OnePlus Buds Just Made AirPods Look Overpriced

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OnePlus Buds are fully wireless earbuds for $79
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy4 miesięcy temu

    Check out Lew Later too -

  • Tekin Çetinkaya

    Tekin Çetinkaya

    3 miesięcy temu


  • Layton Mowatt

    Layton Mowatt

    3 miesięcy temu

    What about the tranya t3 airbuds

  • Amreet Mohan

    Amreet Mohan

    3 miesięcy temu

    Hey man I just wanted to know , which watch were you wearing in this video??

  • Curly Chell

    Curly Chell

    3 miesięcy temu

    Ok so I need you help. I have super small ears. Normal ear pieces don’t fit and apples are almost ok but I need something just a little smaller. Can you suggest any for me please?

  • ugetridofit


    4 miesięcy temu

    Uh, how about using the mic?

  • Naim R
    Naim RDzień temu

    My brother spent all of his birthday money on airpods. sad.

  • Venkatesh Patra
    Venkatesh Patra3 dni temu

    $79 - tup-ping ( very convenient ) 😂😂

  • CJ Tabunda III
    CJ Tabunda III3 dni temu

    Watching this video with my OnePlus Nord while also using OnePlus Buds. Both in blue😁

  • Sakib Shahriar
    Sakib Shahriar5 dni temu

    This Guy's mouth is fucking loud. So annoying.

  • Ömer Tiftik
    Ömer Tiftik8 dni temu

    The subtitles are wrong airpods is already overpriced

  • Sau Yan Wong
    Sau Yan Wong11 dni temu

    A poor earbuds, just don't buy it, zero physical sound isolation from the earbuds. Discomfort after long time wearing, around 1-2 hours. The mic can only be used while making phone call, can not access the mic on all the other applications, not even OnePlus own voice recorder! I am using Oneplus 7 Pro but still cannot access the same OnePlus UI as OnePlus 8 or so on on the Bluetooth session. What even worse is the right ear piece of OnePlus Buds have current sound all over it whenever I played any kind of audio. It's just out of the box for god's sake! OnePlus has already settled and making buggy item out the market, crappy software, mediocre physical design and extremely poor quality control. Just save up more and don't buy this piece of crap, you will regret it if you have OnePlus Buds. Past OnePlus 3T and current OnePlus 7Pro user.

  • Brian Fitzpatrick
    Brian Fitzpatrick12 dni temu

    These are going on sale for $1 today. Here in Canada, Airpods and Pixelbuds start at $239.99.

  • Rãndøm StüFf
    Rãndøm StüFf12 dni temu

    One plus now : 1$ for everything c'mon guys are u gonna buy them now

  • EX MIUWU103
    EX MIUWU10313 dni temu

    Head nodding, check.

  • Juan Carlos Tee
    Juan Carlos Tee14 dni temu

    Will I be able to make this work on other android phones? I love the style of this and planning to get one

  • Tharun Prakash
    Tharun Prakash16 dni temu


  • DRWolfPR
    DRWolfPR18 dni temu

    I buy one pair for 46 and other for 59 lol

  • Sourav N.T
    Sourav N.T20 dni temu

    One plus buds or sound core liberty 2 any one knows.

  • Moses Herrick
    Moses Herrick21 dzień temu

    well, thats because airpods are overpriced, very.overpriced.

  • Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts21 dzień temu

    Awesome review😆 . The 1st gen airpods are going to my sister for Christmas. The OnePlus Buds will go well with my OnePlus 7T.

  • AskIve Solar
    AskIve Solar21 dzień temu

    Respect @ Sam Cooke. My go to song for testing audio is Stevie Wonders That Girl.

  • krokodilen31
    krokodilen3123 dni temu

    sadly they just fit my ears upside down..... i guess my ears are too small.

  • Tj S
    Tj S26 dni temu

    Now I want to throw away my Skull Candy Indy into the deep sea... Load of crap.

  • Rochan’s Art Channel
    Rochan’s Art Channel26 dni temu

    When is the video for OnePlus Buds Z gonna come???

