This Smartphone Just Changed The Game

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Unboxing the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. The Legion Phone Duel goes up against the RedMagic 5S, Black Shark 3 Pro and the Asus ROG Phone 3.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy3 miesięcy temu

    What's your dream smartphone so far in 2020?

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer

    14 dni temu

    This one

  • Rayyann Bro

    Rayyann Bro

    15 dni temu

    Uhh s20 watever is behind that

  • ty101


    15 dni temu

    Obama phone 2020

  • Johnny


    17 dni temu

    Probably an s20 ultra 5g or an iphone 12 pro max... just a big high spec flagship smartphone

  • Sara Ghabeli

    Sara Ghabeli

    23 dni temu

    Sony Xperia 5ii😍

  • themattprincebro
    themattprincebro10 godzin temu

    I have asus rog3 and its super smartphone

  • 1976corcho
    1976corcho13 godzin temu

    Moto g stylus..128 gb of memory...48 mp front facing camera and 17mp front

  • HK K
    HK K19 godzin temu

    My gaming PC have 32GB of RAM. This phone is not worth.

  • RobbieM
    RobbieMDzień temu

    What smartwatch are you wearing

  • Jehank Shiwa
    Jehank ShiwaDzień temu

    dont talk too much its boring to watch ur videos

  • Alexander Coral
    Alexander Coral2 dni temu

    Cant afford

  • ali hoseinpour
    ali hoseinpour3 dni temu

    21:56 its not like you can literally play that game one handed or anything 🤣

  • ali hoseinpour
    ali hoseinpour3 dni temu

    20:38 I mean if i was going to buy this phone I most probably would have been able to buy a good PC or console for gaming so that's that

  • Kimtaehyung kim
    Kimtaehyung kim3 dni temu

    Where u can buy that?

  • Scantraxxxx
    Scantraxxxx3 dni temu

    Great phone and all but damn! Does anyone know what watch he's wearing?

  • Teddy
    Teddy3 dni temu

    R O B U S T

    MARC SALAS4 dni temu

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  • Adnan Zahid
    Adnan Zahid4 dni temu

    i would most probably go for this, love it, Asus ROG phone's alternative which isn't available in my region

  • Savitri Chatterjee
    Savitri Chatterjee5 dni temu

    From where you buyed it

  • Rohith Latchanna Dumpala
    Rohith Latchanna Dumpala5 dni temu

    Hello unbox therapy I suggest to make the videos short. And you can also make it through 2 parts or series. Thank you enjoyed your video

  • Nikhil Shaji
    Nikhil Shaji5 dni temu

    I'm using my phone for the last year's Lenovo Vibe s1

  • Jayson Torrino
    Jayson Torrino5 dni temu

    My wallet is crying

  • Samanosuke Lor
    Samanosuke Lor5 dni temu

    When a phone has more RAM than your gaming laptop...

  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu


  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu


  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu

    Sir can you please give me a mobile phone please please please please please any mobile like vivo and Oppo any please please please...? Here my country mobile phone is very expensive so I can't buy can you please give me a little one.........??????????

  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu


  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu


  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu

    Sir can you please give me a mobile phone please please please please please any mobile like vivo and Oppo any please please please...? Here my country mobile phone is very expensive so I can't buy can you please give me a little one

  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzan5 dni temu

    Sir can you please give me a mobile phone please please please please please any mobile like vivo and Oppo any please please please...? Here my country mobile phone is very expensive so I can't buy can you please give me a little one

  • Ajmer Singh
    Ajmer Singh6 dni temu

    Make in india

  • Harshal Salame
    Harshal Salame6 dni temu

    Heck u dude I am back on ur channel after long time

  • Vinzkie Senpai
    Vinzkie Senpai6 dni temu

    Excellent for high graphics mmorpg out there😍

  • Gnarly_ Cro's
    Gnarly_ Cro's7 dni temu

    unbox therapy i love the sound clarity cuz this phone is expensive lenovo? NO CHARITY oh yea heres a case 100 extra for when u carry me buy it on a shopping spree grab it for your family! i had to rhyme with that old beat!

