World's First Under-Display Camera Smartphone is HERE

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This is the ZTE Axon 20 5G is the World's first smartphone with an under display camera.
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  • Leonard Razo

    Leonard Razo

    17 dni temu

    @MN TALKS same problem for my kids classes huhuhu

  • Rudy Castillo

    Rudy Castillo

    26 dni temu

    They weren't first

  • Bon San Cover

    Bon San Cover

    29 dni temu

    vsmart aris pro. in Vietnam it's hidden in the screen, and it's much better than the machine you're holding

  • Huỳnh Đức Nguyễn

    Huỳnh Đức Nguyễn

    Miesiąc temu

    Hey bro, Please review and rate vsmart aris pro hidden camera of Vietnamese manufacturer 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

  • Things From School

    Things From School

    Miesiąc temu


  • Dr_pt
    Dr_pt7 godzin temu

    it is your bright lights that don't agree with the video shots. When you walked into the 'darker' area, it was really nice.

  • Geoff Davids
    Geoff Davids11 godzin temu

    Aaaaaargh come ON please make those bezels symmetrical plsss

  • MAX Gaming
    MAX Gaming18 godzin temu

    I really don't mind if my phone comes with no selfie camera but with all other features. But this is Good.

  • MAX Gaming
    MAX Gaming18 godzin temu

    I really don't mind if my phone comes with no selfie camera but with all other features. But this is Good.

  • MAX Gaming
    MAX Gaming18 godzin temu

    ZTE is gonna get banned in US for security reasons. So I won't recommend this. 😅

  • Preetam Hagargi
    Preetam Hagargi18 godzin temu


  • Mubashir Khan
    Mubashir Khan20 godzin temu

    🤣🤣🤣 You got it now i got it a year ago

  • dnh300
    dnh30021 godzinę temu

    Tech is here officially now more and more companies will perfect it like the colours but also the visible spot very cool. I think in 2022 every high end phone brands will have this. Apple will probaly be a little later but they want to wait untill they can do it perfect.

  • myexiledlife
    myexiledlifeDzień temu

    make it like battery status icon on notification bar

  • kabir
    kabirDzień temu

    we shouldn't doubt this is an amazing invention and of course this is much much better then apple notch.😁

  • Epic Panda
    Epic Panda3 dni temu

    Not actually but in malaysia we have huawei brand smartphone that have camera like that

  • Christian Olermo
    Christian Olermo3 dni temu

    It came from idea from Vivo 😏😏😏

  • Rpm2 878
    Rpm2 8783 dni temu

    How about a camera in an "ugly forehead bezel," instead of notches, punch-holes, behind mesh-screen or peep-holes? Who decided that everyone wants bezel-less phones? How about a phone with modern hardware, and decent stereo speakers (maybe even offering a 16:9 aspect ratio option for those of us who'd prefer a manageable size to an ultra-wide/tall screen), housed in less distracting foreheads and chins?

  • Levi PB
    Levi PB3 dni temu

    It's nice that a small company and not very famous like ZTE has made something so innovative like this so the rest like Samsung and Apple can catch up because they haven't been doing anything new or wild lately

  • Amin Qureshi
    Amin Qureshi3 dni temu

    Love from india🇮🇳❤️🙌🏻

  • gavi
    gavi3 dni temu

    Fuck china brands products services fuck ccp...

  • Michael C
    Michael C4 dni temu

    I think for security, when the front camera is on the ring around the camera should stays on as well, not just short animation and disappear.

  • KPop Kuliah Popular
    KPop Kuliah Popular4 dni temu

    how do i turn off the background music? huhu

  • vampireQueen
    vampireQueen4 dni temu

    Iphone 12 be like, what?! no screen notch? bleeh

  • Dan Issac
    Dan Issac5 dni temu

    Technology team is doing much better than Apple products 📱

  • Dmitry T
    Dmitry T6 dni temu

    A punch hole in my Galaxy S10 annoys me to death and I'm very disappointed that S21 will have it too. That is why I'm watching this episode ;)

  • Joygopal Bhandari
    Joygopal Bhandari7 dni temu

    It is much better, coz if it's totally invisible then there could be many problems.

  • Ak 47
    Ak 477 dni temu

    my best smart iPhone HUAWEI mate 30[black]❤️

  • Min Min Aye
    Min Min Aye7 dni temu

    User don't look into detail that much, it is almost invincible at a certain angle. And come on its the phone from CHINA of course beauty mode is a must even if you turn off

  • Luxaly
    Luxaly8 dni temu

    finally :D hope that 2021 flagships adapt this too :D and we have 100% screen

  • Shahroz Mirza
    Shahroz Mirza8 dni temu

    When they put finger print in the screen i asked my self why didn't they put camera... This noch on phone is so much annoying... welll this will next upcoming technology....

  • Cheesepuff
    Cheesepuff8 dni temu

    This looks like a sick phone for 40 bucks

  • tom 123
    tom 1238 dni temu

    My next phone

  • Sofi Pongrác
    Sofi Pongrác8 dni temu

    Why is THIS the most important thing today? I can see the camera hole, and.. what? How much will better when we won't see the camera on the screen? The phones are bigger then few years ago, theirs battery are much better. Today don't have home buttons, why is this that important? On the Earth are bigger and bigger problems, and people what are day doing? Nothing. They're busy with this...shit. Horrible..