  • Bharat Mehta
    Bharat Mehta29 dni temu

    Hey dude don't throw stuff away..🙄

  • Faisal Ameer
    Faisal AmeerMiesiąc temu

    The OnePlus airbuds are wonderful. ✨

  • Kompat Ekkawinsakul
    Kompat EkkawinsakulMiesiąc temu

    How much OnePlus paid you? *LMFAO.*

  • PeppersOnChili
    PeppersOnChiliMiesiąc temu

    Just got these, don't really like them 👎 don't stay in my ears, they fall out so easily!

  • Swapnil Rai
    Swapnil RaiMiesiąc temu


  • Big Boi
    Big BoiMiesiąc temu

    Lew just vibin 6:38

  • Pride Hawk
    Pride HawkMiesiąc temu

    Just a suggestion. I encourage you not to buy products from China if you have the choice because of their poor human right records.

  • Vishnu Sn
    Vishnu SnMiesiąc temu

    Realme buds air pro or oneplus buds or enko w 51 currently i am using oneplus 6 pls suggest one thankyou

  • indianetizen
    indianetizenMiesiąc temu

    I have one it ain't any good. Not recommended.

  • Samie Wandedoo
    Samie WandedooMiesiąc temu

    pls what's the watch u have on?

  • vignesh waran
    vignesh waranMiesiąc temu

    So what about apple airpods, do they seem underpriced to you? Lol @Unbox Therapy

  • Sri Charan
    Sri CharanMiesiąc temu

    And that's how you do a paid review🔥🔥

  • NK K
    NK KMiesiąc temu

    Paid promo?? These suck and are so outdated tech.. U made me waste so much money!!

  • Ambarish Panda
    Ambarish PandaMiesiąc temu

    5:24 what is this music player is it yt music?

  • james dela cruz
    james dela cruzMiesiąc temu

    Try the samsung akg headset

  • Digital Tech
    Digital TechMiesiąc temu

    Hey guys if you looking for OnePlus buds and it's case check it out my video where i would show you the best oneplus buds case with premium quality don't wait here just go and jump there ...have an awesome day ...Lord bless you❤️🔥

  • Mikkel Karstensen
    Mikkel KarstensenMiesiąc temu

    is it just me or did he forget to test out the invirontal noise canceling?

  • Alan Photos
    Alan PhotosMiesiąc temu

    does this work with iphones?

  • Naresha Caitanya
    Naresha CaitanyaMiesiąc temu

    That pairing looks badasss

  • Alex Romero
    Alex RomeroMiesiąc temu

    What kinda watch does he have

  • Monika Noronha
    Monika NoronhaMiesiąc temu

    Hail the hairdryer

  • MBF_L chardon
    MBF_L chardonMiesiąc temu

    that intro is so bad

  • make America communist again
    make America communist againMiesiąc temu

    you scared me when opening...

  • Digital Tech
    Digital TechMiesiąc temu

    Hey souls out there..Hope you doing awesome...Here i wanna tell you that..If you have buds nd looking for best premium case or buds it's self i show you in my video just go and check it out..You love it i know.. Don't wait just jump there and give your opinion ...have an awesome day out there..Lord bless you 😇

  • Shashank Lumburu
    Shashank LumburuMiesiąc temu

    intro started with lew singing a song i like that

  • Anurag Dutta
    Anurag DuttaMiesiąc temu

    Great video but the problem with Indian based audience is there you compare it with much higher priced alternatives and here we compare it with lower priced alternatives (likes of realme buds etc.)

  • Noosa Gmd
    Noosa GmdMiesiąc temu

    Compare headphones with different mobiles ,not to their main mobile

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh GuptaMiesiąc temu

    pls don't sing !!!!

  • Husain Godhrawala
    Husain GodhrawalaMiesiąc temu

    Are they compatible and work the same with Samsung mobiles?

  • Kevin Beunen
    Kevin BeunenMiesiąc temu

    Well oneplus is a few years late tho. I wish they came out earlier. I have a oneplus 7 pro but bought airpods 2. (I like my airpods, but i had bought these if they where a fee years earlier

  • Sri hari
    Sri hariMiesiąc temu

    Waste of money compared to realme Air Buds realme air 2 is at low price and also its sounds good compared to OnePlus Buds

  • B R
    B RMiesiąc temu

    I bought them for my s10, getting used to them I've dropped both once already 😭

  • B R

    B R

    14 dni temu

    @Rose rouge they’re ok.

