iPhone 12 Bend Test

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are Apple's newest smartphone design but how durable are they?
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  • Eddie


    5 dni temu

    I'll take the bend test red model 👍

  • Kim Clouser

    Kim Clouser

    24 dni temu

    I really need a phone ......

  • JohnB


    Miesiąc temu

    aayee done :)

  • Unique Chill

    Unique Chill

    Miesiąc temu

    "IPhone" "Philippines 🇵🇭" "Subscriber since last year" Reason: I have a phone but really old. I'm using Iphone 5s, 16 gb and the battery drain so fast if you giving me a chance to win I'm so glad

  • bharat kukreja

    bharat kukreja

    Miesiąc temu

    Give me that bend testing iphone, I can take those😅😂

  • Hassan Burki official
    Hassan Burki official43 minut temu

    Rich people

  • UniversalGaming Real
    UniversalGaming Real6 godzin temu

    7:35 哈囖

  • Justin Nowaczynski
    Justin Nowaczynski8 godzin temu

    fun fact: phones dont bend anymore. like at all. also 15 seconds of high force dont come close to equaling 4 years of in pocket use. high force from a factory new smartphone wont touch it, even if its on the softer side now. this is expected, not amazing. people dont expect anything from apple anymore. they get amazed when you cant bend the phone in 15 seconds. fuck apple.

  • Mda87
    Mda8712 godzin temu

    What’s the most popular iPhone of all time

  • Cameron Toth
    Cameron Toth16 godzin temu

    Dude that iPhone 12 is fucking orange not red

  • king shelan
    king shelan22 godzin temu

    .can I get one

  • Mou Ja
    Mou Ja22 godzin temu

    Omg! you are weak as a small child.

  • George Newman
    George NewmanDzień temu

    I'm watching this on a bent phone!

  • Prismarine Man
    Prismarine ManDzień temu

    that's orange iPhone. But Apple Calling it Red.

  • Illya Gekhman
    Illya GekhmanDzień temu

    If Jerry Rig Everything cant do it no one can

  • GeekGoddess
    GeekGoddessDzień temu

    The actual bend test starts at 5:07

    CYBER PUNKDzień temu

    Can i please get this iphone i need a iphone for online classes plz

  • Sajaad Yoosuf
    Sajaad Yoosuf2 dni temu


  • The cat In the BOX
    The cat In the BOX2 dni temu

    2:28 Just a suggestion: blur out the apparent f-word at the bottom of the tweet.

  • Xx1ShotDropxX
    Xx1ShotDropxX2 dni temu

    I'm sorry but it's not that thin the s8 was thinner and that was years ago

  • gisiel duncan
    gisiel duncan3 dni temu

    "Entry" "Done " Reason : I'm using my uncles hand me down phone that's not really working good and I can not afford a phone now

  • Manost Sakelaris
    Manost Sakelaris3 dni temu

    Whoo would have bend such a expensive phone... This is the reason that kind of videos are like majority.

  • Soham Dorle
    Soham Dorle4 dni temu


  • Mary Lu
    Mary Lu5 dni temu

    “Entry” “Done” Reason: I've always wanted to try an iphone and this years I was thinking of getting one.

  • jonnyp223
    jonnyp2235 dni temu

    I'm actually pretty sure that the first video I saw of you was the iPhone bend test.

  • Chris
    Chris5 dni temu

    Plot twist : he just got a lot weaker

  • José María Talavera
    José María Talavera6 dni temu

    Tim Cook likes this video

  • Drew
    Drew6 dni temu

    I like how this guy is such a pansy he needs gloves to bend a phone and JerryRigEverything is like “Hold my scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7”

  • Chris Anthon
    Chris Anthon6 dni temu

    The only thing I have ever bend in my life was my credit card in my pocket when I was sitting down. Maybe I should make a video about it, and in the future they will make unbendable credit card.

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore6 dni temu

    I wonder how many iPhone 12s he has in total now lol

  • Jkdabomb10A
    Jkdabomb10A7 dni temu

    The red looks orange in this video. Is that my monitor, the video, or the phone?

  • Jkdabomb10A
    Jkdabomb10A7 dni temu

    The red looks orange.

  • K.adith Varun
    K.adith Varun7 dni temu

    My whole family subscribed unbox therapy so please give me iPhone

  • Masterflight V
    Masterflight V7 dni temu

    Mom: oh are you gona give me that iPhone 12 for may birthday? Son: eh no im gona go home and bend it!

