I'm Switching to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra...

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It's that time again. Hello, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy3 miesięcy temu

    Latercase Cyber Edition - latercase.com/cyber-edition

  • Nayanmoni Hazarika

    Nayanmoni Hazarika

    3 godzin temu

    Don't buy it guys. They suck.

  • Nayanmoni Hazarika

    Nayanmoni Hazarika

    3 godzin temu

    Don't promote crap service and frauds just for money.. we love your work and trust you so you're responsible for the consequences as well. Latercase next day delivery my dick... it's been 15 + days i haven't got my case and nobody cares to respond to my support mails.

  • Philip Manning

    Philip Manning

    10 dni temu

    Love the latercase for the Note 20 Ultra. Feels great in my hand. Keep up the good work.

  • Kipruto Felix

    Kipruto Felix

    18 dni temu

    Hi, I have a very bad phone and I don't have money to buy a good phone... please give me one

  • นัสวานิช เกลี้ยงเกลา

    นัสวานิช เกลี้ยงเกลา

    27 dni temu


  • Ihsan Ullah
    Ihsan Ullah3 godzin temu

    How much

  • Kp Tabil
    Kp Tabil8 godzin temu

    Use the sony phone

  • marqvr6
    marqvr612 godzin temu

    The light reflection.....

  • Marjan Radanovic
    Marjan Radanovic13 godzin temu

    how is that all this fancy phones dont use dual/stereo speakers like on Huawei Mate 20X which has the best sound ever! I compared every newest mobile phone and it does not come even close, ever! is it really so difficult to put another speaker on the top?? and where is the earphone plug? why pay 1300 bucks and u cannot use ur earphones while charging your phone? so basic and it would really please the users. If you use phone for practical use, heavy work ...nothing beats Huawei Mate 20X, it has 5000mph battery, the new 5g one only 4200, again, why?? and no speaker on the top??? what the f..k is their problem? When u put Huawei Mate 20X speakers on...it is on!!! You can hear any video with really, really bad audio, with this new phones, if audio is bad on original audio..u have a hard time listening. Until they make a mobile phone for 1300 EUR with dual/stereo speakers and 5000mph battery, I will never change Huawei Mate 20X but will keep on buying until they disappear from the face of the earth. And camera and photos are top of the top, not much difference

  • Yas Khing
    Yas Khing23 godzin temu

    When can i get my latercase huhu its been 2 weeks now...

  • John Madinald
    John MadinaldDzień temu

    Just realized your case will block the camera micrphone.

  • Kidza azdik
    Kidza azdikDzień temu

    Has seth rogan ever contacted you ?

  • Kidza azdik
    Kidza azdikDzień temu


  • Trim Reaper
    Trim ReaperDzień temu

    I've been a die-hard note user since the nine came out,... I used the pen all the time it's great one of the best gadgets for a phone ever invented it lets you be very precise, when your finger can't be. I use the pen for everything; scratching my head, writing notes to your girlfriend(s), sending haters thank you letters, pick my nose & teeth with it, mighta even scratched my ass with my pen... point being, I use it all the time. ✅🎯👍🏼🙏🏼

  • Robert Saunders
    Robert SaundersDzień temu

    What watch you wearing?

  • rodolfo mayes
    rodolfo mayesDzień temu

    I've been an iPhone user for years but after watching this, I think the apple has rotten...

  • RMI 3x4
    RMI 3x42 dni temu

    This is 2020 guys samsung is dominating iphone right now!!🥳😝

  • Heat Pete
    Heat Pete2 dni temu

    My mind: s20 ultra My heart: note 20 ultra My wallet: Samsung A20

  • mundih handi
    mundih handi2 dni temu

    "That wasn't on purpose " "Or was it" Intense vsauce music plays

  • lnjinn Tunn
    lnjinn Tunn3 dni temu

    uuummmm yah, can l nitpick about the camera bump ? not from Samsung but the case.... why can't they make a case where the camera bump is like not even a "bump" any more ? I mean make the case where it hides the camera, makes it even(flush) with the case or even protects the camera by having the camera bump submerged beneath the case so when it goes sliding across the table or the ground it's protected. many times when I go to shoot the camera tells me a better image will be taken after I clean the lens, how about if the glass outside the cameras is scratched ? no good is it ? dbrand spigen otter, all the case makers make your case designs with the camera bump in mind that's on today's phones, thanks 28nov2020.dellthecomputer

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L3 dni temu

    Not as polished as his usual videos. Hope he's feeling well, love his work usually

