My New INSANELY Light Laptop...

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This is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano. The Nano is the lightest Thinkpad ever.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy2 miesięcy temu

    Going to use this laptop on Lew Later -

  • Dadash Saeed

    Dadash Saeed

    27 dni temu

    Can i have it? 😀

  • Raphael Seidu

    Raphael Seidu

    Miesiąc temu

    Hoping you could help me get such laptop. A great fan from Ghana 🇬🇭. Hope you get in touch

  • Xander Veldman

    Xander Veldman

    Miesiąc temu

    @Chamod Praveen 3213th!

  • Courtney Brooks

    Courtney Brooks

    Miesiąc temu

    What happen to air pods pro spatial audio video??



    Miesiąc temu

    @Doraemon ohh pinnalah

  • Andrei andrei
    Andrei andrei2 dni temu

    This is not one of your best reviews.. It must be paid by Lenovo to sing their praises for 17 minutes... And your entire karma is totally missing here. You must do better man!

  • anh tran
    anh tran3 dni temu

    How does this compare to XPS 9310?

  • GateCrashers
    GateCrashers3 dni temu

    I need at least 32gb RAM and an nvidia graphics card !!!!

  • Jovanni Abecia
    Jovanni Abecia3 dni temu

    lew, can i have one for editing..

  • Female DJ Frizzie - FX Market Analyst
    Female DJ Frizzie - FX Market Analyst4 dni temu

    So is the NANO touchscreen or not lol?

    AK CHINA EXPLORER4 dni temu

    Nice good video thanks for updates :)

  • Idris Hammouche
    Idris Hammouche4 dni temu

    I always watch these unboxing vids, and I pray to have a laptop but unfortunately I can't afford one, I really need it in my studies but who knows, maybe I'll have one one day

  • bacintom
    bacintom5 dni temu

    Panasonic has been making laptops this light every year for a couple decades. Nobody knows or cares about them outside Japan.

  • jack laville
    jack laville6 dni temu

    5:28 lol the bios that return error 0002: "internal bus error" that great for a review

  • Super knullisch
    Super knullisch6 dni temu

    Horrible soundtrack guys.. just awful!

  • Y A
    Y A7 dni temu

    I don’t buy from the people who ruined 2020

  • Subhajit Kumar Saha
    Subhajit Kumar Saha7 dni temu

    His camera person is worst

  • Subhajit Kumar Saha
    Subhajit Kumar Saha7 dni temu

    Apna face hi dikhaya pura time ..... So irretating 😐

  • Ken Taylor
    Ken Taylor7 dni temu

    pup Pop OS on that thing and enjoy life

  • Luke
    Luke7 dni temu

    very light review

  • Ivy Dumalogdog
    Ivy Dumalogdog7 dni temu

    Where can I get one in Canada?

  • Dan
    Dan8 dni temu

    On the Lenovo website it lists it as being more than two pounds. Weird.

  • Tabah Ghifary
    Tabah Ghifary8 dni temu

    You missed the important feature of a keyboard: the backlight

  • lucky lucky
    lucky lucky8 dni temu

    How much is it

  • Rusell Jann Dela Cruz
    Rusell Jann Dela Cruz8 dni temu

    I'm wondering if Lew have his own family... Imagine how crazy the options will be for his children to choose from all his loptops 😅😂

  • Kaysun Khalesehosseini
    Kaysun Khalesehosseini9 dni temu

    MacBooks look thinner tho

  • Iron Scalp
    Iron Scalp9 dni temu

    Music. What. Where?

  • darktrooper104 627
    darktrooper104 6279 dni temu

    Imagine being the tech guy and never talking about installing a linux distro in a thinkpad

  • J Kole

    J Kole

    8 dni temu

    yeah it's crazy but this is also essentially a SkyMall channel so....

  • oBserA
    oBserA10 dni temu

    Design, fingerprint reader placement, screen ratio 🛑

  • Dan
    Dan10 dni temu

    I have the iPad Pro 12.9”. According to my calculations, this Nano weighs almost exactly the same as my iPad Pro 12.9” when I put the plain Apple Smart Folio cover on it. That’s crazy.

  • Dan
    Dan10 dni temu

    Release date for it?

  • J. Burrell
    J. Burrell10 dni temu

    Would love to see your review of the P1 Gen 3... it's the carbon version of their mobile workstation ThinkPad

  • Tritron Titan
    Tritron Titan11 dni temu

    can you do extreme gaming in it?

  • Malek Al-Sharie
    Malek Al-Sharie11 dni temu

    Where are the usb ports and the hdmi port? What about the lan port?

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer11 dni temu

    We want RYZEN laptops lenovo what are u doing smoking weed or what noone wants to have 4 Core laptop in 2020 give us some 8core 16thread RYZEN 7 laptop dude.