  • Gnarly_ Cro's
    Gnarly_ Cro's7 dni temu


  • Tiim Smiith
    Tiim Smiith7 dni temu

    Is this good for browsing facebook?

  • Yassir 50Kal
    Yassir 50Kal7 dni temu

    Don’t mean to be rude but why talking in a 3 min span about the charging adapter your video is 24 minutes most people don’t have the time to listen to this useless tech specifications im unsubscribing i was going to do it earlier on the case case but i gave up but now never

  • meglodon bob
    meglodon bob7 dni temu

    Where do you get this cause I didn't see it on the website

  • Vincent Gray
    Vincent Gray8 dni temu

    But is it better than the ROG 3?

  • Aga Kor
    Aga Kor8 dni temu

    Ima get that to play candy-crush!!

  • ドラコイアント-日本ではない
    ドラコイアント-日本ではない8 dni temu

    My dream phone is in your video, and yes its just dream to me to own them, lov you video

  • Roberto Aguirre
    Roberto Aguirre8 dni temu

    Where can i buy this phone how much is it ?

  • Mike Moon
    Mike Moon8 dni temu

    And I'm happy with a mate 20 lite with the screen broken and the battery in bad condition.... :)

  • Yubi Lucilfer
    Yubi Lucilfer8 dni temu

    I need phone

  • powfey


    8 dni temu

    Yubi yubi

  • Sergio Haroon
    Sergio Haroon8 dni temu

    one day

  • Wan Amir
    Wan Amir8 dni temu

    what's the point of gaming smartphone when all games in the play store are shit!

  • fullstar lamin gayang
    fullstar lamin gayang9 dni temu

    This is my next phone in 2050

  • Ian Jude F. Taleon
    Ian Jude F. Taleon9 dni temu

    How much is this phone?

  • pmnisham
    pmnisham9 dni temu

    12:37 song name plz

  • Oto
    Oto9 dni temu

    Asus Rog 3 hi Unbox SantaTherapy :p

  • umer azeem
    umer azeem10 dni temu

    Bro which are these games u play? Tell me please

  • Shahroz Mirza
    Shahroz Mirza10 dni temu

    All the phones should be like that...

  • Jessica Lufriu
    Jessica Lufriu10 dni temu

    When is it going to be released in the US?

  • olbeast
    olbeast10 dni temu

    Xperia play was best gaming phone experience

  • GockelLP
    GockelLP10 dni temu

    Asus best :0

  • Zheng Wayne
    Zheng Wayne11 dni temu

    Mi 10 ultra charges in 25 mins from 0 to 100 with only one port..

  • Michael Heins
    Michael Heins11 dni temu

    Lenovo 💪👍 Respekt Nice

  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan11 dni temu

    Phone of Iron man

  • Katsuki香月
    Katsuki香月11 dni temu

    Can that phone phone beat saitama tho?

  • crackypaki
    crackypaki11 dni temu

    Hi does anybody knws which watch is he wearing?

  • Klarkeys TVlog
    Klarkeys TVlog11 dni temu

    i wish a 1phone 12

  • Robert Watts
    Robert Watts12 dni temu

    What I hate is these awesome phones are not carried by any carrier. Why the crap would you get it if your carrier wont activate it?

  • SkyWays
    SkyWays12 dni temu

    Video is too long. Should be shorter, we are watching mobile review not Netflix episode.

  • Joseph Naki
    Joseph Naki12 dni temu

    Do you think it's better than the black shark 3 pro??

  • The Anime Libarian
    The Anime Libarian13 dni temu

    Why do gaming phones have better features than normal phones

  • Yasin Ahmad
    Yasin Ahmad13 dni temu

    This sax music totally sick,even PCBBD made vids with looks that classy ❤️.. sadly I dunno the name of the music

  • Shantanu Singh
    Shantanu Singh13 dni temu

    Hey, I think they call it Legion Duel not dual

  • ppraish
    ppraish13 dni temu

    Amazing old unbox therapy tune at 15:11.

  • Odai Mohammad
    Odai Mohammad13 dni temu

    PUBG Mobile disrupted the smartphone market in a way I could've never imagined.