  • SprokoTong
    SprokoTong3 dni temu

    Note 20 ultra is my dream phone 😔

  • Bruce W
    Bruce W3 dni temu

    Such lack luster reviews. Hows this channel so popular

  • Charliemarcel562
    Charliemarcel5623 dni temu

    It’s still iPhone 11pro max midnight green with me no Samsung phones but yes it’s a nice phone👍👀🦺

  • William DiStasio
    William DiStasio3 dni temu

    I'm still rocking my Note 9. I love it. 2 years, and so far I haven't had any issues or problems with it. To be honest, from what I'm seeing here, I think I'm not too impressed. The only thing I would change on my Note 9, would be the screen size. The newer models obviously have almost non existent bevels top and bottom. But, that's a slight gripe. Also, I'm not at all impressed with all of these phones now coming standard without a headphone jack. My Note 9 was the last model to include it and I use it all the time. I need to wear my ear buds at night listening to either music or PLclip videos in order to fall asleep, and I'm sorry, but these new earbuds don't have the battery life. Also, if they fall out of my ears at night, and I wake up looking to pop em back in, I could be searching my bed in the dark for a tiny earbud? Nah. Not for me. Don't get me wrong, I HAVE wireless earbuds, but I think I've only used them a couple of times. Anyway, with how much the phones cost, I'm happy to hold onto this for a while longer, especially considering that I just paid them off. I have two. One for me and one for my girlfriend. Well, Happy Black Friday everyone!

  • William Farley
    William Farley4 dni temu

    If you're left handed you might want to consider a different phone; especially if your coming from an older note. Your pointer finger always ends up on the camera and the volume rocker panel is switched to the right side. Good if your right handed, bad for left hand people. This was a mistake for me. During the pandemic, I didn't want to pick them up and play with them in the store. Try it out before you buy.

  • Larissa kabeya
    Larissa kabeya4 dni temu

    I was looking into possibly get a phone with a better camera and found this video. Amazing how phones are as expensive as laptops these days.

  • Valerie Huynh
    Valerie Huynh5 dni temu

    Do you know why Note 20 Ultra cannot play 2160p youtube video while even iPhone mini is able to do it? It's kinda of odd that the phone can make 4k ultra HD video but can't view it.

  • RedX Gamers
    RedX Gamers5 dni temu

    I have the note 9 and I'm switching to the Note 20 Ultra!❤

  • krzysztof rogalczyk
    krzysztof rogalczyk5 dni temu

    like for me phone is perfect but.. camera is not that good as should be for this price . all Samsung phones make picture but none of them are sharp

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez5 dni temu

    Dude...video to long....in today's busy world some of us dont have time to sit and watch a 30 minute video...sorry.....thumps down....

  • ruben banerjee
    ruben banerjee6 dni temu

    What watch is that?.. can't take my eyes off it

  • Bebenan :o
    Bebenan :o6 dni temu

    Why do you always do that face palm in every "Im switching to the..." video? It looks like you did a bad idea

  • Alupula Shiva
    Alupula Shiva6 dni temu

    Why he is showing off over there 0:09

  • ZokeWorld 90
    ZokeWorld 906 dni temu

    I love the regular note 10

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia6 dni temu

    Can someone knows what watch is that one on his hand

  • The Beetoven RIDER
    The Beetoven RIDER7 dni temu

    Its the 120 hertz dude

  • Justin Finch
    Justin Finch7 dni temu

    I love mine

  • Ben Vasilinda
    Ben Vasilinda7 dni temu

    I just ordered my Note 20 ultra, leaving my iPhone 10 behind and getting away from iPhone for good hopefully.

  • Mosie Romano
    Mosie Romano7 dni temu

    I love having my note phones. My first brand new phone was a note 5 my boyfriend bought me because my s4 was expanding batteries. Then I got my current note 9 at launch after I jammed the lock button on my note 5 (I hated myself for that.) I'm still rocking my note 9, but I think the note 20 ultra is at the top of my Christmas list

  • BlackStar -EX-
    BlackStar -EX-7 dni temu

    Lol its locked into 120 hz unless you change the resolution

  • BlackStar -EX-
    BlackStar -EX-7 dni temu

    I've had my note 20 ultra 5g for about a month now all I can say is "Fuck all other Phones"

  • Crypto Mogul
    Crypto Mogul8 dni temu

    Your such terrible reviewer. Also kind of boring be honest

  • Prfctdrk
    Prfctdrk8 dni temu

    starts at 2:40

  • KS Seminiano
    KS Seminiano8 dni temu

    Holly sh** my note 4 still rockin great for over 5yrs now and it looks ancient fossil beside this note 20 😂

  • Jamie Finlay
    Jamie Finlay9 dni temu

    Whers is the case from love it

  • Lord Byron
    Lord Byron9 dni temu

    That the ugliest phone!! It looks like a cigarette holder.

