PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Showdown

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PS5 or Xbox Series X... Which next gen game console will you choose?
The Sony PlayStation 5 receives a completely new look while the Microsoft Xbox Series X aims to keep things simple. These new consoles are capable of playing games in 4K at up to 120fps. Whether you choose the PS5 or Xbox Series X you should consider upgrading your TV to take full advantage of their capabilities.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy24 dni temu

    Which one would you choose - PS5 or Xbox Series X?

  • Angel_knight4


    18 dni temu

    @1 sub with notis before 2021? stop the cap

  • maurice benton

    maurice benton

    19 dni temu

    Xbox for me

  • Bryson Sobota

    Bryson Sobota

    22 dni temu


  • DTG


    23 dni temu


  • Yair Garate

    Yair Garate

    24 dni temu

    Xbox Series X

  • mysticfakir
    mysticfakirGodzinę temu

    You say the PS5 aesthetic seems new but it looks like the 2000 Olympic Torch design, which is 20 years old.

  • ADAM 05
    ADAM 053 godzin temu

    Ive played both. Hands down series x is so much better, solid and the fps is smooooth. Then the ps5 was laggy, kept freezing and jumping and the loading speed was longer than ps4.

  • Melatonin -
    Melatonin -3 godzin temu

    6800XT or 3080?

  • Snallysnoo Eating the snack
    Snallysnoo Eating the snack4 godzin temu

    What if hypothetically Sony and Microsoft made a console together, would that not be awesome? It would make them even more money then they already do and on top of that so many more people would be playing together with no argument on which console is better and no more of these games only on certain consoles, it would make everyone absolutely happy I think and I wish they would consider this idea

  • FlintingSun
    FlintingSun4 godzin temu

    I prefer Xbox X hands down for the looks and comfy controller, but I might be forced to get Sony's console for the exclusive - Demon's Souls Remake, just like last time I had to get PS4 for Bloodborne and God of War. I hate doing that because Xbox looks better in my opinion and has a game pass, so at the end of the day, I will get a less liked console which is PS5. This is how Sony spoiled my holiday season. Negative? Yes, but rightly so.

  • didthelel
    didthelel5 godzin temu


  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno5 godzin temu

    34 min? Hell na ✌🏼

  • Teresa Oliver
    Teresa Oliver6 godzin temu

    We are in the 21st-century and that the best we can do for disable remote I’m sorry but you need a whole table just to have it on.Why didn’t they make it like an Atari controller not impressed, I have cerebral palsy and I’ve been waiting for inclusive controller I played Mario on the original Nintendo a year get past the first mushroom. I have always done PS I will be staying the controller is easy hold it comes with it

  • the one kid no one likes lol
    the one kid no one likes lol7 godzin temu

    I am a die hard Xbox fan I’ve had Xbox my whole life every since the first one came out BUT I am going to be getting the ps5 before I get the new Xbox I love both consoles buy whatever you want I’m not saying to get the ps5 but as long as your having fun that’s all that matters❤️

  • Demetrius Harrison
    Demetrius Harrison8 godzin temu

    You all dum asf to purchase these next gen consoles that don't even have games. Thats like buying a new car and limited to 20 miles a day for a year. And we wonder why our government has not raised the cost of living in 50 years.

  • Tevoya Gozar
    Tevoya Gozar8 godzin temu

    PS6: when you play gta, cops will show up at your door

  • Stumble Vacation
    Stumble Vacation10 godzin temu

    Ps6 : a chair

  • Siren
    Siren11 godzin temu

    The ps5 looks like someone dented it and then sony thought ohhh that a good idea but the ps5 controller feels better

  • Siren
    Siren11 godzin temu

    I rather have the xbox it looks better

  • A School Bus
    A School Bus11 godzin temu

    A School Bus Approved This ✅

  • A
    A11 godzin temu

    I wish the ps5 had the Xbox build. The design for the ps5 is ridiculous and is prone to overheating so I’ve heard.

