Apple "MagSafe" Wallet - How Safe?

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iPhone 12 Latercase -
This video features a variety of iPhone 12 cases and Apple MagSafe wallets for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Mac and iphone 12 Mini.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy18 dni temu

    iPhone 12 Latercase -

  • Onslaughter 306

    Onslaughter 306

    11 dni temu

    The later case is an extremely rip off of a case you already reviewed.

  • Peter Hanlon

    Peter Hanlon

    12 dni temu

    Do the wallets have RFID protection? Also think since no big for notes means it’s not a wallet substitute

  • President _of_tiktok_official

    President _of_tiktok_official

    14 dni temu

    Unbox Therapy yoooooo

  • SK4M Gaming

    SK4M Gaming

    15 dni temu

    I'm a Spigen exclusive consumer

  • Forhad Sobur

    Forhad Sobur

    16 dni temu

    Say what you want it’s a great marketing strategy and why apple are where they are

  • Wikus Combrinck
    Wikus Combrinck47 minut temu

    no black wallet! Shocking

  • Shariq Khan
    Shariq Khan4 godzin temu

    Wait a sec is that batcave are you sitting in 👍👍👍

  • Fayyad ABDULLAH
    Fayyad ABDULLAH9 godzin temu

    it is not for sale in Hong Kong yet

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez15 godzin temu

    Prefer my Alto leather case with cards on back and not worried about it slipping off

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan17 godzin temu

    Where can I get that thin carbon fiber looking case he has on his phone?

  • Travis Brown
    Travis BrownDzień temu

    The price for that wallet is insulting considering that the product itself is a joke. Way too much of a risk to use that wallet

  • Se7en
    Se7enDzień temu

    Iphone can sell dog shit and charge it $1000 and people will still buy it.

  • YooryYoory
    YooryYoory2 dni temu

    For the haters, you may hate all you want and you can shove your opinion in my MageSafe Wallet.

  • heathengypsy
    heathengypsy2 dni temu

    We have digital ID in Australia too, I’m really surprised you don’t have it in the states?

  • Simon Hardy
    Simon Hardy2 dni temu

    Am I missing something here? Just register your card on your phone and do contactless payments with the handset, pointless! 😂

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus3 dni temu

    Hehe, new studio. Rich kid:-)

  • John Strelow
    John Strelow4 dni temu

    As wallets go what are your thoughts on a Ridge wallet?

  • Johnny Kapiszony
    Johnny Kapiszony4 dni temu

    thats so useless why dont just use google pay with nfc

  • Fernando Navarro
    Fernando Navarro4 dni temu

    Naw I pass on that ,lol I would have lost it one hundred times just like I did with the AirPods when they came out 😒

  • Prashant Kerung
    Prashant Kerung4 dni temu

    I can buy 4 pure leather wallets here in India for 60 bucks

  • Adeeb Saeed
    Adeeb Saeed4 dni temu

    The audio is not great. I think it is because of the huge room.

  • Zeld
    Zeld4 dni temu

    Great, so when i lose my cellphone i also lose my bank cards

  • Bee Mee
    Bee Mee4 dni temu

    6:45 the way he try to catch the wallet prouve that apple did responsed to his "please apple " mail by "stay calme and collaborate"

  • Christavia_B. Smith
    Christavia_B. Smith4 dni temu

    The wallet looks good but I would be to nervous to buy one

  • Miguel Silvestri
    Miguel Silvestri4 dni temu

    Can we get a video about the new studio pleaseeee.

  • Shadie Emiah
    Shadie Emiah4 dni temu

    This video was made by a moron who does know how to put a phone in their pocket.

  • Leka
    Leka5 dni temu

    Im sorry, but.... thats a waist of money whoever decides to buy the wallet. Just imagine you buy the wallet. You slide your phone/wallet in to your pocket then "BOOM" your wallet(that has your ID & bank cards)slides off your phone case and hits the floor.. (1 minute later) someone picks it up.. steals your info and your money!! Smh... just keep a wallet w/you and save your money!!