  • irfan arachman
    irfan arachman8 dni temu

    This phone was a real life version of phone in netflix's black mirrors-nosedive

  • mikakami93
    mikakami939 dni temu

    At least give chance for company to do upper bezel as sacrifice for front camera and sensors, this way will produce cheaper than under-display camera

  • BayBaoFF
    BayBaoFF9 dni temu

    Hey ! The vsmart company grom Vietnam had did that too ! Pls review the Vsmart Aris !

  • gelisob
    gelisob9 dni temu

    "little bit more immersive" -- "less distracting" -- i'm like, cmon man, you need to specially look for it to even figure out where it is :D There is NO comparison to hole punch. Clear winner. Thought I need to wait til iphone gets it's touch id back, now i need to wait until they get rid of the awful big notch too - there is clear way for it as we can all see.

  • Vlad Avram
    Vlad Avram9 dni temu

    What in the name of tech? Zte of all companies? I mean... When the behemoths are still trying to figure it out? Alright I'm calling it here: the new flagship wave MUST have under screen camera.

  • 青木繁
    青木繁9 dni temu

    I will change smartphone after such invisible lense smartphone are on sale in Japan. I do not like water drop shape one.

  • El Burro14
    El Burro149 dni temu

    I wouldn't mind. The screen burn in on my phone is probably worse 💀

  • Ayanle
    Ayanle9 dni temu

    ZTE: we invented first under display smart phone camera 😃 Apple: thinking to put one big camera whit 1000+ mp at the centre of the display 🤔

  • JSTO
    JSTO9 dni temu

    "You can buy this" 😃 "in China right now" 😐

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar9 dni temu

    output current multiply by output voltage gives you power in watt

  • Teylan Carreathers
    Teylan Carreathers10 dni temu

    I'm cool with the whole punch.

  • En Baha
    En Baha10 dni temu

    I hope in 1 - 2 years the camera would be at the center of the phone! Damn nice

  • patoloco1000
    patoloco100010 dni temu

    The camara that hides itself is the best one because if someone hacks into your phone to film you, you will immediately know about it.

  • MidNiteR32
    MidNiteR3210 dni temu

    You should never buy a Chinese phone.

  • keeRZK
    keeRZK10 dni temu

    Apple 2031 : we have make the most break through under display...*gulp*

  • Xeno Freed
    Xeno Freed10 dni temu


  • Kirk Polka
    Kirk Polka11 dni temu

    Does anyone know what smartwatch he's using?

  • Ammiel Cruz
    Ammiel Cruz11 dni temu

    How about Vivo Apex 2020 that was announced last Feb 27, 2020? It has an under display front camera too.

  • Fahaduz Zaman
    Fahaduz Zaman11 dni temu

    I love this feature

  • ilay bar
    ilay bar11 dni temu


  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson11 dni temu

    Would love if oneplus implemented this, felt like popup camera was good(also privacy) but went for cheaper 7T


    And apple has still big notch 😂

  • HellNaw
    HellNaw11 dni temu

    Lol there’s absolutely no way this would be more distracting than a hole punch or notch when actually watching content. At the very least, the color will match

  • Mateusz Krytyk
    Mateusz Krytyk11 dni temu

    BYLT so premium that It's basic, but still costs 20 dolars for a t-shirt after sale... Nah just nah

  • Kamboey Johnpaul
    Kamboey Johnpaul12 dni temu

    I love to see iPhone do this to their phone's

  • i K
    i K12 dni temu


  • Maria Clara Cheng
    Maria Clara Cheng12 dni temu

    9:25 😱

  • The Ultimate Fun - বাংলা
    The Ultimate Fun - বাংলা12 dni temu

    I from Bangladesh 🇧🇩. ZTE Is best

  • Stephanie Hoosier
    Stephanie Hoosier13 dni temu

    Anyone still watch this video?

  • Ana Anaqah
    Ana Anaqah13 dni temu

    Can't wait to see that kind of technology in iPhones when Apple invents it in 5 years.

  • Iandrew Baptista
    Iandrew Baptista13 dni temu

    Apple: Hey, Thats illegal!!

  • Ivan Mitchell
    Ivan Mitchell14 dni temu

    Let's be honest anyone buying this is less likely than most to use the front camera.

  • Faruq. O
    Faruq. O14 dni temu

    *Literally the S10 but without the hole punch notch*

  • Hassan Khan ESL
    Hassan Khan ESL14 dni temu

    Well, they've done a phenomenal job. You've to believe this is just the first generation that means the upcoming nodules will almost be an under display camera...

  • Rednet
    Rednet14 dni temu

    Apple: does the same thing next 10 years The same ppl: wow..this is revolutionary me:🤦‍♂️dumb asses

  • Double Down
    Double Down14 dni temu

    this is the solution that we needed!

