Apple iPhone SE vs $400 Android Smartphone

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iPhone SE 2020 -
Samsung A51 -
Samsung A71 -
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy6 miesięcy temu

    Which one would you choose for your money? iPhone SE 2020 - Samsung A51 - Samsung A71 -

  • Skeyuu


    6 dni temu

    IPhone SE

  • luukie000


    8 dni temu

    non off them lol. so many better alternatives.

  • spaghetti Minelli

    spaghetti Minelli

    9 dni temu

    I’m a Samsung user but I’d rather get the I phone se

  • Aviation And More

    Aviation And More

    Miesiąc temu

    A71 sucks

  • Aviation And More

    Aviation And More

    Miesiąc temu

    iPhone SE

  • Hani Jamil
    Hani Jamil22 minut temu

    This episode is things i can buy unlike other episodes which are thing I wont be able to buy ever

  • qwrt hialname
    qwrt hialname6 godzin temu

    11:24 Wait till he hears about iphone 12

  • RealTime Fun
    RealTime Fun7 godzin temu

    Watching on my Galaxy A71

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller17 godzin temu

    The iPhone destroys in every single test but this one looks coooool so maybe it’s better....

  • Haresh Vijayan
    Haresh VijayanDzień temu

    Anyone knows about sony smartphone? I can say they would last just a s long as the apple smartphones actually. I had a sony device years ago and its still practical. I rooted it

  • Haresh Vijayan
    Haresh VijayanDzień temu

    Bruh, you can buy a used flagship for that price or even cheaper like the s10 or Note 10.

  • Hybrid 225
    Hybrid 2253 dni temu

    The IPhone SE can record on 4K 60

  • Hybrid 225
    Hybrid 2253 dni temu

    The A series wasn’t to compete with Apple it was to compete with other smartphone android devices

  • Øreos
    Øreos3 dni temu

    Dont buy new budget phones, imo u should buy an old flagship phone

  • Google user
    Google user3 dni temu

    Samsung galaxy M 51 Price = price of a51 Battery= 7000mah Processor =SD 730g Why it's not available in USA

  • Ag Mg
    Ag Mg3 dni temu

    I say go withthe Xr better value better battery

  • Henry obaka
    Henry obaka4 dni temu

    So basically buy a samsung

  • Bat Lightyear
    Bat Lightyear4 dni temu

    So where is the Iphone 12 pro max?

  • Hannes 1
    Hannes 14 dni temu

    People in 2020: We want an affordable iPhone! Apple? How about we sell you the iPhone 7 but give it a different name and a higher price? People: Perfect.

  • Kian Marandi
    Kian Marandi5 dni temu


  • Mr Bot
    Mr Bot6 dni temu

    Supercar with a small gas tank 🤣

  • the one you dont see
    the one you dont see6 dni temu

    i still have no idea what to get still happy with galaxy s9 aside the battery dropping faster than when i got it

  • peanut butter
    peanut butter6 dni temu

    Now at walmart at least for the US if you activate the iphone se 2020 at walmart its $150

  • Aashray Poudel
    Aashray Poudel6 dni temu

    Ok, in short, get the Nord

  • IVpeekaboo
    IVpeekaboo6 dni temu

    It all comes down to whether u use social media a lot. If you post stuff then go for iPhone, if not then Samsung is better obviously. Android still isn't optimised for social media apps. Last year attended a festival and was filming on galaxy s7 and iPhone se original. Guess which one delivered better quality videos and sound on instagram and snapchat lol?

  • IVpeekaboo


    6 dni temu

    I actually laughed at how bad Samsungs content was. It only looks good on your phone but try to send it to someone or post and ooop

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon7 dni temu

    Those Samsung's are HUGE!! I don't want to buy new pants to have sufficient space for my phone. For this reason alone, I would lean to the SE.

  • أحمد بلاك -Ahmed Black
    أحمد بلاك -Ahmed Black7 dni temu

    That guy says "flagship" in every single video

  • Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming8 dni temu

    I would still go with the IPhone SE for the better performing even if the battery and resolution are not good enough.