    HENIL GAMER5 dni temu

    Like. India

  • needsomefood
    needsomefood5 dni temu

    My niggah lou wearing the loosest pants he found for the test. Little sus

  • Schyler W
    Schyler W5 dni temu

    Literally the wallet and the case cost the same. It’s already overkill for a case, but to make a tiny little wallet the same price? Thanks Apple

  • kevin Amezas
    kevin Amezas6 dni temu

    Mine costed less than 1 dollar and its super sticked

  • matthew hsu
    matthew hsu6 dni temu

    I had used for two weeks, the result is very safe, it never fall apart. I think with normal grabbing your phone in&out of the pocket, the wallet is always stay stable with phone came out.

  • Abbie June
    Abbie June6 dni temu

    “It is genuine leather. Sniff sniff sniff sniff... it is genuine leather.” Lol I love this guy

  • Hans Tanglao
    Hans Tanglao6 dni temu

    I have the black leather case with the black wallet and i LOVE it, has never fallen off once.

  • Kevin Ip
    Kevin Ip6 dni temu

    Still carry cards because driver license, insurance pink paper and credit card when buying over $100. Stores doesn’t like tap over $100...

    NEWYORK BOSS6 dni temu

    Apple products suck point blank 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bob Donaldson
    Bob Donaldson6 dni temu

    Just get a Ridge Wallet. Forget this Apple product.

  • Sean Sengpiel
    Sean Sengpiel7 dni temu

    I feel like the card carrier is meant to be left in your pocket or on the counter when your at home for say and just snap it on when your shopping

  • GamezGuru
    GamezGuru7 dni temu

    why on earth wouldn't they just build the wallet into the case? Apple products are absolutely retarded sometimes...

  • ZLЫ. день
    ZLЫ. день7 dni temu

    why need that wallet if u have apple pay or probably Apple know what there are sh...t company

  • DJ Chango
    DJ Chango7 dni temu

    I like those pants and want to know what pants they are lololololololol

  • nuno teodosio
    nuno teodosio7 dni temu

    Your are making a great job for the normal human being... You sniff the leather... COME ON! It’s beautiful! Your New studio Set Up is perfect ... great upgrade ! Keep at the top of the wave Mate! @LDN from NUNO

  • xking5v
    xking5v7 dni temu

    This seems like a problem for people that already have trouble losing their wallet anyways lmao.

  • Phobos
    Phobos8 dni temu

    Literally nobody: Nose making mario theme song 4:35

  • VR Mick
    VR Mick8 dni temu

    What case is he using? That super thin carbon case? Would like to get one!

  • The ArkhamKnight
    The ArkhamKnight8 dni temu

    No one is gonna comment on the background?

  • armis55
    armis558 dni temu

    My view on the magsafe wallet is that you're supposed to use it as a seperate unit like you would with any other wallet and in case you need to put your stuff somewhere and not to lose it, you attach it to the phone with the magsafe magnet so it remains together with your phone.

  • TrophyTube
    TrophyTube9 dni temu

    Even here in Austria digital drivers licenses will be accepted soon. Weird that Canada doesn't.

  • gap arocha
    gap arocha9 dni temu

    No way you have not the black one

  • london sim
    london sim9 dni temu

    Looks way better than Joe rogan's new studio

  • Dicky_Gouw
    Dicky_Gouw9 dni temu

    Barely usable you need to detached the wallet to access your mid or back card and also easily got apart from your phone

  • Leonard Vršanský
    Leonard Vršanský9 dni temu

    A new place where are you?? New studio??

  • 大俠Gametube
    大俠Gametube9 dni temu

    - It's a non-issue. ... - However, one of the issues that might issue with the wallet thing ...