  • Michal Wackermann
    Michal Wackermann15 dni temu

    Sill popup camera is better because of privacy and you dont see a thing on the screen.

  • MotoEnz
    MotoEnz16 dni temu

    Earlier years: Under-Screen fingerprint 2020: Under-Screen camera Coming years: Under-Screen headphone Jack...

  • Chinedu Michael

    Chinedu Michael

    9 dni temu


  • Adnan Huzaifa

    Adnan Huzaifa

    14 dni temu

    you meant under screen screen right :)

  • Tudor Vintila
    Tudor Vintila16 dni temu

    Seems like a cool piece of technology, but i still like a pure black dot, or a pop up camera other than a underneath camera which might have a different colour sometimes or might just flicker.

    CRAZY ๖WTFシGAMER๖16 dni temu

    Sir is this device actually belongs to China

  • Phong
    Phong17 dni temu

    Fact: the second hidden camera: Vsmart Aris Pro. The camera there is better and more worth than this ZTE

  • Henry Good
    Henry Good17 dni temu

    You suck, we like to know that phone tach, and care less about in every possible turn!

  • Drake Allen
    Drake Allen17 dni temu

    I'm excited to see @jerryrigeverything 's teardown of this phone

  • Mr. Mindblown
    Mr. Mindblown17 dni temu

    Only musicians can realize the music in the background

  • Donnie Hosein
    Donnie Hosein17 dni temu

    Never understood people wanting all screen. I'd rather have some nice hardware and front facing speakers and cameras in a symetrical form (not like Iphone notch with awkward cuttouts) kinda like Galaxy S9 from a while back.

  • Apegod 323
    Apegod 32318 dni temu

    “ Not really expensive 400-500 “ lmao big pockets I see you haha

  • [TDM] WolfZ
    [TDM] WolfZ18 dni temu

    I would buy A apple if they did this

  • David Rubian
    David Rubian18 dni temu

    AmaziNG phONe... uniQUe phONe😊😊

  • Rusty Valdez
    Rusty Valdez19 dni temu

    What if you put a screen protector? Does it affect the camera quality?

  • Vessela Hobson
    Vessela Hobson19 dni temu

    Seeing how a phone with no front camera altogether isn't an option, this would be the next best thing

  • Captain_Pavlos
    Captain_Pavlos19 dni temu

    or just go with the Asus Zenfone 7 with the flip camera ;)

  • Kashyap Mudigonda
    Kashyap Mudigonda19 dni temu

    At 4:04, right there, ladies and gentlemen, is where you find the difference between an Indian grown ass and American grown ass.. you are homeless if you make such mess..🤷

  • Bảo Phạm
    Bảo Phạm19 dni temu

    Review Vsmart aris pro please

  • brios247
    brios24719 dni temu

    This is so cool, I’d take this phone over a hole punch any day. Hoping Apple takes notes for their next iPhone, thanks for sharing!

  • gabb Nag
    gabb Nag20 dni temu

    I barely see the camera

  • Jerome Belmonte
    Jerome Belmonte20 dni temu

    Imagine if that front cam was somewhere around the upper mid section of the screen. You could do some decent eye to eye contact on video calls

  • Hellan Hansen
    Hellan Hansen20 dni temu

    When Willy did the thumbs up 😆 Yes!

  • Mr Comer
    Mr Comer20 dni temu

    ZTE Axon I hope they bring back dual speakers..

  • nordac parallax
    nordac parallax21 dzień temu

    Bylt = Bylat

  • Tyrone Gasataya
    Tyrone Gasataya21 dzień temu

    can i have a phone :( any phone :(

  • ShadoWolfzz
    ShadoWolfzz21 dzień temu

    OMG We both use the same music for background music lol earth bound right?

  • Mr. Mindblown

    Mr. Mindblown

    17 dni temu

    The most famous guitar lick 😂🤣

  • SonsyWhale
    SonsyWhale21 dzień temu

    xiaomi had one too

  • Plyde Trinidad
    Plyde Trinidad21 dzień temu

    in a few, iPhones will lose its value in the market if it continues to reject tech innovation and refuses to listen to consumers. And transparency will be what the consumers will look for as the Gen z will be taking over soon

  • Forever Kamstax
    Forever Kamstax22 dni temu

    I thought Apple was gonna be first

  • redX111t
    redX111t22 dni temu

    When you watch a video, you are not usually going to try to find the camera under the display. You are not going to "see" it unless you really want to focus and really look for it. That's how eyes work. They can't focus on everything at the same time. A black hole or ever more terrible, a notch, you CAN see even if you don't focus on it.

  • Zul Yusri
    Zul Yusri22 dni temu

    I think its better than notch

  • Sheikh Kelvin
    Sheikh Kelvin22 dni temu

    You buy a phone today, 1month to come there's something better and your existing phone is useless. We are moving so fast!

  • corbant
    corbant22 dni temu

    “what am i a vip of? i don’t know”

  • Nagesh SD100
    Nagesh SD10022 dni temu

    Today I gotta know what's behind the notch, gentlemen that's nothing literally nothing just the screen

  • Nagesh SD100
    Nagesh SD10022 dni temu

    Pretty excited