  • Justice Corrigan
    Justice Corrigan9 dni temu

    I've been with apple for years, just switched to the Note 20 Ultra today and OH MY GOODNESS!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!

  • derrick brandon
    derrick brandon9 dni temu

    That one plus 8t looks so nice I was just looking at it not a bad phone

  • Ruwan Nilanga
    Ruwan Nilanga9 dni temu

    what is the brand of your watch ?

  • TikTok highlights
    TikTok highlights9 dni temu

    4:15 That's not even close to a problem for me I put my phones down screen first just in case something falls on it it will hit the camera not the screen or it will hit the back of the phone

  • David Vermaak
    David Vermaak9 dni temu

    What about the dangers of 5G?

  • Drunken Meowth
    Drunken Meowth10 dni temu

    Buys a Galaxy Note20 Ultra .. - Only plays Classic Doom1&2 😅

  • Trevor Roth
    Trevor Roth10 dni temu

    How fake is this guy

  • the jerk
    the jerk10 dni temu

    I suggest too go do a tour of cornings museum of glass. Sooooo 😎 great area to hike in too. Beautiful place.

  • Charliemarcel562
    Charliemarcel56210 dni temu

    Can’t drop the iPhone 11 Pro Max not the midnight green one not the king

  • lucss
    lucss11 dni temu

    so it dose not come with headphones?

  • Lance Rains
    Lance Rains11 dni temu

    Even if you don't use the pen very much.. once you've had a note and you switch to something else you will Miss the pen dearly.

  • TheScienceGuy69
    TheScienceGuy6911 dni temu

    I use my pen for quick notes. When I pull the pen I just quickly write on the screen my notes. I even use it to control my camera shutter. I have lived having my samsung note device everytime I have upgraded. Started with the note 3, and getting the note 20 ultra this year.

  • Orlando Chaves
    Orlando Chaves11 dni temu

    Got one but here we get exynos.. same price dohh

  • Incanism
    Incanism11 dni temu

    why does he always look disappointed in the thumbnails when he switches to a new phone

  • usman khurshid
    usman khurshid12 dni temu

    I was wondering what is that smart watch you are wearing?

  • Tuscan
    Tuscan12 dni temu

    Still have no idea why Samsung thought such a large camera bump would be acceptable, would have been a nearly perfect phone otherwise

  • DeuxMains DixManches
    DeuxMains DixManches12 dni temu

    U talk too much🤔

  • Dan Del Aguaro
    Dan Del Aguaro13 dni temu

    Getting the sim tray out takes an act of God. And they don't give ya a tool to open it with.

  • Dan Del Aguaro
    Dan Del Aguaro13 dni temu

    Charging wise. I went from 1% to 100% in 30 mins

  • Dan Del Aguaro
    Dan Del Aguaro13 dni temu

    I need that case.. Just bought it thanks to you. Appreciate that.

  • Dan Del Aguaro
    Dan Del Aguaro13 dni temu

    I got the same phone. Wise choice.

  • Minerva Guerra
    Minerva Guerra13 dni temu

    I use pen for note taking during my sales calls that i then convert to text to forward to coworkers and save in our operating system.

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo13 dni temu

    Get the dedicated samsung clear case and the camera bump will disappear, this note turns the iPhone 12 to dust! Happy owner of the note series since the 3rd!

  • SkiLLer Wozzeck
    SkiLLer Wozzeck13 dni temu

    He is switching his beard to gray 😊

  • Beuker News
    Beuker News13 dni temu

    the pen is just for flexing

  • H1gh Dude
    H1gh Dude14 dni temu

    0:10 You could've at least given that phone to me, man, c'mon. 🥺

  • StarWarsBatmanShow


    4 dni temu

    Go buy one lmao

  • Michael Montagna
    Michael Montagna14 dni temu

    Just spent 2 weeks pay on this, thanks for the reassurance, my guy!

  • Tae Sav
    Tae Sav14 dni temu

    can’t switch to android iPhones differ 😞

  • vectorflying
    vectorflying14 dni temu

    The S pen, people think its not useful. Once you start using it more and more you can't imagine getting a phone without one. Selecting text is awesome. Jotting down notes or to do lists is so much better. Taking selfie with the remote shutter to name a few. You just have to use it and you will see the brilliance.