  • Jeremy Cush
    Jeremy Cush9 dni temu

    Does it protect your bank cards , a friend of mine had his bank pass wiped and killed by his iphone 12

  • Ethan Trenaman
    Ethan Trenaman9 dni temu

    3:47 😭

  • Ethan Carter
    Ethan Carter9 dni temu

    Where do I get a case like yours that covers the whole phone except the cameras?

  • Xbox
    Xbox9 dni temu

    3:46 Louisiana (US) has an app for a digital ID. It's pretty sweet.

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M9 dni temu

    The wallet is simply a rip-off from Apple for making extra money without any advantage for the customer. It's that simple.

  • Balamurugan Sekar
    Balamurugan Sekar10 dni temu

    Waste is introduced because they have to introduce something new...😂😂😂

  • KwasnikPictures
    KwasnikPictures10 dni temu

    Holy smokes! That STUDIO! :D

  • Kokwei choo
    Kokwei choo10 dni temu

    useless ... overpriced... i think is not meant for pocket use. why can’t they put some notches on the case to prevent sliding off. ?

  • Benjamin Pon
    Benjamin Pon10 dni temu

    Why didn't they just make a case with a pocket on the back for the cards instead of this attachment??

  • James Declan
    James Declan10 dni temu

    Totally not practical.

  • Allison Garcia
    Allison Garcia10 dni temu

    I didn’t even care about MagSafe I was just questioning is that the bat cave

  • Ahmed Youssef
    Ahmed Youssef10 dni temu

    “It is genuine leather, *sniff sniff sniff... sniff sniff* it is genuine leather”

  • Josef Stalin • 90 years ago
    Josef Stalin • 90 years ago11 dni temu

    Just get a case with a built-in card storage to save yourself from this entire hassle, and having to pay in full for both the case and the magsafe wallet.

  • Onslaughter 306
    Onslaughter 30611 dni temu

    2:45 it would work better with your case if you stole the product design properly by including all of their design. Lol. Cheap knock off.

  • Onslaughter 306
    Onslaughter 30611 dni temu

    4:36 lew trying to smell if it’s genuine leather over his own smell of bullshit.

  • Ericshizz 1992
    Ericshizz 199211 dni temu

    10:44 and no one literally going to talk about the pink case

  • Aiman Firdaus
    Aiman Firdaus11 dni temu

    Magsafe is just gimmicky stuff from Apple.

  • Sundar Dante
    Sundar Dante11 dni temu

    Apple "MagSafe" Wallet is it safe or not people buy this stuff because of the brand

  • Prashanth J.K.
    Prashanth J.K.11 dni temu

    ! PLEASE READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT ! I don't know why anyone else isn't saying this: Your videos are getting really damn boring. Since like half a year or even longer you are more interested in sponsorships and money than actually making videos which give information about products. I subscribed to your channel 2 years ago coz ur videos had a different vibe to them but now all I see is 20 minute long videos of u blabbering sht about tech u have almost no tech knowledge about and about that Latercase. The Willy du and Jack puns are gone. The green chair is gone. Your videos're just pure views views views and clickbait now. Mkbhd and Dave2d's videos have far better info than yours that too in shorter videos. I'm sure that it's not just me who feels like this. So if you too feel the same please like this comment so that it goes near the top and Lew reads it. Thankyou for reading.

  • Prashanth J.K.

    Prashanth J.K.

    10 dni temu

    @Kishore Gandhi 😂🙂😏

  • Kishore Gandhi

    Kishore Gandhi

    10 dni temu

    @Prashanth J.K. thank you god for replying 😂

  • Prashanth J.K.

    Prashanth J.K.

    10 dni temu

    @Kishore Gandhi 1000

  • Kishore Gandhi

    Kishore Gandhi

    10 dni temu

    @Prashanth J.K. just say bro

  • Prashanth J.K.

    Prashanth J.K.

    10 dni temu

    @Kishore Gandhi why?

  • john russo
    john russo11 dni temu

    Genuine leather is just a grade of leather it doesnt mean the leather is genuine. Genuine leather is the lowest quality of leather which means thats a high price tag for the worst grade of leather😂

  • Bruce Kuhn
    Bruce Kuhn11 dni temu

    First off, that so called "wallet" is to loose and to expensive. 60 buck for that thing? Don't think so! Great Video Lew!