  • ali hoseinpour
    ali hoseinpour8 dni temu

    I wish more smartphones did that: Leaving design unchanged and instead powering up the chipset Cause really i dont think good looking should be prior to performance Get a powerbank or something

  • Devin Renshaw
    Devin Renshaw9 dni temu

    So I can say from experience you all hate apple but never used one I used to love nothing but Samsung and would shit talk apple 24/7 but now that I switched to apple I'm never going back

  • Devin Renshaw
    Devin Renshaw9 dni temu

    For Black Friday the iPhone SE is one of the best deals on a smartphone ever period its $199 coming from a Samsung guy btw

  • Bitan's Gaming
    Bitan's Gaming10 dni temu

    So I own an A51 and I can guarantee you that's its a beast for $400

  • Marcelo Correa Vieira
    Marcelo Correa Vieira10 dni temu

    In Brazil, this can't be a comparasion, because Iphone SE cost about $700+ (and in this level you have a new world of options) and the A51 $320 and A71 $370 costs respectively. Here, the Apple stuff is too overpriced, you just buy it for status or if you don't care about our money. -Just to clarify how overpriced Apple is, the iphone 12 pro max price is around $2000! (yes 2 thousand US dollars in conversion).

  • KNG_Phillips Popov
    KNG_Phillips Popov11 dni temu

    On the balkan the iPhone se is 600 dollars and the Samsung galaxy a 71 costs 550

  • gooshus
    gooshus11 dni temu

    imagine a phone with a 256 mp camera

  • Emory Schley
    Emory Schley11 dni temu

    Biggest problem I've found with Samsung is quality control. Bought a brand new Galaxy S4 (years ago) and it was defective right out of the box. Took it back to the dealer and was given a REFURBISHED replacement! How would you like paying BRAND NEW price and winding up with a USED product? After about two years, the Refurb conked out on me, too. Bought a 6s iPhone (an EXCELLENT phone), recently replaced it with a 2020 SE and everything works super smooth, just like you would want it to. NEVER going to buy a Samsung again. Had one of their cameras and one of their microwave ovens with disappointing results also. NEVER had that problem with ANY Apple product. You get what you pay for just like the old adage claims.

  • Sathwik Shailesh Kumar
    Sathwik Shailesh Kumar11 dni temu

    Such a highly biased video. If it wasn't an iPhone you wouldn't even consider making this video.

  • Hyper Gemini
    Hyper Gemini12 dni temu

    Hey man could you please unbox samsung m51 it's only available in india so you probably got to ship it in US but please do unbox it

  • Michau
    Michau12 dni temu

    I own this phone and love that old minimalistic design , I have had samsung's amoled screens and jump from this technology to older lcd doesn't made me big difference. One disadvantage is a battery but I charge phone 2 times a day when I doesn't need him so my battery is always charged

  • savminajj
    savminajj12 dni temu

    i've had the se and i dont have any problem with my battery ?!!?!

  • KuroKami94
    KuroKami9412 dni temu

    Now at $400 the comparisons basically come down to do you want the a13 chip and years of support or do you want a better/bigger screen, bigger battery, modern look maybe better cameras. But if you got it on sale for 200 like I did. Nothing compares.

  • GamingWithRoze
    GamingWithRoze13 dni temu

    My iPhone 6s Plus MAYBE last 30 minutes from fully charged to dead while like scrolling through social media 💀💀💀💀

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma14 dni temu

    Watching this on my a71 haze crush silver....and this colour feels 10 times more premium than the rest of the colours of this device because of the textured matte back....ram management is also beautiful with the 8 gig.....the camera is a solid 4 out of 5 too👌👌👌 And fun fact i was going for the iphone se product red but my order got cancelled and i had to buy this phone as a second option but now i can't imagine living with that tiny battery and slow charging

  • ArmsOfExile
    ArmsOfExile14 dni temu

    I bought my se for $199 brand new me being an android elitest I gotta say it's a nice phone

  • Sean Clark
    Sean Clark14 dni temu

    I'm currently an Android user but if I had to choose between these three phones I would go for the SE just because it's smaller (I don't like big phones) and because I absolutely hate the holepunch camera cut out. I'd rather have an old fashioned bezel instead. That's just me though.

