How Bad is a Refurbished iPhone...?

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Would you buy a refurbished Apple iPhone from Amazon?

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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy3 miesięcy temu

    Which smartphone would you buy with a $200 USD budget?

  • TempestPE


    10 godzin temu

    iPhone 8 Plus on Facebook marketplace



    16 dni temu

    Google pixel because i haven't used one

  • mynameis fan

    mynameis fan

    17 dni temu

    A samsung galaxy s10 for 100 euro

  • God


    17 dni temu

    Pixel 3XL

  • Simon Wall

    Simon Wall

    24 dni temu

    Today I bought a new open box iPhone 8 for $200 on eBay

  • Robert Sharon
    Robert SharonDzień temu

    *hackallproblems* on lg made it easy to retrieve my devices and backup my information and my bitcoin wallet back... thanks to those who recommended them...I’m so happy now appreciate 🙏@hackallproblems 🤩

  • Josh claps you
    Josh claps you2 dni temu

    i just bought a iPhone 7 renewed with me luck

  • Madeline Matthews
    Madeline Matthews2 dni temu

    why does the room he's in remind me of batman's cave thing lol

  • Rafael Madarieta
    Rafael Madarieta3 dni temu

    Watching on my factor unlock iphone 6 😂

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan4 dni temu

    Almost 4 months later and price went up $10. Solid phone in demand.

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra5 dni temu

    by refurbished by Apple…go to the Apple site and scroll down to the bottom and look for the small refurbished link…Apple refurbishes their phones and gives them a brand new shell and 100 % battery and you receive in a sealed Apple box with all the cable and charger … they look brand new Typically you will be able to buy these from the Apple site for about 40 percent off

  • Francis mwangi
    Francis mwangi6 dni temu

    Send these old iphone 8 to one of your african fans man its a dream over here man. @kikskimangoto

  • karim
    karim6 dni temu

    Unboxing therapy do u remember 21 dec 2010

  • Alissa Channel
    Alissa Channel6 dni temu

    Thanks to *Flashcardin* on telegram he's the best vendor I ever deal with..

  • David de Zeeuw
    David de Zeeuw7 dni temu

    Imagine they knew that it was Lew purchasing the phone and they sent him the best one they had.. Is there gonna be an episode 3?

  • Pio Baptist Miranda
    Pio Baptist Miranda7 dni temu

    8:07. Bruh we are still in the touch id days🥲

  • Davint.127
    Davint.1278 dni temu

    Can i pls win a Iphone my Twitter is @127Davint

  • tutacat
    tutacat8 dni temu

    the battery life is gonna be there

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore8 dni temu

    Buy your refurbs direct from Apple, they take a used logic board and put into a whole new housing and reprogram everything professionally. You also get a new factory seal so you keep water resistance. Buy refurbished from apple.. you’re getting a brand new phone essentially.

  • Typhon Senpai
    Typhon Senpai8 dni temu

    Me with the iphone se 2020

    PINKYPOPGUM9 dni temu

    Honestly refurbished phones are not that bad mine has 100% battery life basically looks new feels new so i say it was worth it

  • House of Banelord.
    House of Banelord.9 dni temu

    I just got a new battery so it a brand new phone for me.

  • Musky
    Musky10 dni temu


  • Deonte Allmond
    Deonte Allmond11 dni temu

    The hungry coat histopathologically heap because sausage basally brush absent a hospitable watch. early, cuddly cheetah

  • Luchon20082010
    Luchon2008201012 dni temu

    Such an expected video!!!! I got two of those and can’t complain at all, they were the best purchases of renewed iPhones I have ever made

  • Ed Norm
    Ed Norm12 dni temu

    dude quit acting like ur better then u truly are.. that phone looks good to be refurbished

  • M.G.S Malaysia
    M.G.S Malaysia13 dni temu

    I watching with my iPhone 6+

  • Cuppy Cakey
    Cuppy Cakey13 dni temu

    Apple says their refurbished products have a new battery, a new outer shell, and a one-year warranty. I’ve purchased a refurbished MacBook, and it was immaculate.