  • Joe Edmunds
    Joe Edmunds14 dni temu

    Just ordered this combo 👍🏼

  • Mind Meet Maker
    Mind Meet Maker15 dni temu

    Concepts drawing/design app is fantastic with the pen so for designers on the move this is a great pairing between hardware and software.

  • jayr122001
    jayr12200115 dni temu

    what i hate is when i buy a samsung S phone my friend will buy note phone and feels like a loser that's why i'll never ever buy S phone

  • Pappa Willy
    Pappa Willy15 dni temu

    had my galaxy s10 for 2 years.. its time to show off the Ultra

  • Rai Umar Poonegar
    Rai Umar Poonegar15 dni temu

    which watch are wearing

  • juho savolainen
    juho savolainen16 dni temu

    we need 120hz with high res .....

  • Alec wilson
    Alec wilson16 dni temu

    Thats like 20 devices in a guving year to switch for which would be exhausting to do

  • ricardo
    ricardo16 dni temu

    Has Samsung finally fixed their phone camera focusing features?

  • Isaac Rohrer
    Isaac Rohrer16 dni temu

    I'm watching this video on my Samsung note 20 ultra 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LA Woman
    LA Woman16 dni temu

    Well, how do I explain this. Been a note user for a long time now. The pen is the pen, and I can't imagine doing anything on this phone without it. It feels so awkward to me to have to use my finger or fingers, to type and do anything. I pull my pen out the second I reach for my phone. It makes things so much more convenient. I am not just a note fan, I am a note user. Why in the world people will use their fingers to navigate, play, type, or do any other activities on the phone My God! 😅 Time to upgrade my phone to ultra, but the price is out of this world. I sure can afford it, but why the price tag? I am also so annoyed by that camera bump. Smart phone is not so smart if it can not keep its balance on the table. I don't like it, but I am going to give it a try, because I am a loyal note fan. I know Samsung is getting away with its unreasonable pricing. 😅 Thank you for your review, and other reviews on note. I really have enjoyed them. 💖

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez16 dni temu

    Do you recommend the one plus or note 20 ultra over the iPhone 12?

  • ply1992
    ply199216 dni temu

    I mean yeah maybe samsung has better specs on paper but as soon as I see that android notification panel I’m immediately put off

  • ARCKIN Leyretana
    ARCKIN Leyretana17 dni temu

    I would love to have a note20 ulta but due to my health condition... its almost just a dream..but there is no harm on dreaming right? 🙏🎄😭

  • Riley Waters
    Riley Waters17 dni temu

    I got this phone yesterday and I'm just these two days, I've never loved a phone more than this one

  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods17 dni temu

    What watch are you wearing? I am switching back to android from apple (can't take it anymore) and just can't find a good android watch to replace my apple watch.

  • Anonymous.203 0
    Anonymous.203 017 dni temu

    Are u using the Exynos or snapdragon? Do a comparison with a Exynos note 20ultra and snapdragon

  • Никол Младенова
    Никол Младенова17 dni temu

    samsung s series best and for this cube nolt ugly story tried to do something like s20 ultra n are by far the weakest phone right now is nolt

  • Normal Vector
    Normal Vector18 dni temu

    Next video: I'm switching to...*face palm*

  • peddireddy akhilreddy
    peddireddy akhilreddy18 dni temu

    What's u watch brand and model

  • ale gomez
    ale gomez18 dni temu


  • Big Jesus
    Big Jesus18 dni temu

    Shit isn't really coming from China da

  • Boris Mayer
    Boris Mayer18 dni temu

    Do Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro pls :)

  • F.V.A Gaming
    F.V.A Gaming18 dni temu

    Don't worry if you drop a OnePlus they are strong as fuck . I'm a builder I have the 7T pro for 1 year and nothing , couple of scratches. But on Samsung or iPhone 2 - 3 weeks and cracked af

  • Mike Fury Tech
    Mike Fury Tech19 dni temu

    The Note 10 Plus supports 45 W charging. Not sure why Samsung went back to 25 W for the Note 20U

  • Ruzgar Karim
    Ruzgar Karim19 dni temu

    My heart is breaking to small pieces when he slams the phone on the desk

  • Jossy L
    Jossy L19 dni temu

    Ultra is way better than 12 pro

  • Will Ford
    Will Ford19 dni temu

    I love my note 20 ultra

  • Joseph Sirianni
    Joseph Sirianni20 dni temu

    Anyone know what kind of watch he's wearing in the video? Is it a Garmin?