  • Positron81
    Positron8114 dni temu

    Does anyone know if his analogy with the car engine makes sense? A larger more powerful engine does use more gas, a faster chip on a smaller process more than likely doesn’t. Not totally sure.

  • 1sub by 2021
    1sub by 202114 dni temu

    Best charging phone

  • elias zaed
    elias zaed16 dni temu

    I choose the iPhone SE every single day❤️❤️🔥🔥❤️👍 and I very happy with it 👌

  • thatgamer2273 boi
    thatgamer2273 boi17 dni temu

    I have a iPhone 8, and it’s doing just fine. There is really nothing wrong with apple 🍎. I had my old Samsung j3 prime for 2 years. After 1 years that phone was becoming very slow and laggy. I got a iPhone 6s in dec 2019, and it was a better phone and was older than my Samsung. I prefer iPhone or pixel phones

  • Abbeezzz Gaming
    Abbeezzz Gaming17 dni temu

    I agree with every word u say, iphone se 2 is not bad but considering the apps we use today for 399$ this is no justice to the pocket, its a horrible product if compared to a71, I have got A71 and trust me u wont regret for once, people who just stick in that jail of apple and not even ready to explore what the other end has those people are really foolish

  • Zane Build’s
    Zane Build’s17 dni temu

    I like Android don’t get me wrong but I don’t true them, their easier to hack vs Apple, the note 7 blow up so I’m kinda scare , it just like I don’t know if it will happen again or If my information can be stolen. It’s more about my safety then specs

  • Ngoi Family Studio
    Ngoi Family Studio18 dni temu

    I dont really like samsung a51 or a71 Because my friend had bought them and it tends to bend often Maybe it’s because of the overheat battery but im concern and afraid it might explode so Does anybody else also have this kind of issues?

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez18 dni temu

    Is anyone talking about how the iphone x is 400 bucks and under

  • Luckless
    Luckless18 dni temu

    i like the design of the iphone but the samsung has better display and most things are better. But proccesing is waayyy better on iphone.

  • Potatoes
    Potatoes19 dni temu

    The iPhone SE costs 1000 more than a note 10 lite here, 2900 dollars here, a list of stuff you can buy with that price A Galaxy Note 10 Lite or even a normal Note 10 if you don't buy anything else ( Normal note is 2900 and Lite is 1900 ) Galaxy Buds 1 ( About 200 ) A Superfast charger with 45w ( 225 ) A case (About 5-10 ) USB-C Headphones ( In the box ) And you can even spend more 400 in other stuff but i can't think of anything, i guess a better USB-C headphone than the one in the box

  • shop10
    shop1019 dni temu

    guys the poco x3 (200$) is a way better choice than any of the A series

  • Jamiee
    Jamiee20 dni temu

    Now they remove the 5 watt charger.....

  • Dark_Orb 1937

    Dark_Orb 1937

    11 godzin temu

    and headphones... for me this will most roughly $65 more to get those 5W charging brick and lightning fck

  • Jer Jer
    Jer Jer20 dni temu

    Iphone se is like a gold pickaxe from minecraft.

  • Tyr4no
    Tyr4no20 dni temu

    i am redmi note 9 pro user and i can say only : amateurs

  • Mohammedali Sakarwala
    Mohammedali Sakarwala20 dni temu

    Boycott mobile phones which do not provide Chargers in the box. Chargers is the most important gadget (products). If companies can't afford to provide it. Its better not to purchase their products & encourage them. Because in the end they are taking money. Boycott mobile phones which do not provide Chargers in the box.

  • Roasting with Mayur
    Roasting with Mayur20 dni temu

    Iphone se 2020 costs rs49670 and a51 costs around rs28000 in india inshort iphoneSE 2020 cost $570 in india and a51 costs around $400

  • Deus Ex baby
    Deus Ex baby23 dni temu

    My iphone has been an absolute tank after all these years and ill be officially retiring it because the space is not sufficient enough for 2020.