  • Demetrius Harrison
    Demetrius Harrison12 godzin temu

    With PS5 winning the sale battle is the exact reason games look and play like current gen. DONT BELUEVE THE HYPE! PS AINT GIVING S... NEW!

  • Alaric Gonzalez Pedraza
    Alaric Gonzalez Pedraza12 godzin temu

    I love both but can we all just appreciate the work that was put into designing the Xbox Series X. More powerful, smaller and better air flow. Xbox engineering team has bright people.

  • Alaric Gonzalez Pedraza
    Alaric Gonzalez Pedraza12 godzin temu

    Why would anyone get either of this when we could get the more powerful Xbox Series Fridge!

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez12 godzin temu

    Why did his accent change since last year

  • Pran S
    Pran S12 godzin temu

    I’m getting Xbox

  • Boyd Spoon
    Boyd Spoon13 godzin temu

    I have a 1000$ tv 60 inch and I am getting the Xbox series x for Christmas or should I ask for the ps5

    RC FAVOURITE ! Hi13 godzin temu

    X box series x

  • Damani Revis
    Damani Revis14 godzin temu

    OMG he has it

  • Richie Cuna
    Richie Cuna15 godzin temu

    nope nope ppl still be playing gta5 and that was 2 consoles ago lol

  • Iyari Hernandez
    Iyari Hernandez17 godzin temu

    Imagine getting to purchase these. They get sold out so fast

  • Iyari Hernandez
    Iyari Hernandez17 godzin temu

    The Ps5 controller does such an amazing job with this year and it's new and improved changes. While the Xbox controller still has batteries😑

  • shortsway 82
    shortsway 8217 godzin temu

    They really made the xbox have gamecube mem cards 😭😭😭

  • Truong Cong Hoan
    Truong Cong Hoan18 godzin temu

    This guy: has both PS5 and X Box Series X Me: who rarely was able to play a PS4

  • The Hawk 98

    The Hawk 98

    Godzinę temu

    Stolen comment -_-

  • Michael Pascale
    Michael Pascale18 godzin temu

    I see a whole lot of consoles on that table, but not one on mine 🤔

  • Jonathan Sylvain
    Jonathan Sylvain19 godzin temu

    Im 8 minutes in i can tell hes biased towards the PS5 🙄

  • novy gaming
    novy gaming19 godzin temu

    By the way you can charge the batteries inside the xbox controller via the charger so it is both ways to renew the controller

  • Icy Blackout
    Icy Blackout19 godzin temu

    He didnt even show the quick resume feature on the xbox

  • DodoproOP Pro player
    DodoproOP Pro player19 godzin temu

    X box series x because the game pass has so much more games 1000 GB storage and fastest hardware with quick resume and best graphics of all consoles btw the videos are fake I have one about the smokes.

    JAPARICAN19 godzin temu

    Technically speaking they’re is absolutely no showdown between them they’re both the same with the only difference in Xbox having more memory and the exclusive games being the deciding factor of the buyer

  • Proud Boy87
    Proud Boy8719 godzin temu

    Simple solution to the xbox controller is buying rechargeable battery packs haha , but come on xbox its almost 2021 .

  • Dragoneen
    Dragoneen20 godzin temu

    18:39 i didnt know sony sold fries!

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall21 godzinę temu

    I think I like the Series X better

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy21 godzinę temu

    *only real men respect all consoles 😤😤😤*

  • Sheryl Jensen
    Sheryl Jensen21 godzinę temu

    I would love this, I would want the PS5

  • J S
    J S23 godzin temu

    the PS5 camera looks like short circuit.

  • J S
    J S23 godzin temu

    i can't even get a ps5 or a xbox and this guy has both. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • avaproomg
    avaproomg23 godzin temu

    ps all day everyday gang gang gang

  • Inspire
    InspireDzień temu

    When I heard him say play station. Omg. Please dont choose a favourite.