  • progamer mdnalds_is_71
    progamer mdnalds_is_7113 dni temu

    My old IPhone 6 has a 78 percent capacity

  • Adlyn Azz
    Adlyn Azz14 dni temu

    *me watching this with a refurb iphone 6 I bought for 60 dollars, comes with a case, iphone box, charger brick, cable, and even headphones*

  • Elgars Stupāns
    Elgars Stupāns14 dni temu

    Why people are buying these nasty, old iPhones? I'd rather get some Redmi at that price

  • Rafael Solís
    Rafael Solís14 dni temu

    Hey! If you don’t want this iPhone, send it to me, I have an iPhone 6s and don’t work properly 😬

  • Peter Rocc
    Peter Rocc14 dni temu

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  • Azri Desu.
    Azri Desu.15 dni temu

    In my country, this how they want to feel to be rich atleast

  • Ray A E Parker
    Ray A E Parker15 dni temu

    I always get a refurbished phone. Don't need the latest and greatest necessarily, just need it to be good, and I like saving money! Get all of my phones from a certified refurbished seller and try to see it in person before I buy it whenever I can. Just ordered a Google Pixel 4 for £200 arriving tomorrow (original price in the UK: £699)

  • Vinzent Gaming
    Vinzent Gaming15 dni temu

    Lew: Remember the touch id days? Me: using an ip7 Remember? In living it. Everyday.

  • Marre
    Marre15 dni temu

    Me watching this on a renewed iPhone 7 .....

  • _ibaxed
    _ibaxed16 dni temu

    Me watching this with a lg k40

  • Kevin Hsia
    Kevin Hsia16 dni temu

    Can someone reply me plz? I counter a connection problem I don’t know whether my comment can be seen.

  • Lopez Joe
    Lopez Joe16 dni temu

    A man of excuses is always full of failure.

  • Maldonado Leticia

    Maldonado Leticia

    16 dni temu

    People come here with the aim of chasing money more than knowledge and that will damage your progress, trust me. Chase knowledge first and I promise! The money will follow in, just like it follows to some of us.

  • Maldonado Leticia

    Maldonado Leticia

    16 dni temu

    Yeah! I agree with you.

  • Brendan Fair

    Brendan Fair

    16 dni temu

    The secret of some people's failure is hidden in there daily routine, Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only do occasionally.

  • David Mike

    David Mike

    16 dni temu

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  • Gonzalez Maldonado Brendan

    Gonzalez Maldonado Brendan

    16 dni temu

    Crypto currency/ forex trading is a big chance to make money nowadays. If you can't see that at this point, is time you learn more about it.

  • M4
    M416 dni temu

    Yo you’re in Batman’s lair from the dark knight rises

  • Lennon nade
    Lennon nade17 dni temu

    the rich kid 0:26

  • izman lukman
    izman lukman17 dni temu

    Well speak about refurbished, im also using a refurbished 6s plus but everything is fine with it. I don't care if it's refurbished or second hand or used or whatever you wanna call it, as long as it's original and works just fine and smooth, im totally okay with it. I would rather buy a refurbished phone than a clone

  • Joey Nunes
    Joey Nunes17 dni temu

    My iPhone XS Max is refurbished and it is like new my battery is at 92%

  • Brandon Pelletier
    Brandon Pelletier17 dni temu

    *In a pandemic* Lemme just slather my finger in the previous owner's bacteria-ridden fingerprint.

  • KrizVin TV
    KrizVin TV18 dni temu

    Can I have that Iphone ^_^

  • Mohammed Forero Bucheli
    Mohammed Forero Bucheli18 dni temu

    how did you get into batman's basement/half alive's music video location?

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald18 dni temu

    nice review of the iphone 8 which just by coincidence I'm about to get over here in the UK to replace my perfectly working iphone se first gen

  • Scuffy The Fox
    Scuffy The Fox18 dni temu

    renewed means they just gave it a good cleen and packed it back up refurbished means they gave it a good clean a replaced the bad broken stuff

  • leonardodolc
    leonardodolc19 dni temu

    the battery was straight up replaced, i got mine for around 2.5 years and it's 83% and i don't use my phone that much, usually it can hold for the next day

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen19 dni temu

    Just use a toothpick bro

  • GeMu Ne
    GeMu Ne19 dni temu

    Me still on pattern days lol

  • Josh Fabregas
    Josh Fabregas19 dni temu

    watching this with a renewed iphone 8 ✨

  • Vladimir Mutanda
    Vladimir Mutanda20 dni temu


  • BlackBumper1314
    BlackBumper131420 dni temu

    I just buy a refurbish iPhone 7 Plus unlock from newegg

  • Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ20 dni temu

    Remember the touch ID days? me still using Iphone 8 plus

  • Jebus Bhrist
    Jebus Bhrist21 dzień temu

    People with cheap phones tend to be more humble. I feel bad they have to use a device that's 4-6 years old. I almost wanna buy them a new of-the-year phone. But, they say "no, I'm good with this one. I always tell them "but, you DESERVE better, don't you think?" And they always say no. My guess is they can't afford the newer models, so they're just happy they have a phone at all and plan to use it until it dies completely.