  • blaise russo
    blaise russo23 dni temu

    Peepee i lol 😂😂🤣

  • Vishnu Kamath
    Vishnu Kamath24 dni temu

    Its simple. If you check office mail on your phone go for iphone. The SW update is worth it better than any android.

  • Hoa To
    Hoa To24 dni temu

    i am samsung a71

  • Gary Sosa
    Gary Sosa27 dni temu

    Where i live it cost more than 200.000 pounds and thats a lot

  • Ignacio Orduna
    Ignacio Orduna27 dni temu

    Don’t get neither, get the note 9 on eBay it’s under 400

  • - Xnnybimb -

    - Xnnybimb -

    24 dni temu

    Yoooo truee

  • Kavinesh Anuragavan
    Kavinesh Anuragavan27 dni temu

    the m51 has a 7000 mph battery and the a 71 has a 4500 mph battery

  • Mylifestyle
    Mylifestyle27 dni temu

    why is your arm built like that?

  • Bartosz Pfeifer
    Bartosz Pfeifer27 dni temu

    Thanks for this video, it is really helpful! I love my iphone SE 2016 and new SE seems shi**y, so I have quite a problem what should I choose as my old SE is slowly dying. In Poland as of today the difference in price between new SE and A51 is 100$, A51 costs about 425 USD, while SE 2020 costs 525USD, A71 cost is 500USD.

  • mcdus78
    mcdus7828 dni temu

    Easy. SE all day.

  • Jon Klaus
    Jon Klaus28 dni temu

    I’m ok with my iphone SE 2020 lol, just bought the Iphone 7 smart battery case and it no longer has bad battery life.

  • icynegro
    icynegro29 dni temu

    trashest comparative ive seen, congrats

  • Mr AM
    Mr AM29 dni temu

    I went from apple to Samsung just recently I'm watching this on my Samsung a51 I love the phone it's great it's just not premium at all the feel of the plastic is horrible I had to find a good case just to feel comfortable in my hand Have a nice day everyone

  • nothing !
    nothing !29 dni temu

    My samsung a21s has a 5000 mah battery I love how long it lasts between charges

  • Ahror Yusupov
    Ahror Yusupov29 dni temu

    Apple : we have wireless charging on our budget phone Samsung : we have battery 😎

  • Kha Ngo

    Kha Ngo

    11 dni temu

    Not to mention fast charging with included cable and brick. Sure, you don't have wireless charging, but you only need to charge it for a very short time to get more than 16 hours of use, 24h even on power saving mode with my a21s

  • Movementninja
    MovementninjaMiesiąc temu

    Look I have the iPhone 7 and I’m upgrading to the iPhone se because it’s better for gaming than a budget android the a series is terrible for gaming because you can’t use more than two fingers at once in the screen and the se is the same size as my iPhone 7 and I don’t care about how gone size trends change as time goes by phones were massive then people liked smeller phones then we are going back to large phones again

  • pinchOfSalt
    pinchOfSaltMiesiąc temu

    SE new owner, moving away from A series after 2 years. A Series cons: - no giro sensor; good luck with maps - hold on to it a year, they start to move like an old man - stuff begins to break - the SAMSUNG letters started falling off the case - battery life halves each year Moving over to the SE feels like a new lease on life. How many people do you know still hanging on to a Samsung device after 4+ years? There’s a reason for that...

  • Keller
    KellerMiesiąc temu

    I ended up paying $373 dollars for my 256 gb 2020 SE and it wasn't refurbished, which is a great deal! To be fair though, I got it 6 or so months after release, but I'm loving it so far. I'm coming over from Android and I'm a long time Android user and I will always love Android, but almost everything is better on the iPhone.

  • shubham patel
    shubham patelMiesiąc temu

    BUT u don't Have IPHONE 📱

  • Afridi Hassan
    Afridi HassanMiesiąc temu

    Thinking of getting the a51 but worried about the f/2 aperture and focus hunting in the video and the lag in general usage due to the exynos.

  • Christopher Keys
    Christopher KeysMiesiąc temu

    Of those 3 , I would chose the iPhone that will perform great for several years .