  • Matt Zerbe
    Matt Zerbe11 dni temu

    My question is how does the wallet work with a non Apple case. I have a spigen liquid air and was thinking of getting the wallet but it doesn’t have as good of a magnetic attraction I will look elsewhere

  • Hendra F
    Hendra F11 dni temu

    True!!! dont buy it

  • ritual301
    ritual30111 dni temu

    You finally in the new studio. Nice!

  • haka isi
    haka isi11 dni temu

    Simple question: Does this wallet stick up on android phones?

  • lltheFacell
    lltheFacell12 dni temu

    Loving the Batcave. I seem to be getting a little tinniness in the audio, though.

  • Jayson de Paz
    Jayson de Paz12 dni temu

    Hello sir. 2 weeks ago I lost my phone. My phone LCD is already broken. And due to covid 19 I lost my job. I hope you notice my comment. And I wish you can spare me a phone. Always take care and God bless to your family, career and PLclip page. From Philippines.

  • jeremy rivera
    jeremy rivera12 dni temu

    Do you prefer the max pro or regular pro

  • Nellie Nellie
    Nellie Nellie12 dni temu

    Is it a RFID wallet 🤔

  • Emanuel Sagasti
    Emanuel Sagasti12 dni temu

    Where do I buy pants like that? I really like those

  • bfraz
    bfraz12 dni temu

    Anyone else waiting to see J. P. ride by on a Segway, saying "I. Am. A. Genius."

    RUSTHAM AHAMEDI12 dni temu

    Did he just sniffed the case 😂😂

  • DSN 1
    DSN 112 dni temu

    Thumbs-up for wearing the poppy 👍

  • Awesome Life
    Awesome Life12 dni temu

    When I saw the amount of suffering animals are subjected to in order to be turned into “leather,” I realized there is never enough justification to use anything made from a tortured animal.

    HARSH HARIA12 dni temu

    MagSafe wallets will be a flop product i guess

  • Julio Calderon
    Julio Calderon12 dni temu

    Loving the music in this vid

  • Peter Haddad
    Peter Haddad12 dni temu

    yellow? sir that is orange

  • Adventure Rich
    Adventure Rich12 dni temu

    Is no one else worried about the magnets affecting the cards themselves? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • swastik Baral
    swastik Baral12 dni temu

    Poor me😞😞

  • Bharat
    Bharat12 dni temu


  • Bharat
    Bharat12 dni temu

    What is the use of this wallet? Just a style statement

  • James Webb
    James Webb12 dni temu

    It’s 2020, why don’t we have our ID’s on our phones?

  • Christos philippos
    Christos philippos12 dni temu

    It’s the bat cave from the dark knight without the bat mobile and the tires

  • gquintero1104
    gquintero110412 dni temu

    Only a idiot would buy a mag safe wallet this will fall from your phone

  • Bryan Lim
    Bryan Lim12 dni temu

    "Genuine Leather" Vegan : 👁👁

  • 64 x
    64 x12 dni temu

    why the f++k would I need to stick my wallet to the phone 🤔

  • Francisco Barboza
    Francisco Barboza12 dni temu

    Hopefully apple brings 2x stronger magnets now that people have been bashing it since launch

    FEDERICO12 dni temu

    The carbon cover Is the best of all stupidapplecover!

    FEDERICO12 dni temu

    I don't understand how people get fascinated by this badly designed shit just because they have an apple printed on them! stupid people .....

  • Lyttle Woodstock
    Lyttle Woodstock12 dni temu

    Some states allow digital ID now. Just like vehicle insurance.

  • Ken Gormley
    Ken Gormley12 dni temu

    An absolute gimmick ........why would you need this if you use the Apple electronic wallet ??? pointless waste of time (and i'm a big apple fan)