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer11 dni temu

    For my fellow non-americans. 1.99pounds =0.9KG or 900grams of laptop

  • AK A
    AK A12 dni temu

    When is this releasing??

  • An Dik
    An Dik12 dni temu

    Hei. Check account from MM Online Express. Looks they re-upload this video of yours.

  • ToastyCoffee
    ToastyCoffee13 dni temu

    They should redesign that Lenovo Thinkpad logo. Make it more modern.

  • Dongha Lee
    Dongha Lee14 dni temu


  • Rosso Toro
    Rosso Toro14 dni temu

    Is it inside the athena project?

  • Rosso Toro
    Rosso Toro14 dni temu

    What about the noise of the fan? and how heat does it get?

  • David Sanchez-Orta
    David Sanchez-Orta15 dni temu

    me with zero income and family living in poverty with absolutely zero hope of ending the dark cycle of American inequality: "Yeah im gonna get this when it comes out!"

  • OnitsukaTiger82
    OnitsukaTiger8215 dni temu

    No USB, how do you connect an external mouse or DVD burner?

  • PunClips JR
    PunClips JR15 dni temu

    HI WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF *DRUMS “wanna know how poor are you?”

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish16 dni temu

    Carbon is possibly the least exotic material in the universe

  • Melissa
    Melissa16 dni temu

    What does the nUb even do? 4:02

  • Alvin A
    Alvin A16 dni temu

    bahh to bad this will only be with an intel cpu. but it has 16:10 and i can hold it with two fingers? take my money!

  • علي حسين ظاهر
    علي حسين ظاهر16 dni temu

    اول عربي🤣🤣

  • H
    H17 dni temu

    Release date

  • Jack and Jill
    Jack and Jill17 dni temu

    17:13 why did I feel like Lew doesn't care about the guy when he said "I know". The intonation isn't as lively as when he talks throughout the entire video.

  • Dad
    Dad17 dni temu

    Meanwhile mine 2.2kg laptop 😂

  • Emperor of Texas.
    Emperor of Texas.17 dni temu

    The red dot is called NIPPLE.

  • Cory Hernandez
    Cory Hernandez17 dni temu

    I am ready to buy this thing but it has no release date!

  • azzinny
    azzinny18 dni temu

    The laptop's recording sound quality is good, but not excellent. The speaker quality seems to be better than that of LG grams. LG grams, even the 2020 models, have too much buzzing and rattling.

  • popokatapetl
    popokatapetl19 dni temu

    To bad, should be 14 inch

  • Destitute and Decadent
    Destitute and Decadent20 dni temu

    Um, grams please.

  • Tafri
    Tafri20 dni temu

    watch from X250

  • Lintang Kusumandaru
    Lintang Kusumandaru20 dni temu

    Actually type C is really powerful and solves many peripheral needs. But I think why many manufactures still consider to use multi port system is because it's quite expensive for now (thunderbolts need dedicated ICs both in the cable and in the input). Besides, even if they can switch everything to thunderbolt right now, there would be so many devices become useless. It would turn out from "who use type C need to bring dongle" to "the whole old laptop users need to bring dongle".

  • Lintang Kusumandaru
    Lintang Kusumandaru20 dni temu

    So, laptop technology is pulling other technologies to type C, too. Waiting for projectors, printers, routers and any electronic peripherals to use that *by default* (which may come true still decades from now 😂)

  • Bojan Taleski
    Bojan Taleski20 dni temu

    The galaxy book s weighs less i think

    ANGELDUST21 dzień temu

    they put 4 mics on it and it still sound like trash 😂️

  • S Jan
    S Jan22 dni temu

    How much do you get for doing this advert?

  • Hybrid 225
    Hybrid 22522 dni temu

    I Love IPad OS

  • Abood Albujoq
    Abood Albujoq22 dni temu

    Lite not light

  • Dan
    Dan24 dni temu

    Lenovo Thinkpads are the best laptops out there. Too bad I'm a penny pincher and don't want to pay the extra $500+ for a laptop just because it's a Thinkpad.

  • undeniable
    undeniable24 dni temu

    X1's are my go to in the laptop world.

  • zhanja
    zhanja24 dni temu

    I doubly very serious doubly this reviewer says the truth, he just use weight to evaluate a laptop at all perspectives, false statements

  • zhanja
    zhanja24 dni temu

    Eat too much and not know how to speak

  • Sphinx Rising
    Sphinx Rising24 dni temu

    I can tell it's been opened before, or else the cord would have been wrapped too. This guy is being paid to hawk this product, obviously.

  • Pranav P
    Pranav P25 dni temu

    Why do you wear a cap?

  • Pranav P
    Pranav P25 dni temu

    I'm gonna buy this and install fedora or Ubuntu, by erasing Windows.

