imask 1st Gen😉

  • Anonymous Vector
    Anonymous Vector2 dni temu

    Really? Really? Review mobiles not masks of some brands man. Get a life

  • Khidir Halek
    Khidir Halek2 dni temu

    Is the mask made in China?

  • Chakri Office
    Chakri Office2 dni temu

    Looking forward to watch "unboxing apple diapers" soon

  • Devin Barzal
    Devin Barzal2 dni temu

    Bet it costs a shit ton

  • Kimi Minor
    Kimi Minor2 dni temu

    Apple is a huge rip off

  • GMV Central
    GMV Central2 dni temu

    Apple used a pandemic as a way to make money by selling overpriced masks.. At this point, I’m not surprised.

  • CRM
    CRM2 dni temu

    hi what's going on?

  • Carissa George
    Carissa George3 dni temu

    Now there doing too much 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Tami playz TV
    Tami playz TV3 dni temu

    Are you kidding me 😂😂😂 how much Is it 2000$ for a mask

  • Jimmy Marin
    Jimmy Marin3 dni temu

    does anybody know when will the new apple toilet paper be released?

  • DaeTime TV
    DaeTime TV3 dni temu

    They have these same masks in Korea at the 7 eleven💀😂

  • Alex Red
    Alex Red3 dni temu

    There are definitely better and more economical options than paying $99+ for a mask that's primarily wasteful packaging. Talk about consumerism and brand elitism. 😂

  • Eric Salinas
    Eric Salinas3 dni temu

    Apple mask like napkin

  • Disaster Life
    Disaster Life3 dni temu

    Hi apple i wanna buy a apple mask pro with Bluetooth wireless and I’ll also have it with breathing air and i also want it color orange or blue and i want a discount on my first mask no battery included 😆

  • yazan Watad
    yazan Watad3 dni temu

    Supreme mask

  • kavi latch
    kavi latch3 dni temu

    Call me for the 🍏 t. Paper unboxing.

  • LIVE-4 -EVER
    LIVE-4 -EVER3 dni temu

    🤣🤣🤣🤣u man tried best 😂😂but my 10rs mask is better than this🤣🤣

  • Efe tobore
    Efe tobore4 dni temu

    W for Apple

  • Noel Bisrat
    Noel Bisrat4 dni temu

    Why is he wasting his money, he could give them to charity(i am supporting most of the comments they true).

  • Bot Adda
    Bot Adda4 dni temu

    What gives people the feeling of strength: Power: |||| Money: ||||||| Wearing a freaking paper mask which is costlier than your lungs : ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

  • Nyema Haden
    Nyema Haden4 dni temu

    I love how he try’s to make wearing a slave muzzle over face a cool thing. It doesn’t make any sense to wear a mask outside or anywhere when you have fresh air everywhere. Wearing a mask weakens your lungs, & possibly causing you a lung infection over time from you breathing in your own carbon dioxide. Which is a waste material that your body gets rid of. The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of only “Treating you”, “Killing You slowly”, & never “CURING YOU”, because they can’t make any money off of you if they CURE you!!💅🏾💅🏾 And they don’t give a shit about anybody!!

  • Alluka
    Alluka4 dni temu

    That’s the weirdest mask I’ve ever seen lol

  • i’m just a random guy on this video
    i’m just a random guy on this video4 dni temu

    guys stop talking shit about the mask🤦🏾‍♂️ i can’t like all comments

  • Naim Jr
    Naim Jr4 dni temu

    Where is the logo?

  • And I Mean It !!!
    And I Mean It !!!4 dni temu

    I don't think that apple is providing every item of this mask as standard. There should be some items of this mask which is sold separately.........

  • yeee
    yeee4 dni temu

    Bruh no way, this looks like cheap garbage 💀💀💀

  • Tharka Premadasa
    Tharka Premadasa4 dni temu

    Samsung galaxy mask release date: 2021. Cheaper and better quality 😜

  • Kruxen Wulf
    Kruxen Wulf4 dni temu

    It’s shit

  • Brandon Waite
    Brandon Waite4 dni temu

    It’s funny cause I have that exact same mask that’s not Apple brand lol re usable five times and everything

  • MarS D
    MarS D4 dni temu

    Been preparing for this for the longest. Sleeping under your blanket. :)

  • Ciprian Ghiţă
    Ciprian Ghiţă4 dni temu

    No one needs a mask, the masks will fall !

  • Doodle demon
    Doodle demon4 dni temu

    Apple has actually done it xD

  • SML Master
    SML Master4 dni temu

    Prolly $1,000 💀

  • Carter X
    Carter X4 dni temu

    Introducing the “I mask”

  • God Friend
    God Friend4 dni temu

    Next would be Apple slides, Apple pants, Apple dildo.