  • Shafy Naz Rasheed
    Shafy Naz Rasheed8 dni temu

    "Entry" "done" Reason: i have a samsung j 2 and i want to upgrade but i dont have enough money

  • i am zia
    i am zia8 dni temu

    If i had iPhone i would buy back case instantly

  • Ashley Camillia
    Ashley Camillia8 dni temu

    Ok now i want an iPhone 12

  • Ashley Camillia

    Ashley Camillia

    8 dni temu

    But I'm too broke for it.. i guess another 2 years

  • Mike Nguyen
    Mike Nguyen8 dni temu

    run it over with a car

    SRAVAN S8 dni temu

    Zachary : Hah , nub !

  • Ram Patel
    Ram Patel8 dni temu

    He has more Iphones in one video than i have had in my entire life

  • Kamel Labiad
    Kamel Labiad8 dni temu

    This video should be titled "how to make Apple hate you forever"

  • Benito Camelas

    Benito Camelas

    Dzień temu

    He knows Apple hates him. They stopped sending him phones and inviting him to events. He has tried to become friends again sending emails but they clean their asses with his emails... I don’t like this guy. He is fake, I just come here to post and remind him that he is obnoxious

  • Ashok Nanda
    Ashok Nanda8 dni temu

    Good video, i am sure ur getting iphone 13 review units

  • Daniyal Sheikh
    Daniyal Sheikh8 dni temu

    Remind me of iphone6 bend test

  • Nicola Armstrong
    Nicola Armstrong9 dni temu

    This physically hurts me to watch.

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar9 dni temu

    For This Iphone is charging you 1,279$ In India..... waste of money totally

  • Nahim Vai
    Nahim Vai9 dni temu

    Give me a iphone

  • Oscar Mendoza Perez
    Oscar Mendoza Perez9 dni temu

    Me watching him bend an iPhone while raging😂

  • Ralph Kady
    Ralph Kady9 dni temu

    I did it and I live I Lebanon

  • Theo Shaule
    Theo Shaule9 dni temu

    bending thousands of dollars: I don't see why?

  • Joy Mahendru
    Joy Mahendru9 dni temu

    Lew: I am going to bend the iPhone again Apple: ok do it we wanna see 💪🏻😎

  • Mirrored_CaPaLoT
    Mirrored_CaPaLoT9 dni temu

    who else thought that was a sephora box?

  • Technical Expert
    Technical Expert10 dni temu

    0.1% people who are helping me reach 1k may your parents live more then 100 years with good health 💕God Bless Them 💝💝💝

  • ルバ
    ルバ10 dni temu

    Seems like they got triggered and that's the only thing they've been trying to improve on for the last 6 years lol

    M TAIFUR K10 dni temu


  • Renn Ashblood
    Renn Ashblood10 dni temu

    maybe you've gotten weakest

  • Adhil Riyas
    Adhil Riyas11 dni temu

    Da pattie

  • Abdou
    Abdou11 dni temu

    Am I really delusional or that thing right there is NO WAY NEAR thin ?

  • Charles Andrei Santos
    Charles Andrei Santos11 dni temu

    "You can bend any phone" Me: looks at my phone Me again: oh yeah i don't have a phone

  • Charles Andrei Santos
    Charles Andrei Santos11 dni temu

    "Entry" "Done" Reason: I haven't had a phone for 4 months and I need it for online classes.

  • Samstoneorange
    Samstoneorange11 dni temu

    Wow that was super impressive amazing job Apple 🍎👍🏻 now I actually want the iPhone 12 for it’s A14 and durability

  • qwertyzoion
    qwertyzoion11 dni temu

    3:50 how?

  • Bharath Rock
    Bharath Rock12 dni temu

    When he applies so much pressure on iphone, it didnt break but my heart did🥺🥺🥺

  • Rizel Torno
    Rizel Torno12 dni temu

    Subscribed!! I want the 12 pro in silver, please pick me

    SCOTT ANDERSON12 dni temu

    i liked and subed so gimme phone

  • Adriii Argente
    Adriii Argente12 dni temu

    Thank god that didnt bent. Please give that to me tho 😂

  • Bernardo Guerra Arthur
    Bernardo Guerra Arthur13 dni temu

    Lew has an iPhone 12 Pro Max for every day of the week. I have an iPhone 7 for the entirety of my life.

  • Mr. Magic
    Mr. Magic13 dni temu

    4:58 This is what you came for No problem 😅

  • Matei A
    Matei A13 dni temu

    Old memories:))

  • bullitt777
    bullitt77713 dni temu

    0:04 “the thinnest, coolest case that I’ll never use on my phone.”

  • Uncircumsized Man
    Uncircumsized Man13 dni temu

    "Entry" "Done" Reason: Been trying to start a clothing brand but don't have the perfect camera for product photos and video shots for branding, hope on God for this one..

