Sony PS5 Unboxing - The Beast is HERE

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Unboxing Sony's latest flagship console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5).
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  • Chris Ohmy
    Chris Ohmy7 godzin temu

    Why do they have to be so rough with the controllers 😭😭

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml13 godzin temu

    Me laughing when he pulls the controller out and pushes the box wondering if he pushes it of the table lol

  • NinjaGamingKing
    NinjaGamingKing13 godzin temu

    I dont care what anyone says he better stop holding that treasure with 1 hand like that

  • SonicFan72
    SonicFan7213 godzin temu

    I want Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure

  • Karlito Bergkamp
    Karlito Bergkamp17 godzin temu

    That stand is shite

  • Brad Boyarski
    Brad Boyarski17 godzin temu

    Just got an Xbox series x. But I love the Ps5 for some reason. Probably going to be picking this up soon!!

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    13 godzin temu

    My brother said he might be able to afford one for this Christmas can't wait to test it out!

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed AliDzień temu

    It sucks my.parents wont let me buy 1. Even though I have the money to get one What's the point of a job if u cant buy shit u want😭😭😭😭

  • Blaze Fulton
    Blaze FultonDzień temu

    Yea Sony really dropped the ball on the 5 such a disappointment

  • Taylor Loudenback
    Taylor LoudenbackDzień temu

    I bought one this morning and haven't even opened it yet.

  • MaKe It RiAn
    MaKe It RiAn2 dni temu

    playstation took the xbox controller route lol 😂

  • Радостин Иванов
    Радостин Иванов2 dni temu

    Ne 8skamd a sum jato stefan

  • RYAN T
    RYAN T2 dni temu

    I'm sad because I don't have an Xbox. Someone console me.

  • Junior Seraphin
    Junior Seraphin2 dni temu

    R.I.P ps4 2013 - 2020 1 like = 1 good time remembered

  • Jim Vang
    Jim Vang2 dni temu

    I Didn't play a PS5 because it would cost alot. You need alot of money to buy a PS5!

  • Marcel Kelvin
    Marcel Kelvin2 dni temu

    I am grateful to those that recommended cardstore1 on telegram, I am so happy I was able to cashout from the cards I got from him.

  • Kids Pyfer
    Kids Pyfer2 dni temu

    What about the PlayStation 2

  • Kids Pyfer

    Kids Pyfer

    2 dni temu

    I have an old PlayStation 2 from my dad

  • Raymon Valkyrie
    Raymon Valkyrie2 dni temu

    6:49 his face😂😂😂

  • M R
    M R2 dni temu

    I hate the fact that people buy these and then turn around and sell it for $1k. Like there is totally not some people who wanted one to actually USE it who didn’t get one!

  • Circulars
    Circulars2 dni temu

    Is that a dent

  • Thomas Renè
    Thomas Renè2 dni temu

    So the hdmi that’s comes with it is 4K 120hz?

  • Gucci Crimson
    Gucci Crimson2 dni temu

    My brother said he might be able to afford one for this Christmas can't wait to test it out!

  • Emmet Mc Garrigle
    Emmet Mc Garrigle2 dni temu

    Ps5 is too big I dont like the look of it

  • Trevibez
    Trevibez3 dni temu

    Wish I had one😪😪

  • Thomas Pham
    Thomas Pham3 dni temu


  • Gumball HD
    Gumball HD3 dni temu

    I watch these knowing full well I'm never gonna get one

  • Nintendo Game Lover
    Nintendo Game Lover3 dni temu

    Come on Nintendo! PS5 is at 8k and you aren’t even at 4K yet!

  • Xavier Perry
    Xavier Perry3 dni temu

    Watching this just to make sure the packaging is protected enough so when the delivery guy throws it on the ground, it's okay lol

  • Captain Crunch Experiments
    Captain Crunch Experiments3 dni temu

    Piece of crap! It broke down right away. Made a video about it to!

  • Gabriel Constanza
    Gabriel Constanza3 dni temu

    PS1: curves, PS2: angles, PS3: curves, PS4: angles, PS5: curves ....

  • TooSxope
    TooSxope3 dni temu

    I just surprised my little brother with a ps5 on my channel go see it and like if u liked it

  • Da Prez
    Da Prez3 dni temu

    Am I the only one that thinks that the PS5 controller looks like an Xbox controller

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue3 dni temu

    pc gamers must be laughing their asses off

  • MTKnite
    MTKnite3 dni temu

    The white on the ps5 and ps5 controller is a type of white called "Glacier White"

  • vGotClout S.
    vGotClout S.4 dni temu

    Is the hdmi cable that comes with the ps5 an hdmi 2.0 pls reply soembody

  • Kenshi0001
    Kenshi00014 dni temu

    UnboxTherapy ( Lu)..... talk to us man....we need you to do a video about the best gaming monitor with this console. Id love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Do we wait for a gaming monitor with hdmi 2.1 or switch to a TV instead.