  • Mags vill
    Mags vill13 dni temu

    Where can I purchase this phone?

  • KermitBOI420
    KermitBOI42013 dni temu

    When I here Lenovo, I had low expectations, but it aint half bad.

  • Anoof Adam
    Anoof Adam13 dni temu

    I'm just gonna say. His gaming skills sucks

  • Marie Sisaket
    Marie Sisaket13 dni temu

    Please send it to me🙏 Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Murielle

  • Lowpoly Skull
    Lowpoly Skull14 dni temu

    Glorified Handheld.

  • I am Grooth
    I am Grooth14 dni temu

    Say hi to my asus z00xs 😂😂😭been using it since 2016

  • Xeno Freed
    Xeno Freed14 dni temu

    I really love to have one of those but can't afford.. i need to support my family....😭😭

  • Števo
    Števo14 dni temu

    Beautiful Malinois

  • Joshua Kristof
    Joshua Kristof14 dni temu

    1 port for charging and 2nd port for headphones. Normally without two ports, its play with headphones til battery dies then unplug headphones and charge. The two type c ports is great engineering.

  • BusinessReviews Vlog
    BusinessReviews Vlog15 dni temu

    What happened to your studio?

  • Mike Steven
    Mike Steven16 dni temu

    Hows a guy get this in the US? I can't find it anywhere

    YUNG SOULESSKID16 dni temu

    Its should be part 50

  • John Brown
    John Brown16 dni temu

    where do i buy it?

  • Johnny
    Johnny17 dni temu

    imo gaming on a smartphone is not worth it...why spend $1000+ on a phone while I can buy the rtx 3080ti for $999 at release?!

  • Kamran Akram
    Kamran Akram17 dni temu

    I think this phone will killed a lot phone off in performance.

  • Evan Robinson
    Evan Robinson18 dni temu

    You yell too much. It's rather annoying tbh.

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion18 dni temu

    They did great job copying asus

  • jason moreno
    jason moreno18 dni temu

    Where did you buy the phone from? Looking for a retailer who sells this item.

  • SILVATION 71415
    SILVATION 7141518 dni temu

    How much does it COST exactly? Thanks.

  • Micke Crowmic
    Micke Crowmic18 dni temu

    can you connect a joypad to the phone?

  • racingatnights
    racingatnights18 dni temu

    Wait. LG one plus 7 has a hidden front camera as well. Maybe you can compare the two phones.

  • cadaver42
    cadaver4219 dni temu

    How does it compare to the Asus ROG phone 3?

  • Nahimul Islam
    Nahimul Islam19 dni temu

    Lenovo Legion pro..It's not waterproof 😂😂

  • Augure Zera
    Augure Zera19 dni temu

    That's one of the ugliest, stupidest phone I've ever seen. Good thing most tasteless dumb scums who'd buy it don't have the money because they're ugly couch potato losers who don't even manage to couch potato dumb work up to money

  • Rafee Bin Arif
    Rafee Bin Arif19 dni temu

    That phone is awesome

  • Kevin bladimir Reyes
    Kevin bladimir Reyes19 dni temu

    Does anyone know where can I buy the whole bundle?

  • Alec Hernandez
    Alec Hernandez19 dni temu

    How much is it

  • Damon Works
    Damon Works19 dni temu

    Its very robust😁

  • JoColate
    JoColate20 dni temu

    wow, wow, wow

  • Aivaras G.
    Aivaras G.20 dni temu

    10:35min background track name please?

  • ꧁༺just another guy༻꧂
    ꧁༺just another guy༻꧂20 dni temu

    Im just glad this phone's gonna help some iphone users keep their mouth shut from bragging 😅🤣

  • you Know
    you Know20 dni temu

    I’ll stick with ROG

  • Ubaid M
    Ubaid M20 dni temu

    Lew later vs batman 👍if you wanna see it

  • reymart santiago
    reymart santiago21 dzień temu

    What is the name of the fps u play

    BRANDON JARRETT21 dzień temu

    That’s my favorite 2020 phone