  • YohaneEva


    19 dni temu

    Not necessarily.

  • Hunter
    Hunter21 dzień temu


  • Grimmz Etherz -
    Grimmz Etherz -22 dni temu

    Buy it(refurbished) from Apple official store. With new shell and new battery

  • Izrar shahzad
    Izrar shahzad23 dni temu

    Lew: "O'man remember the touch ID days" Me: Crys while laughing cuz I haven't reached to touch ID days...

  • Kathy Turman
    Kathy Turman23 dni temu

    Software just as good. The newer phones just have better cameras.

  • Patson Kawisha
    Patson Kawisha25 dni temu

    Just give me that iPhone as a birthday gift ☹️.. It's so new to me. @patsonkawisha🙏

  • Skyler Stone
    Skyler Stone25 dni temu

    Why is the thumbnail acting like some dust is the worst thing in the world

  • Abdulla Rayes
    Abdulla Rayes25 dni temu

    All what Unbox therapy knows is to criticise Apple while Androids blow up in your face and he says nothing about it! Unbox therapy = 💩💩💩

  • Habeeba MEHICEVIC
    Habeeba MEHICEVIC26 dni temu

    so no one is gonna talk about how where he is looks exactly like the batman cave...

  • J Ray!!!
    J Ray!!!26 dni temu


  • Rayhaan
    Rayhaan27 dni temu

    your backround looks like batman's batcave from the dark knight

  • OSx
    OSx28 dni temu

    Touch id is used in new apple products like the ipad and the keyboard.

  • Kingson Taukobong
    Kingson Taukobong29 dni temu

    Give it to me please 😭😭❤

  • COS - Shorts for You.
    COS - Shorts for You.29 dni temu

    Watching in iPhone 6s

  • Eddy Brown
    Eddy Brown29 dni temu

    I would've worn some gloves😂😂

  • Zen R Us
    Zen R UsMiesiąc temu

    I bought a brand new phone once($1000)'s definitely an overrated experience.

  • Joshua Wilcox
    Joshua WilcoxMiesiąc temu

    I think it's funny that IPhone users call us android users broke, yet they can't afford a new IPhone.

  • firsthandaccount
    firsthandaccountMiesiąc temu

    T-Mobile and Verizon iPhones are always unlocked. I had a buddy that worked at Apple and international customers would buy T-Mobile or Verizon if they didn’t have any unlocked phones in stock

  • Henry Lau
    Henry LauMiesiąc temu

    Nothing wrong with touch ID. I like touch ID way more than Face ID, especially after the pandemic. I will not buy another iPhone until they offer touch ID again.

  • nabila huda
    nabila hudaMiesiąc temu

    It's the double bubble wrap for me

  • Cristian Vela
    Cristian VelaMiesiąc temu

    I can’t…..anymore FK this dude

  • Crackhead So

    Crackhead So

    22 dni temu

    Dude stfu

  • Cristian Vela
    Cristian VelaMiesiąc temu

    I’m not sure I’m going to be able to finish the video…..he’s realizing common sense shit, like he’s just discovering new lands 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Cristian Vela
    Cristian VelaMiesiąc temu

    Renewed = You mean 😪, ummmm = Used!?!? What is thissssssss Bruh I used to like this channel, but he sounds like a little twat

  • Cristian Vela
    Cristian VelaMiesiąc temu

    I finally see this video, and poor man, what a tragedy, (at the time) this is first first time using a refurbished Apple Product. Someone please break the emergency privilege glass and GIVE THIS MAN the smallest violin in the world and a tampon 😉

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos RodriguezMiesiąc temu

    That intro was based in Berth OH or what

  • Rashel Ahmed
    Rashel AhmedMiesiąc temu


  • Carlo Yatco
    Carlo YatcoMiesiąc temu

    Based on my actual experience, I bought a refurbished iPhone 8 December 2020 as my iPhone 6S after almost 4yrs of using it, the battery can no longer serve ny daily tasks. Its not worth buying it. Cellular signal are not functioning properly so I cannot send and receive text message on time, always delayad and making calls always disconnects and unclear. Consolation were the rest of functionalities are running okay. Felt it was a total waste so I bought a new iPhone XR yesterday (I got it on a sale and good deals) and now I know I’m good.