  • Michael
    Michael4 dni temu

    You know in about 2 years there’s going to be a slim pro version

  • Adopt Me Noob

    Adopt Me Noob

    2 dni temu

    Yes im waiting for that

  • AspectSettings
    AspectSettings4 dni temu

    I came here to see how large it was lol

  • andy martinez
    andy martinez4 dni temu

    ayo he threw the charger in the trash in the box

  • Shi Popoop
    Shi Popoop4 dni temu

    Feels like I'll drop it in under 5 seconds 😬

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi4 dni temu

    The color is .... grite .... your welcome

  • Matthew d
    Matthew d4 dni temu

    He forgot the controller charger I got one and super hidden

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda4 dni temu

    Honestly why even bu y the new one lol I’m fine with my PS4 as long as it plays games still

  • Raheem Ashford
    Raheem Ashford4 dni temu

    They should’ve kept the buttons the original colors

  • Og Bowlin
    Og Bowlin4 dni temu

    I only have two or three games installed max so GB won’t be a problem

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    4 dni temu

    It's so beautiful....

  • jaimee !
    jaimee !4 dni temu

    bought mine today at work. dont know if i should sell it or keep it

  • Sheenyl Hassan
    Sheenyl Hassan4 dni temu

    A moment of silence for the ps3. It is now categorized as a retro console by newegg.

  • RebelRedShirt _
    RebelRedShirt _5 dni temu

    Lol i bet he threw away the usb c cable with the box lol

  • Jakov Kovacevic
    Jakov Kovacevic5 dni temu

    My cousin has a ps5

  • moist apple sauce
    moist apple sauce5 dni temu

    im guessing your all watching because you couldnt buy one yet

  • Bacon Pancakes
    Bacon Pancakes5 dni temu

    I'm actually very disappointed in the fact that there's no back pedal on the ps5 controller

  • Lee
    Lee5 dni temu

    Pff ps5. Looking forward for the ps6.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt5 dni temu

    The cooling looks like it has a lot of potential.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez5 dni temu

    It didn’t come with headphones or a headset?

  • Samurai On lsd
    Samurai On lsd5 dni temu

    Yo I’m from the future 2090 we already have the ps35 but rockstar re released GTA 5 for the ps35 still no GTA 6

  • Philipp Lehmann
    Philipp Lehmann5 dni temu

    Some people say the PS5 looks very futuristic, but to be honest to me it kinda looks like a childs console, while the new Xbox looks like a console for grown ups. If it were just about aesthetics I'd definitely go with the xbox. If it were just about performance, i'd still go with the xbox. But THE STATEMENT of the PS5 definitely seems to be the controller. It is amazing, it is beautiful, it is what i've always wanted a.PS5 controller to be like. The xbox controller on the other hand... aa batteries, seriously microsoft?! Absolute no go.

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    5 dni temu

    Xbox fan coming into these comments and already seen 6 🥺 emojis, you all ok? Yall cuming your pants over this shit lol

  • The BiG Reviews
    The BiG Reviews5 dni temu

    Wow. Super! I will order digital version if I can have one... 😍

  • Francis Pascual
    Francis Pascual5 dni temu

    But it will last just 7 years and then they will make ps6

  • Stephen Maithya
    Stephen Maithya5 dni temu

    It's so beautiful....

  • Kent Мартин Акино
    Kent Мартин Акино6 dni temu

    Drop test it

  • zaman gillany
    zaman gillany6 dni temu

    im really begging u if anyone has an old ps2 donate it to me i swear ive never even played with a playstation in my whole life no joke literally i ve never even had a smartphone but its my dream to play with a playstation even if its a ps1 🙏 everyone is like we dont have money to buy a ps5 and im like atleast u ve had an experience with any ps ive never had any gaming console

  • Loretta Botha
    Loretta Botha6 dni temu


  • Dominiq Mondonedo
    Dominiq Mondonedo6 dni temu

    Over hyped tbh

  • Rozay
    Rozay6 dni temu

    Ugh I want one sooo bad, but 😭 I guess I will have to wait till tax season ..

  • chris weiler

    chris weiler

    5 dni temu

    It's about the cost of 50 mcdonald's meals.....

  • Juan Pablo Larghi
    Juan Pablo Larghi6 dni temu

    It may be the latest console but looks awful! Why would I want a hardware like that? The future is minimalist and black, definitely not like the PS5. So unpractical devise

  • John Borda
    John Borda6 dni temu

    Question, does PSVR work with the PS5? I wanna get a PS5 for Christmas along with the VR Headset but I just wanna make sure

  • 420 Man
    420 Man6 dni temu

    I was saving money up for it but Them I sent it i feel like ima cry worst choice of my life I have been saving since last christmas

  • 420 Man

    420 Man

    6 dni temu

    I only have 130$ left

  • Gregory Brooks
    Gregory Brooks6 dni temu

    The last PlayStation was black, 1st thing he says is “ whooaa I appreciate this color it is WHITE “ 💀💀💀💀 yoo I’m fucking dying ..well I thought it was funny 💀💀💀💀

  • HL2
    HL27 dni temu

    This video makes me realize how poor i am, i only bought ps2 in my life i guess i had to wait.