  • The Hawk 98

    The Hawk 98

    Godzinę temu


  • Meme Lord23
    Meme Lord23Dzień temu

    Xbox has more disabled support then PlayStation

  • Giovanni Beltran
    Giovanni BeltranDzień temu

    also "the ps5 interface is next gen, definitely" its the same interface as the ps3, what are you on cause i wanna try.

  • Muhammad Munnu
    Muhammad MunnuDzień temu

    Ps5 is the best! Like who luv ps 5

  • Noon G
    Noon GDzień temu

    Goodbye Xbox

  • Vega Sinclair
    Vega SinclairDzień temu

    2K20 and the new systems are already here... like James Bond said off of Skyfall... "Hmph... brave new world."

  • Cory Miller
    Cory MillerDzień temu

    At 9:50 you mentioned batteries I think the reason the Xbox does that it gives you the option of Double A's or aftermarket rechargeables cuz with a PlayStation once your battery goes you're screwed. On my Xbox One controllers I have the aftermarket rechargeable they Rock

    L1GHT SWATENDzień temu

    The tool with the elite isn’t for replacing the attachments it is for tightening the joysticks

  • Maul
    MaulDzień temu

    Had to subscribe. Good looking out

  • Freddawg Mankilla
    Freddawg MankillaDzień temu

    I wouldn’t buy any of these consoles if they paid me to play a bunch of peasants will buy these

  • Женя Пеня
    Женя ПеняDzień temu

    Imagine if these consoles were actually available. 🙄

  • dpedrosoliano
    dpedrosolianoDzień temu

    if the xbox elite series controller was the main controller uff

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis LopezDzień temu

    Honestly, this guy has the best job in the world...

  • Livy O’Bryan
    Livy O’BryanDzień temu

    Team Xbox series X all the way bro

  • I love U
    I love UDzień temu

    Sony Playstation

  • R Dixon
    R DixonDzień temu

    sony headset needs an adapter to work with the sony console is stupid

  • Jeremiah Howard
    Jeremiah HowardDzień temu

    Xbox controller still has batteries WTF

  • Demarcus Benson
    Demarcus BensonDzień temu

    Xbox X : I'm power PS5: I'm speed Me: I'm broke

  • A Shitbag69 •

    A Shitbag69 •

    Dzień temu


  • John Lopez
    John LopezDzień temu

    Ngl in my opinion, the ps5 would look better in black.

  • Bradley Beek’s Adventures
    Bradley Beek’s AdventuresDzień temu

    I honestly like the older systems, to much high tech stuff to go wrong now with anything that’s made, they never last as long and cost a crazy amount to replace or fix, specially cars lol. Don’t get me wrong I love the high tech stuff still but I’m old school lol.

  • Sean Beamon
    Sean BeamonDzień temu

    Someone plz tell me how many xboxes there are I think 150 maybe 200🤣🤣

  • Mitch Wright
    Mitch WrightDzień temu

    Totally breezed over the series 2 elite controller tool that is actually used to tighten or loosen the stiffness of the joysticks ....

  • 1krazyking
    1krazykingDzień temu

    If the xbox had a cooling system that could fit a redbull to cool it while cooling it from overheating, pc users would be punching the air right now.

  • luke robinson
    luke robinsonDzień temu

    The taller ones go on the right and then in shooter you can increase sensitivity alot higher with greater accuracy thats what the taller ones are for

  • Christian Ventura
    Christian VenturaDzień temu

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  • Christian Ventura
    Christian VenturaDzień temu

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  • Christian Ventura
    Christian VenturaDzień temu

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  • Mr.prankyeens
    Mr.prankyeensDzień temu

    Ps5 vs xbox = profit (amd😏 😜)

  • deadrabit71
    deadrabit71Dzień temu

    Xbox seems to be a much better deal when you count in the game pass. Especially for parents. 2 games a month or a library of hundreds? No cross platform game is going to support ps5 special controller (same story as with ps3 and 4). Will I be able to play Cod with people on ps5?

  • deadrabit71


    Dzień temu

    Wasn't there a rumour xbox will support steam link app?? Did that happen?