  • Rose rouge

    Rose rouge

    14 dni temu

    How do you like them so far? I also have a S10 and looking to buy them

  • Pranshu Chittora
    Pranshu ChittoraMiesiąc temu

    Unboxing se jada toh yeh bakchodi jata karta hai.

  • Abhishek Bali
    Abhishek BaliMiesiąc temu

    Idk why ppl think shaking neck while reviewing earphones is mandatory. It tells nothing about the device tbh.🙄 Just makes you look stupid 🤣

  • mrmeach1967
    mrmeach1967Miesiąc temu

    Do they work with iPhones just as easily?

  • C B Taylor
    C B TaylorMiesiąc temu

    Do they have a tracking feature if they fall out of your ear?

  • dead supreme
    dead supremeMiesiąc temu

    However,I’ve been using AirPods Pro for two months now and they are straight up amazing.

  • Dabaron Da Vinci
    Dabaron Da VinciMiesiąc temu

    Unnecessary silent minute of watching a person listen to music

  • Suresh P
    Suresh P2 miesięcy temu

    Should i buy one plus buds or wait till lanuch event 🤔

  • NightMare
    NightMare2 miesięcy temu

    It matches your eye balls too

  • Casul Games Production
    Casul Games Production2 miesięcy temu

    For people wondering, that song is a change is gonna come by Sam Cooke

  • LulzEk OnTube
    LulzEk OnTube2 miesięcy temu

    Now they r giving them away for $40 because that's their value. I just got them. I don't know why this guy is comparing them with airpods, these are way worse than airpods. Looks like he never saw wireless earbuds. I can't believe how much convincing can look a confident yet incompetent person

  • Aaroh Bale
    Aaroh Bale2 miesięcy temu

    Here in india its for 69$ I bought and they are really worth

  • Sîléñt Cîrclê

    Sîléñt Cîrclê

    Miesiąc temu

    Hi there can you tell me about the Mic quality in calls and Sound quality Thanks

  • richard tousant
    richard tousant2 miesięcy temu

    Why he yelling 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roderick Aspiras
    Roderick Aspiras2 miesięcy temu

    I think the VIVO TWS 1 (not the neo) is better.

  • mohammed rayan
    mohammed rayan2 miesięcy temu

    his reaction while listening the song🤣

  • Alexandru Sebastian Avadani
    Alexandru Sebastian Avadani2 miesięcy temu

    my second pair of galaxy buds+ just broked, again, out of nowhere, aaaand,i will buy those headphones for my one plus 8

  • Hashim Khan

    Hashim Khan

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Alexandru Sebastian Avadani Ohh..Thanks For Respond ..its Ok

  • Alexandru Sebastian Avadani

    Alexandru Sebastian Avadani

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Hashim Khan sorry, but I'm from Romania

  • Hashim Khan

    Hashim Khan

    2 miesięcy temu

    Hi...where are you from.... If you are in US or Canada i got an offer for you Mate

  • Samarth Dixit
    Samarth Dixit2 miesięcy temu

    Me who still can’t afford even these! 😅😂

  • shagta Muse

    shagta Muse

    Miesiąc temu

    @Hashim Khan can u tell me plz buds offer in usa

  • Hashim Khan

    Hashim Khan

    Miesiąc temu

    @Sahil Nain Insta or Twitter id please... So i can explain u

  • Sahil Nain

    Sahil Nain

    Miesiąc temu

    @Hashim Khan yes please

  • Hashim Khan

    Hashim Khan

    2 miesięcy temu

    Are you from US...then i got an Offer you about oneplus Buds

  • Wael Badawy
    Wael Badawy2 miesięcy temu

    Hi how are looks like Justin Timberlake..did you know that???

  • Team Heistt
    Team Heistt2 miesięcy temu

    You can say anything but let me tell you "APPLE IS APPLE" no brand can compete them😉

  • Rachel Christian
    Rachel Christian2 miesięcy temu

    This works only in one plus phones

  • Luigi Di Lauro
    Luigi Di Lauro2 miesięcy temu

    does pair with iphone ?

  • Tamal Chakraborty
    Tamal Chakraborty2 miesięcy temu

    Start of video and Lewis singing?

  • Amit Samuel
    Amit Samuel2 miesięcy temu

    hahaha lovely sir

  • pragnesh pillai
    pragnesh pillai2 miesięcy temu

    I like how it became a ASMR video in the end

  • John Doe
    John Doe2 miesięcy temu

    Is the USB-C cable warp charge compatible as well. Would be awesome with a short warp charge cable.