  • xoa_ blur
    xoa_ blur7 dni temu

    I’m just sad that u can’t use PlayStation be on this😐

  • xoa_ blur

    xoa_ blur

    7 dni temu


  • Free Life
    Free Life7 dni temu

    Xbox fan coming into these comments and already seen 6 🥺 emojis, you all ok? Yall cuming your pants over this shit lol

  • Free Life

    Free Life

    7 dni temu

    @Jim Pickens Cultist only teenage girls say literally when it’s definitely not literal, you hardly even speak 1 language bud calm down.

  • Jim Pickens Cultist

    Jim Pickens Cultist

    7 dni temu

    Literally nobody buys an Xbox 😂😂😂

  • Mark Pedro
    Mark Pedro7 dni temu

    I'm not gonna buy the PS5 yet, I'm still making memories with my PS4.

  • RosettaTheWol f
    RosettaTheWol f7 dni temu

    Something I find funny is with the ps3 I had a lot of remotes but with the ps4 we only had the original 2 it came with so I don't know whats gonna happen with the ps5 in my house hold but I will get one.

  • Cheese man Jr
    Cheese man Jr7 dni temu

    When your too poor to buy the real thing you watch someone else does it

  • haseena badshah

    haseena badshah

    4 dni temu


  • Amy Clarke
    Amy Clarke7 dni temu

    Trying to get one for Christmas!

  • ゆみい-Yumi
    ゆみい-Yumi7 dni temu

    Is anyone going to tell him PlayStation never had a power brick 😅

  • Sami Ahmed
    Sami Ahmed8 dni temu

    Where's the USB Type-C cable for DualSense PS5 controller? 🧐

  • Kayc
    Kayc8 dni temu

    Me happily playing on my ps3

  • harw
    harw8 dni temu

    That is one ugly monstrosity....

  • Alone wolf
    Alone wolf8 dni temu

    How much for this big modem?!?, 😅

  • FalseName
    FalseName8 dni temu

    I heard there were a lot of problems with the first ps5,so when can i buy second batch

  • vittu
    vittu8 dni temu

    Me still playing on ps3

  • Dig Too Deep Get Stuck In Da Hole.
    Dig Too Deep Get Stuck In Da Hole.8 dni temu

    Sony always do so much of a better job than Microsoft

    [2F]STEVES TWIN8 dni temu

    Although I am a xbox fanboy play station does interest me

  • Opportunity Y.B
    Opportunity Y.B8 dni temu

    Rest in peace my bank account

  • Mario Balindan
    Mario Balindan8 dni temu

    I think they're going to release a slim version for these, just like it predecessor

  • samtoo2010
    samtoo20108 dni temu

    Still ps4 is more reliable.

  • SShootrSteph 1
    SShootrSteph 18 dni temu

    I typed this with my peen😃

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker8 dni temu

    man i got a pc and i want the ps5 so bad, i switched in august, i been playing console all my life.

  • DJ Dang Service
    DJ Dang Service8 dni temu

    the PS5 has ray trasing so super fancy graphics

  • DJ Dang Service
    DJ Dang Service8 dni temu

    oh crap this looks so cool !!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Benyoucef
    Jimmy Benyoucef9 dni temu

    My 👀 on that PS2

  • Albert Guevara
    Albert Guevara9 dni temu

    I'm a xbox fan but I've got to respect the controller

  • Alondra Feliciano
    Alondra Feliciano9 dni temu

    I already bought one, I'm just waiting to receive it.... I'm soooo excited 💙

  • Broken Gamer YT
    Broken Gamer YT9 dni temu

    I’ll never forget you PS4, we had a great 4 years with you... I had you when I was grounded, when I was sad, and you gave me all the joy whenever I wanted it. But you’ll be with your older brothers. PS4... I love you😭😌 bUT I wANT tHE PS5!!!!!!!!

    WAVES9 dni temu

    It looks like a dress

  • Babs
    Babs9 dni temu

    I saw on eBay that it’s upselling for $1,500🥴

  • Camila Alvarez
    Camila Alvarez9 dni temu

    I might just get the ps5

  • Camila Alvarez
    Camila Alvarez9 dni temu

    I haven’t made my mind should I get the ps5 or Nintendo switch i neeedd helppp

  • eve soakell

    eve soakell

    9 dni temu


  • OmarZZZ360 ْ

    OmarZZZ360 ْ

    9 dni temu


  • Joseph Mundy
    Joseph Mundy9 dni temu

    I have an Xbox1. I have Two brand new ps5’s that I was going to sell. I may have to keep on. All my friends I play with have Xbox and I would have to buy all my games we play AGAIN! I’m torn honestly. Just seems like ps5 is the way to go. I know game chats can sound choppy sometimes. That’s my biggest concern any input??

  • michail okeefe
    michail okeefe9 dni temu

    It’s ugly