  • Eduardo Andrade
    Eduardo Andrade4 dni temu

    My Question is why would someone want a mask that restricts your air flow completely. Did you not know it’s unhealthy and stops the process of receiving oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide? Means the blood won’t have enough oxygen to carry around the body. Could cause someone to collapse or faint. Idiotic idea.

  • Nitesh Mohite
    Nitesh Mohite4 dni temu

    Please be careful because, "This is still assembled in *"CHINA"* " ✌🏽🙌🏽🙄

  • Dummies
    Dummies4 dni temu

    Nobody need New iPhone or any phone right now, everybody needs the Facemask so it's a business strategy

  • Ivan S
    Ivan S4 dni temu

    I’m just waiting on my case to ship out 😭

  • Weizz
    Weizz5 dni temu

    Health: Wow I love Apple Technology: *Traitors*

  • A.K.A Reaction
    A.K.A Reaction5 dni temu

    Mask=1000$ Oxygen=1000$ Exchangeble strap=500$ Special apple detergent=20$/10g

  • Daniel Hasson
    Daniel Hasson5 dni temu


  • Jc Bill
    Jc Bill5 dni temu

    50bucks for 1

  • vampireQueen
    vampireQueen5 dni temu

    But does it have a notch?

    INEVITABLE5 dni temu

    He definitely feel better.. Because it is apple product.

  • Gamer Tips, Gamer
    Gamer Tips, Gamer5 dni temu

    Welcome to a another episode of watching people unbox things that I cannot afford

  • Shoaib Shaikh
    Shoaib Shaikh5 dni temu

    Mask is already being sold for 300 rupess (the decent one that protect) now this shit i going to be sold fo 1000 or 1200 rupees

  • Blues BX
    Blues BX5 dni temu

    "Made in China..." OKAY.

  • Ralph Tracy
    Ralph Tracy5 dni temu

    This mask is modeled after the 3M n95 mask we use in the medical field. Sadly we cannot find them through the distributors and have to use whatever n95 available, including construction n95 masks.

  • Cat Plays
    Cat Plays5 dni temu

    designed to make you poorer and make you not be able to breath as well.

  • Christophurious Savage
    Christophurious Savage5 dni temu


  • Cerisette Kotomi
    Cerisette Kotomi5 dni temu

    Apple has their own pizza 🍕 box , patented. Not kidding .

  • cerberusthe6th@gmail.com
    cerberusthe6th@gmail.com5 dni temu

    God....is there anything apple won't stoop low to.. no offense razor 😂

  • Ibrahima Amar
    Ibrahima Amar5 dni temu

    Do they came with charger and headphones

  • Nafis Scott
    Nafis Scott5 dni temu

    I’ll wait for the iMask XRS Pro

  • Addicted Polarbear1206
    Addicted Polarbear12066 dni temu

    Who else’s regrets switching to iOS 14 games can’t run properly without crashing music keeps crashing everything is broke since iOS 15

  • Darwin
    Darwin6 dni temu

    “Designed in California assembled in China” “Assembled in China” Hol up

  • Lukas Crane13
    Lukas Crane136 dni temu

    I am gunna get the se

  • Dark Qwartzsytal
    Dark Qwartzsytal6 dni temu

    Still waiting for the ICondom -Pregnancy sold seperately

  • Fcyryl Guray
    Fcyryl Guray6 dni temu

    Still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Mask Ultra unboxing. 😎

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl6 dni temu

    Does not include OXYGEN... Assembled in China..wtf

  • Twinkle Ramchandani
    Twinkle Ramchandani6 dni temu

    Lol he actually looks like a hot doctor in that white mask😂😂

  • Dean
    Dean6 dni temu

    Next time I lose my mask I can just iCloud lock it so that nobody else gets to use it

  • The Only Young Steak B*tch PROPERTY OF PITTSBURGH
    The Only Young Steak B*tch PROPERTY OF PITTSBURGH6 dni temu

    They sell got the mask without the air loop strings

  • Nanna duniya
    Nanna duniya6 dni temu

    Is it made from titanium fabric??? I am seriously planning to buy these. How does this connect to my Apple Watch

  • Micah Chermak
    Micah Chermak6 dni temu

    Does it tell you if you have Covid? No? WTF ARE WE DOING?!?

  • Muhammad Imran
    Muhammad Imran6 dni temu

    Does it comes with Apple Sticker?

  • lemonagony
    lemonagony6 dni temu

    i wonder how much storage is on it

  • Zeta9465
    Zeta94656 dni temu

    I hope this is a joke, americans buy all kind of shit