  • Akhil John Mathew
    Akhil John Mathew25 dni temu

    Is it lighter than lg gram?🤔

  • Ishaanstube
    Ishaanstube25 dni temu

    The SIM card slot is behind the hinge.

  • Vivid OTG
    Vivid OTG25 dni temu

    Thanks for review, emh light and thin laptop, 👍

  • Claude Cadman
    Claude Cadman26 dni temu

    That laptop is cool

  • Gurdip Sidhu
    Gurdip Sidhu26 dni temu

    apple left the chat

  • pine2pine3
    pine2pine326 dni temu

    Please use kg please please Don’t know what PAUNDDS is...

  • Dai Baden
    Dai Baden26 dni temu

    Does it play Crysis?

  • c Jones
    c Jones26 dni temu

    He forgot to mention hp 360 spectre is just as light and came out 3 years ago

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson26 dni temu

    Lets call it what it is. Its a nipple.

  • Dadash Saeed
    Dadash Saeed27 dni temu

    Can i have one of these?? Your treat😁

  • Shayan Ali
    Shayan Ali27 dni temu


  • Maan K
    Maan K27 dni temu

    How much RAM memory and storage memory does it have.

  • changfan cui
    changfan cui27 dni temu

    What is the release date?

  • Musa Farooq Zia
    Musa Farooq Zia28 dni temu

    try the razer blade pro 17 (2020)

  • Maan K
    Maan K28 dni temu

    My dad has this 💯

  • scripteaze
    scripteaze29 dni temu

    tiny little bezel? You are way over hyping this product, it also has a huge chin.

  • Bryan Kum
    Bryan Kum29 dni temu

    can you do a review on the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon?

  • D C
    D CMiesiąc temu

    How does it compare to the x1 carbon and which would you buy?

  • jigga jaw
    jigga jawMiesiąc temu

    Dude. Lenovo is chinese. You're practically guaranteed a chinese overseer watching every move you make on your laptop. China is the movie 1984. Just say no to Lenovo. Get american and install linux.

  • Hero Great
    Hero GreatMiesiąc temu

    This thing is 13 inch 16:10, so best laptop is still MacBook Pro 13 inch 16:10. Wait for the 14 inch or even 15 inch 16:10 T or X series.

  • Phil
    PhilMiesiąc temu

    Anyone knows when this is supposed to come out? I bought a 2019 MacBook Air earlier this year but my fingers are already tired of the butterfly keyboard. Also is there a new generation X1 Carbon coming anytime soon?

  • Phil


    Miesiąc temu

    I'd also be curious about the real battery life stats

  • Asmaros Youssef
    Asmaros YoussefMiesiąc temu

    Nice video man, can you please make a video unboxing and explaining about the different docking stations in the Thinkpad line ?

  • Tech Nerd
    Tech NerdMiesiąc temu

    Lou unboxes it off-camera, then repackages it and unboxes it a second time on camera 😂 I noticed the seals already broken

  • daveyio87
    daveyio87Miesiąc temu

    Id like to see you compare a Lenovo laptop to an HP laptop for best bang for the buck, quality, portability, accessories for docking and removing for on the go use. I'm a guy that has to have the number keypad as well! But this product looks pretty bad ass.

  • daveyio87
    daveyio87Miesiąc temu

    I wish my work would buy these brand of laptops instead of the shitty dells they buy. i have broken 2 dell laptops because i got pissed at them for not working, while my lenovo which is 2 years old out performs the dell. so now i use 2 laptops because the one they provide has a program i need to use for punching on and off jobs, then for all my working needs i use my own laptop which actually works every time i want to use it. the lenovo also has a better graphics chipset than the dell in my opinon just for every day use.

  • match score free fixed
    match score free fixedMiesiąc temu

    I love this laptop so cool !

  • Diganto YT
    Diganto YTMiesiąc temu

    To the 1% who see this good luck have a nice day

  • John Smith
    John SmithMiesiąc temu

    Welcome to the soldered RAM life; maxxed @ 16GB. No thanks, no thanks; it's as if Lenovo is deliberately trying to piss off its customers. BTW, those dedicated mouse buttons at the top of the trackpad are for the trackpoint. You'd think that a long-time ThinkPad user would know that, wouldn't you?

  • Wayland C
    Wayland CMiesiąc temu

    They could have gone even lighter by only having the headphone jack and Bluetooth and just including the X1 headphones with the package instead.

  • Business Guide
    Business GuideMiesiąc temu

    Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

  • i have a face
    i have a faceMiesiąc temu

    lets be aware that on the cover this little guy is bigger than his head

  • M. Sarraf
    M. SarrafMiesiąc temu

    it's not really a good laptop, I mean 1400usd is a lot for such laptop and there are many better alternatives in lower price range