  • Malachi Jordan
    Malachi JordanDzień temu

    i choose ps5

  • Kenneth Moran
    Kenneth MoranDzień temu

    As far as sound systems go.. Is the Dolby Atmos compatible in regards to the 3d sound or is it exclusive to headsets?

  • Ihsaan Shamim
    Ihsaan ShamimDzień temu

    So does the one tb card come with the Xbox if not are the load times the same as before

  • Karen Monczynski
    Karen MonczynskiDzień temu

    imagine watching a 30 min video just to hear that it is up to you

  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzanDzień temu

    Sir please reply me

  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzanDzień temu

    Sir please give me a mobile phone.......

  • Qasid ramzan

    Qasid ramzan

    Dzień temu

    @BaP3rR maybe they reply me

  • BaP3rR


    Dzień temu

    @Qasid ramzan There is a 0.00000000000000000001% chance he will reply.

  • Qasid ramzan

    Qasid ramzan

    Dzień temu

    @BaP3rR hope so

  • BaP3rR


    Dzień temu

    @Qasid ramzan He almost has 20 Million subscribers and you think he's going to reply to your comment and send you a phone? Dumbest thing I've heard in my life.

  • Qasid ramzan

    Qasid ramzan

    Dzień temu

    @BaP3rR I don't have money that's why

  • Qasid ramzan
    Qasid ramzanDzień temu

    Please give me a mobile phone please please

  • YEETTHANOS08 is awesome
    YEETTHANOS08 is awesomeDzień temu

    that code was nice

  • Rektz Ruiz
    Rektz Ruiz2 dni temu

    This is literally AMD Vs AMD Lul

  • Zlinky111
    Zlinky1112 dni temu

    Waited for half an hour to hear about performance, i.e. what's in the box. What a waste of time.

    MARC SALAS2 dni temu

    Me: watching this video My wallet: "dont even think about it"

  • Austen Hilton
    Austen Hilton2 dni temu

    Here’s how you pick your console what do your friends play on

  • Tyler Carter
    Tyler Carter2 dni temu

    PS5 because I had PS4 and I am upgrading it in 2021 because of the scalpers

  • John apple
    John apple2 dni temu

    I feel like PS5 is in demand more than the Xbox, is it just me???

  • Metroid Gamerr 5
    Metroid Gamerr 52 dni temu


  • Danny Dev
    Danny Dev2 dni temu

    PS4: Dual Shock PS5: Dual Sense PS6: Dualgasm!!!

  • Kratos Spartan
    Kratos Spartan2 dni temu

    Ps6: When you start up COD, you get drafted in real life

  • Venom Videos

    Venom Videos

    Dzień temu

    You stole that comment...

  • Prince
    Prince2 dni temu

    Alright now run them over

  • Neeraj K
    Neeraj K2 dni temu


  • And I Mean It !!!
    And I Mean It !!!2 dni temu

    I don't know anything.......I just want less loading time...........are you getting my point????? Less loading time.........yes it sounds simple and easy ........

  • Brown Paper Bag Reviews
    Brown Paper Bag Reviews2 dni temu

    love your unboxing

  • Joerell M
    Joerell M2 dni temu

    Hey PS5, I know we ain’t talked in a while but I got $499 plus tax and shipping for you.

  • PS5


    Dzień temu


  • walmartpimp2
    walmartpimp22 dni temu

    Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones will be the greatest gladiator matchup in the world. Unbox Therapy: Hold my controller

  • Mirel Dizdarevic
    Mirel Dizdarevic2 dni temu

    Can you play games from ps4 on ps5?

  • Novak


    2 dni temu


  • Zander Pryor
    Zander Pryor2 dni temu

    I probably won’t be able to get it but the series X

  • PS5


    Dzień temu


  • Amit Chopra
    Amit Chopra2 dni temu

    Honestly, this guy has the best job in the world...

  • Danny Dev
    Danny Dev2 dni temu

    Most of the comments here are pointless, including this one.