  • Vinodkumar Kotapati
    Vinodkumar Kotapati13 dni temu

    That’s iphone 12 man 😭😭😭

  • Samantha Kim Manoban
    Samantha Kim Manoban14 dni temu

    *DONE* Reason: -I want to give it to my mother because she had only the keypad phone and we cannot afford that phone because we’re poor.... Thanks in advance😄

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu14 dni temu

    My iphone xr had bending issues especially the red one. 😤

  • youssef awaden
    youssef awaden14 dni temu

    i really wish i could win ❤❤❤

    SWERIC114 dni temu

    Do you really want to have one of each?! LOL capitalism at its finest.

  • Jim Ertel
    Jim Ertel14 dni temu

    Apple - Unbox T : 2-0 😂

  • Sebastian Velarde
    Sebastian Velarde14 dni temu

    ''Entry'' ''Done'' Reason: im currently using a 2017 16 gb phone for my university and REALLY need an upgrade.

  • abhi ram
    abhi ram14 dni temu

    if jerry rig agrees with iphone then that is apple's real biggest win

  • Ansil k
    Ansil k14 dni temu

    I phone is my dream phone

  • Johnrey Aproda
    Johnrey Aproda14 dni temu

    that's only a dream I can't afford it the price of the phone is my 2 year tuition

  • Utkarsh Chauhan
    Utkarsh Chauhan15 dni temu

    Damnnn, My iphone 7 is freaking out seeing this video 😂

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep15 dni temu

    "since it's an all new design" Steve Jobs: **Cries in smart**

  • Miku Micin
    Miku Micin15 dni temu

    did "latercase" got gorilla glass for s10 plus??

  • Yezi Liu
    Yezi Liu15 dni temu

    still don't understand how a bending phone is considered normal, but an unbending phone is "incredible"? Apple certainly creates standard (for bending phones).... haha......

  • ALiteral Eyebrow
    ALiteral Eyebrow15 dni temu

    5:06 is when he starts

  • god body
    god body15 dni temu

    This man needs a prime time cable tv show.. With the gloves

  • Michael Bruno
    Michael Bruno15 dni temu

    “Entry” “Done” Reason: someone stole my phone, wouldn’t want to fish out another $800

  • Blue sky’s
    Blue sky’s15 dni temu


  • Parzival_evostripe
    Parzival_evostripe15 dni temu

    Can I have one!!!

  • no u
    no u15 dni temu

    bro how is that thin its so thickkkk it would be the most stupidest thing if ot bended like its extra thick you should not even think that you could bend it

  • Stephen Jennifer
    Stephen Jennifer15 dni temu

    4:89 "Meh" 😂😂😂

  • joshua gassmann
    joshua gassmann15 dni temu

    Looks like apple learned from their mistakes

  • Lil Rd
    Lil Rd15 dni temu

    This mans thumbs are gone

  • KT Honest
    KT Honest15 dni temu

    "Entry" "Done" Reason: i dont want iphone . I have a whom i can use but the iphone you want to donate just donate some food as same as iphone price . Happy diwali I am from india

  • James Puentenegra
    James Puentenegra15 dni temu


  • Gene Edward
    Gene Edward16 dni temu

    I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount, that guys is a life saver indeed💯 ✅

  • Luke Morton
    Luke Morton16 dni temu

    “Entry” “Done” Reason: My mom needs a new phone and we can’t afford it. She also works incredibly hard and never would ask for something like a new phone

  • Everything4K
    Everything4K16 dni temu

    "Entry" "Done" Reason: Bent my 6s on an impulse bend test just now 😭

  • Nicolò Salemi
    Nicolò Salemi16 dni temu

    Can you do the iPhone 12 mini bend test?

  • Herbert @CESC
    Herbert @CESC17 dni temu

    "ENTRY' "DONE" REASON; still stuck on iphone 6 16gs that l can only have ig and snapchat because my storage filled photos l want and it has to be on charge 24/7 bcuz dies within 30mins or also

  • Herbert @CESC
    Herbert @CESC17 dni temu

    "ENTRY' "DONE" REASON; still stuck on iphone 6 16gs that l can only have ig and snapchat because my storage filled photos l want and it has to be on charge 24/7 bcuz dies within 30mins or also

  • Herbert @CESC
    Herbert @CESC17 dni temu

    "ENTRY' "DONE" REASON; still stuck on iphone 6 16gs that l can only have ig and snapchat because my storage filled photos l want and it has to be on charge 24/7 bcuz dies within 30mins or also

  • Herbert @CESC
    Herbert @CESC17 dni temu

    "ENTRY' "DONE" REASON; still stuck on iphone 6 16gs that l can only have ig and snapchat because my storage filled photos l want and it has to be on charge 24/7 bcuz dies within 30mins or also

  • Herbert @CESC
    Herbert @CESC17 dni temu

    "ENTRY' "DONE" REASON; still stuck on iphone 6 16gs that l can only have ig and snapchat because my storage filled photos l want and it has to be on charge 24/7 bcuz dies within 30mins or also