  • Karen Smith
    Karen SmithMiesiąc temu

    I do think tech reviewers get de-sensitised to reviewing products on a regular basis, especially high end expensive stuff. They don't bat an eyelid to it. They become almost snobs to us mere mortals who have a limited budget to buy stuff with. When they do a review like above, they're shocked and surprised that - yes - you can indeed buy a perfectly good refurbished device at an affordable price, and it works! I've bought numerous laptops, phones and desktop PCs over the years that were refurbs, and the specs are super at a discounted price. My machines have always looked pristine bar some microscopic scratches that you'd never notice, but otherwise works like a brand new machine. I've never been happier with them. But I do think there's an essence of snobbery from tech reviewers who are so used to reviewing Megabucks tech, that they forget that cheaper or older models are just as acceptable for the average person out there. Don't be like Lew. Be yourself and stick within your budget xx 🙂

  • Ryan Olsen
    Ryan OlsenMiesiąc temu

    The phone is great, simple as that. Looks like he received a fantastic unit that would be fine for anyone to use. It is madness to spend a thousand bucks for a phone.

  • Hakime Hamdouchi

    Hakime Hamdouchi

    Miesiąc temu

    especially when you have other better more viable options

  • jacc
    jaccMiesiąc temu

    i have a refurbished iphone 8, and i don’t have true tone or battery life for over 3 hours

  • jacc


    Miesiąc temu

    @Jojo Tarro yeah, i know whats going on. its a high quality screen, but they didnt transfer the serial number, so no true tone. in terms of battery, its original because i can view my battery heath percent. its at 82 percent which explains the battery life.

  • wagwan6248
    wagwan6248Miesiąc temu

    What are you doing in the bat cave

  • Syukri Zainal
    Syukri ZainalMiesiąc temu

    dude respect me im still using iphone 7

  • demopy
    demopyMiesiąc temu

    that camera looks better tahn my iphone 11 cam dude

  • balla walla
    balla wallaMiesiąc temu

    Buy a refurbished phone and use it for the $900 trade in promo lel

  • shatner99
    shatner99Miesiąc temu

    Wouldn't someone be instructed to wipe it down with some cheap anti-bacterial cloth?

  • waxxdout
    waxxdoutMiesiąc temu

    It’s not about how much the tool’s just maybe they don’t have any 🤷‍♂️

  • Oop MAster
    Oop MAsterMiesiąc temu

    The diligent geology suddenly end because chinese intrestingly avoid aside a flimsy stem. forgetful, distinct router

  • rozi Wrya
    rozi WryaMiesiąc temu

    *watches on iphone 6* (~_~)

  • lee henderson art
    lee henderson artMiesiąc temu

    you so out of touch with reality dude its funny

  • Jed Mesina
    Jed MesinaMiesiąc temu

    Man, you gotta clean those fingerprints first! You might get Covid out of it 😂

  • Mottbox
    MottboxMiesiąc temu

    I only buy refurbished macbooks and have never had an issue or noticed a flaw.

  • Lea
    LeaMiesiąc temu

    not bad at all. more people should go for it instead of changing phone every single year, upgrade your old phone when its starting to give up or recieves no more support, and go for a refurbished one. that way, you wont hurt your wallet or the environment nearly as much.

  • Ataur Rahaman
    Ataur RahamanMiesiąc temu

    I didn't expect 😮 it's mine

  • Vishy
    VishyMiesiąc temu

    He’s acting very out of touch in this video. Concerns me about listening to his perspective on his main videos

  • Anthony Lebrecht
    Anthony LebrechtMiesiąc temu

    First world problems. Dust around the camera module

  • Sebastian ALKA
    Sebastian ALKAMiesiąc temu

    Why is he making my iPhone 8 feel so old 🥺

  • Cameron King
    Cameron KingMiesiąc temu

    I bought a IPhone XS renewed and it’s great it looks brand new has no problems battery lasts all day it’s smooth when you swipe I couldn’t ask for more and I only paid 377 I’ve had it for a year and it’s great

  • Kafi Smokie
    Kafi SmokieMiesiąc temu

    this refurbished iphone is better than my Redmi 6 :)