  • Koll Messer
    Koll MesserMiesiąc temu

    How many phones do you have

  • ―héctor ・ω・.
    ―héctor ・ω・.Miesiąc temu

    samsung's designs are better than iPhones, even apple fanboys have to admit it

  • Amine Bahadoer
    Amine BahadoerMiesiąc temu

    I used iPhones en Android phones over the years. I like both, recently switched to full Apple. But this iPhone is a shame😂

  • justaguy392
    justaguy392Miesiąc temu

    I got the SE as a spare phone for my galaxy fold 2 whenever i go to a bar/resteraunt/concert/beach so i will not lose or break the fold 2 lol or if i ever have to send the phone for repair its not bad for the price.

    MS CHHAKCHHUAKMiesiąc temu

    I can tell the color saturation.. Worst comparison ever... In Hindi, they make a good comparison than you... I can only imagine why you have less viewers.. If Tubebuddy is correct.. Linus will shit you for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner... NOI.... hehhehhe

  • Anfal P.N.
    Anfal P.N.Miesiąc temu


  • Aashman Honor
    Aashman HonorMiesiąc temu

    I would never prefer the android over iphone I once did it then I replaced it within 6 months with an iphone

  • Alex Ivan
    Alex IvanMiesiąc temu

    The image comparison is them side by side in the video, not on each phone screen. Clearly the Samsung has the better screen and the images will look sharper on them. Be fair please!!!

  • Alex Rivero Nava
    Alex Rivero NavaMiesiąc temu

    Would not get any of those. Would get the Pocophone F2 which is 350€. It's 100€ cheaper than the iPhone SE 2016, and I would still have money for a one way trip to GC. If my phone breaks and I have to choose: Samsung A71.

  • Joey
    JoeyMiesiąc temu

    You sold me on the A51. Will be the perfect addition to my Galaxy Tab S7+

  • havish HotWings
    havish HotWingsMiesiąc temu

    Check out m51

  • Topher
    TopherMiesiąc temu

    I don't know why I watch these videos when I have the s20+ lol

  • Noah Laque
    Noah LaqueMiesiąc temu

    dont compare cheap a-series phones with apple. compare s-series with apple


    Miesiąc temu

    He does. He’s comparing the cheapest iPhone to phones in the same price range. It would make 0 sense to compare the iPhone SE to a flagship Samsung device.

  • dibujemaestro
    dibujemaestroMiesiąc temu

    In five, six years, the limited battery and old-design iPhone will still work. We all know that.

  • Sqorchh
    SqorchhMiesiąc temu

    wait are these links scams? idk i just cant believe the price.

  • myeisha shepard
    myeisha shepardMiesiąc temu

    michael buble christmas

  • jammiedodger 20
    jammiedodger 20Miesiąc temu

    Nah iphone 11 used...... might be better

  • jammiedodger 20
    jammiedodger 20Miesiąc temu

    The design is shittier than its battery life

  • Mustang_S550
    Mustang_S550Miesiąc temu

    I used to buy IPhones every single year because their hardware wouldn't last, i have switched to the galaxy s9 and it's been 2 years without a single problem

  • Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach

    Miesiąc temu

    they both have their pros and cons. iPhones are supported for much longer but it hardware worsens over time and the software isn’t as optimized as the years go on. Samsung drops support after 2-3 years but has better hardware and you can get a custom ROM to continue the device life.

  • Mustang_S550


    Miesiąc temu

    @jammiedodger 20 i would save up, still wasn't a really smart idea

  • jammiedodger 20

    jammiedodger 20

    Miesiąc temu

    How do u have money for that

  • camping cicak
    camping cicakMiesiąc temu

    this was back when apple actually gave u a charger lol

  • jammiedodger 20

    jammiedodger 20

    Miesiąc temu


  • Meitary
    MeitaryMiesiąc temu

    Lew is being too nice to the iPhone. it's the shittiest "budget" phone.

  • B급 감성 노래 다방(자작곡전문)
    B급 감성 노래 다방(자작곡전문)Miesiąc temu

    a51이 좋아보여요