  • AB Fitness

    AB Fitness

    2 miesięcy temu


  • CARNAGE3 Gaming
    CARNAGE3 Gaming2 miesięcy temu

    It's only $69 over here

  • Josue Sanchez
    Josue Sanchez2 miesięcy temu

    Awesome review, i ask do you think they will fit in and airpod silicone cover?

    EVERYTHING2 miesięcy temu

    can you use the new wireless one plus 8 pro charger

  • Sujal Jain
    Sujal Jain2 miesięcy temu

    You are a bad singer 🤣😂 😅 don't sing again in video 🤣👍🏻👍🏻

  • Akki Mayal
    Akki Mayal2 miesięcy temu

    Yess finally now we can roast AirPods also

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf2 miesięcy temu

    Oh my goodness. This is huge. Airpods were I think the only ones on the market that are wireless and aren't the ones that go into your canal (or at least in Australia). There isn't even good quality wired classic buds left on the market that I can find. Sennheiser had a pair, but I can't find them anymore in the country I live in, sadly, because they were the last of their kind. Apple still has the 2nd gen airpods or whatever, pretty expensive, but if ya don't like the canal shit, then you have no other option for earphones. But now there's thissss. Hmmmm. There's definitely a market here! there has to be. Just market it on: "Do you like the earphones that suction squish into your waxy fucking ear canal and block your hearing like a pair of swimming ear plugs? no? well these new earphones are in the classic style, and there's not much other choice, especially in this price range and quality, so, your choice. They're 79 bux".

  • Hinah kausar
    Hinah kausar2 miesięcy temu

    My airpods don't work anymore so I'm there, 😂

  • Tanay Patwardhan
    Tanay Patwardhan2 miesięcy temu

    Overacting bro.. Annoying af and of course a paid review. I own these and call quality is horrible

  • Aidan Muscat
    Aidan Muscat2 miesięcy temu

    whats that ringing noise everytime he says 79?

  • reddy92umd
    reddy92umd2 miesięcy temu

    Lol I spat out my coffee when he sang 😂

  • Iwan2007
    Iwan20072 miesięcy temu

    5:39 - 5:50 - i see meme potential

  • Digital Tech
    Digital Tech2 miesięcy temu

    If anyone looking for a oneplus buds case or cover ...I've mentioned you to check it out my video which is best ever for this buds and worth it..Hurry nd go check it out 🤙

    SACHIN CHAUDHRY2 miesięcy temu

    You are so funny but you are not trying to be so.

  • Rage Quit
    Rage Quit2 miesięcy temu

    There u go Apple *S E V E N T Y N I N E*

  • Rage Quit
    Rage Quit2 miesięcy temu

    6:49 There you go

  • Manu Jain
    Manu Jain2 miesięcy temu

    Why you always support one-plus products?

  • ankit raj
    ankit raj2 miesięcy temu

    Is it compatible with Mac book Pro ?

  • Mayank Rathod
    Mayank Rathod2 miesięcy temu

    No one can beat Apple 🍎.

  • Gerard Ampaguey
    Gerard Ampaguey2 miesięcy temu

    Yeaahh.. apple is always overpriced

  • mario
    mario2 miesięcy temu

    I just ordered these 3 days ago and they got delivered today and they sound great

  • Sîléñt Cîrclê

    Sîléñt Cîrclê

    Miesiąc temu

    @mario Bc you dont have One lol 😭

  • mario


    Miesiąc temu

    @Sîléñt Cîrclê i don't talk on the phone 🤣

  • Sîléñt Cîrclê

    Sîléñt Cîrclê

    Miesiąc temu

    Thats nice to hear But what a Mic quality in Calls?

  • Sarmad Rajper
    Sarmad Rajper2 miesięcy temu

    Apple airpods pro are over priced

  • Ramiro Villarreal
    Ramiro Villarreal2 miesięcy temu

    What watch is that?

  • ThatOneNoob
    ThatOneNoob2 miesięcy temu

    If y’all are saying AirPods are way overpriced.. you’re looking in the wrong places at the wrong times.

  • SubaruForester2015
    SubaruForester20152 miesięcy temu

    Well you can't buy it anymore now CBP seized them ........